Traveling Across Canada via Train

Traveling Across Canada via Train

Traveling Across Canada via Train

If you want to travel across Canada, trains are by far the most scenic and exciting ways to do it. Sure, you can take a plane and arrive there a bit faster. The problem with this is you will not see a single thing across the breadth of the country. Canada is largely undeveloped, so you have the chance to see incredible scenes of nature, wildlife and natural developments. Why in the world would you want to fly over and miss all of that? What makes it even better is that trains cover the largest majority of the country. Canada is well covered by VIA Rail. They are a government operated company that provides train travel over the largest part of Canada. There are other smaller rails that also wind into and between VIA Rail that gives you even more options if you choose to use them. The bottom line is, you can get there by train and get there in style in Canada.

Does VIA Rail go there though?

VIA Rail

There is a pretty good chance that they do if it is in Canada. They stop at every major Canadian city and there are also nearly 500 other destinations along the way. Every one of them means that you have to get another pass and reservation so you best know where you want to go before boarding.

Look closely at the schedules

Of the nineteen routes that VIA Rail runs, each of them require a bit of time to complete. For this reason, you will need to know these schedules to plan when and where you will board and so on. The schedules are easy to read, but you need to ask questions before you board if you are uncertain. The friendly staff help you out when you need it, but plan ahead.

What about cheaper options?

If you are traveling in Canada a great deal or plan to, then look at getting a Canrail System. This is a pass that gets you seven one way trips anywhere during a twenty one day period of time. These are wonderful if you are trying to save money because the fares are discounted a great deal.

Are there nicer upgrades as well?

Yes you can go “first class” if you so choose. You can also travel VIA Rail by economy class and be quite comfortable. Not many people complain about the travel comfort with trains unless they are expecting the Mariott. The travel is very comfortable and fun for most people.

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Like with any trip you will want to arrange for stopovers. These can be quite uncomfortable if you are alone. Stopovers are sometimes in lonely stations in the middle of nowhere, so having a partner along for the ride is always a good idea. These can be managed also by planning when and where you wish to stopover and what you will do.

This is far from the only considerations, but it is a basic guide on how to plan a VIA Rail trip over Canada. There is no doubt that traveling by this method is a great deal more fun and exciting than simply flying. Give it a shot one time you will quickly see what I mean.

Why Romance by Rail on VIA Rail is So Enticing

Romance by Rail

If you use Canada’s VIA Rail to travel between Vancouver and Toronto, chances are you already know about Romance by Rail. This route travels three times every single week, and Romance by Rail is a special romantic compartment that is for romantic couples only. This trip has been called a “trip of a lifetime” by some that have taken it. If you are feeling romantic, it certainly fits the bill.

Romance by Rail is not the only romantic way to travel this route. You can get something more economical like side by side beds in a sleeper car, but Romance by Rail gives you the ultimate romantic experience. If you are willing to spend a few extra bucks, the option is well worth the money. Honeymooners in particular should look into this awesome option.

What to expect as you prepare to climb aboard

You will arrive at the VIA station an hour ahead, so make sure you allot that much time in your travel plans. You will want to have a small carry on to keep overnight stuff and a change of clothes. There is little room in your cabin or sleeper for luggage so make sure you prepare accordingly. Your larger luggage will go in the larger carry areas of the train and be unavailable. This is why you need the basics for your trip on the train in a small carry on.

If you are a riding upper class on the VIA Rail, you will wait for the train in a secluded waiting area that will provide a small food treat while you wait. This area is often quite nice and provides you with a calmer environment. The conductor will come to get you when it is time to climb aboard the train. This is when the excitement begins.
The cars that you will travel in are silver, sleek and quite fetching. The Canadian have a very retro look to them and almost all of them are in fact, vintage. They are kept in perfect working order and show that some things are built right the first time. They are absolutely gorgeous as the train is boarded and you start to get butterflies as you climb aboard. Slowly the train pulls away and your adventure has started.

Romance by Rail Service Begins

The whole idea behind the Romance by Rail experience is to provide romance and comfort. They begin this with an awesome double bed that has bathrooms on either side of the bed. You also get two sinks to clean up in, two mirrors from floor to ceiling and two closets. All of these things help you to stay comfortable and convenient as you ride the rails towards your destination. The compartments are double sized as well to give you much more room.

You do have to travel down the hall to take a shower, but there are plenty of clean up materials right there in the room as well. If you want to clean up in the room, you certainly can manage. You also have a cabin steward that can help you at the push of a button with more amenities.

