Travel Tips and Travel Advice: Luggage and Packing

Travel Tips and Travel Advice: Luggage and Packing

Travel Tips and Travel Advice: Luggage and Packing

Current Travel Rules for Carry-ons

All the rules for carry-on liquids and gels.  The rules for carry-on luggage and what you can take aboard a plane changed drastically due to a terrorist incident in the United Kingdom.  The result was revised  security rules covering air travel in the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe.  Since then, the rules have changed several times (most recently in January of 2008) and you should read our article to review these latest rules and find out how they apply to you.

Can I take it?     The list of items that can be transported by airline passengers has change several times over the last few years.  Our article provides a table that will help you to determine whether items can travel with you on your vacation.  In addition, we describe what can be carried aboard the plan and what can be included in checked luggage.

New Air Travel Security Rules    As many of you know, a terrorist attempted to detonate an explosive device onboard a Delta flight from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas Day, 2009. Several changes in air travel safety regulations have been implemented as a result of the incident.  We cover the new restrictions from the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regarding travel to the United States, as well as other restrictions imposed by airlines and several limitations regarding specific international airports.  The article is the same as the one linked to by the red circle above to the right.

Key Articles on Luggage

Luggage lessons- the whole story  If you only have time to read one article on luggage and packing, this is the one to read.  We cover: what to pack, how to pack it, how to select luggage, and details on the luggage allowances set by airlines.

Delayed/lost luggage and air travel   What should you do when your luggage is lost or delayed during air travel?  We provide an overview  of the actions you should take.  In addition, we describe the lost-luggage process and the compensation that may be due if your bags are not found.

Official policies related to “checked” luggage inspection   All checked luggage is inspected by scanning or individual search.  We provide several recommendations that  you might want to observe in case  your luggage is inspected when you are not present.

Good to know

Travel Tips and Travel Advice: Luggage and Packing

Checking your bags at the airport   Checking your bags at the airport is a simple procedure: however, we recommend several actions to help insure that  you and your luggage arrive at the same place at the same time .

Diversify clothes across luggage  It’s called “cross packing” and will help ensure that a lost bag is an inconvenience rather than a disaster.  We know that you want to have your own stuff, in your own suitcase but why not let the clothes live it up? Intermix them to insure that you and your companion both have something to wear if one of your bags is lost.

Footloose and fancy free – how to travel light.  Most travelers give you a funny look when you tell them you like to travel with one, modest sized suitcase.  Read our article and liberate yourself from those “steamer trunks”.

Luggage identification tags  Make sure to use luggage tags that  identify you as the owner of each bag you carry.  We suggest you upgrade from the temporary tags provided by the airlines and provide recommendations on the most durable tags.

Pack light, choose dark colors, and dress appropriately   It’s likely that you will over pack for your vacation.  We provide guidelines for matching clothes to your activities while reducing the amount of clothes you need to pack by making some simplifying choices.

Packing with security checks in mind   You can always tell when your luggage has been inspected.  We provide several tips that will leave your luggage  and its contents in good shape.

Separate packed items for ease of use    Proximity packing allows you to find packed items quickly.  Read our article to see if this technique is for you.

TSA approved locks    The Transportation Safety Agency and several manufacturers have collaborated to produce luggage locks that the TSA claims it will open rather than break if your luggage needs to be inspected.  We provide the current list of approved manufacturers for your review.

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