If you are looking for space to move around and enjoy that honeymoon, the Romance by Rail offers a wonderful experience. You have plenty of space and lots of little extras. A bucket of ice with champagne soaking will be in the middle of the bed that is covered with crisp, clean sheets and a warm blanket. At the foot of the bed are two big floor to ceiling windows that put the landscape at your feet. Your headboard is padded and you can comfortably lean on it as you sample the chocolates, fruits and goodies that are left for your special moments.

Perhaps the nicest thing about the trip is that you will find no televisions, radios, computers or cell phones. We want you to turn off the outside world and enjoy one another in the Romance by Rail package. You do have power if you simply can’t help but bring your goodies, but we would not recommend it. This package will give you plenty of excitement for one another.

If you have never been on a train before, the gentle rocking and movement is very enticing. It not only will help you to your best night of sleep ever, it can also be a great reason to grab your partner and pull them close for some love.

When you wake, you will quickly notice the incredible scenes just outside your window. This can be anything from a snow covered mountain to a beautiful panoramic sky shot. Regardless, it is breathtaking and varied. Your nose will lead you to the dining car where you will enjoy a full service breakfast. They offer up a ton of options that will make your mouth water and tempt your taste buds throughout the day.

After you eat, you choose your next seating for lunch. Once you have, the rest of the day until then is all yours to explore, socialize, play games or just head back to the compartment for some private daytime excitement. The option is wide open to you.

One of the most exciting things about this trip is the photo opps. You absolutely will want to bring your camera along as the chances for great shots will be around every corner. With all the mountains and huge ice fields, you are certain to find something to want to remember. You even see the occasional wild life photo crop up in the window now and then. Wolves, elk and various others are quite used to the trains and tend to stay in place when you pass by.

After you get up, the beds are taken away and you are given chairs and a table. This is so nice for a sit down area to relax in. Of course, if you prefer to keep your beds, that can be requested as well. Many honeymooners insist upon it.

Later in the afternoon you can head up to the observation car for champagne, cookies, and various other little snippets of pleasure. Eventually it is time for supper, however, so you will want to save some room. The three course meal that awaits you is heaven on earth.

Once you are at your destination, you will look back on your trip as one of the highlights of a lifetime. This trip and Romance by Rail package is worth every penny and is worth repeating again and again. The friendly service along with the wonderful amenities work together to create an experience that every honeymooner deserves.

The Basics of Train Traveling

The Basics of Train Traveling

Traveling by train has become one of the most popular ways to travel in the world in recent years. Train travel has always been popular, but lately it seems to be becoming en vogue. Amtrak is reporting huge jumps in the number of travelers every year, and Europe is showing very similar statistics. It seems no matter which continent you live on, trains are becoming a legitimate way to travel and have a good time.

The bottom line though is that every situation, traveler and comfort level is different. Folks in first class, for example, might find coach a bit uncomfortable. Regular riders might find it perfectly wonderful. This happens when you consider trains for travel because it is not the same as riding by car or flying. But if you don’t fancy train travel you could always go on a cruise.

The best you can do really is look at the best of everything and choose the one that makes the most sense to you. Here are a number of things you might consider before you book that next trip:

Reasons you might consider taking the train:

  • If you are staying in a country with high-speed rails and trains, the travel is quite quick and efficient when moving between larger cities and hubs. Traveling direct is always a nice thing when you can actually do it.
  • When you go by train, you can have complete autonomy. You do not have to worry about anything going on around you. You simply kick back, ride along and do whatever you please for the duration of the train trip.
  • If you have never traveled by train then you have no idea what you are missing. It is a great deal of fun and a rush of excitement.
  • Train travel is cheaper and more convenient than most modes of travel. You can purchase passes that allow you free movement in most countries for a specified period of time.  These passes can vary greatly but are wonderful ways to save money on a fare.
  • You can also get on a train trip relatively easy. In some areas you can simply show up and have room to climb aboard the train though it is certainly something you should try to book in advance when you can. Regardless, you can always find a ride on a train.
  • When you travel by train, you actually get to see the areas you are traveling in. If you are in another country or city, it is fascinating to find out about various locales and stories that you might otherwise miss in a car or plane. Trains afford you a great deal of travel fun.

Reasons you might not take trains:

  • Though trains offer a number of options generally, sometimes the schedules may not work with your desired times. Though they have many options, most trains will not have the number of “flights” that an airline will.
  • Some train connections have layovers that can be quite spooky if you are alone. For this reason train travel that is far away is best done as a group or couple.
  • Visiting along the way can be tough because the train stations sometimes stop at stations outside of town. In the larger cities this is not a problem as a rule because the stations are in the middle of the city.
  • Some trains do not feed you so you have to bring your own.
  • Conditions are sometimes less than desirable if you take a train that is in developing countries.
  • Crime can be a problem if you happen across the wrong people but that is true anywhere.
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