Travel Guide: Bahamas

Bahamas is more than a super special holidaying destination; it is a phenomenon in itself. Travelers and vacationers are overwhelmed by thoughts of never ending stretches of blue and green waters, desert like expanses of sand all shades of white and golden, sights of natural monuments contrasting and complementing each other, and sounds of unidentifiable yet astonishingly beautiful birds just at the mention of Bahamas. And this is not without adequate facts to attest these over the top associations people have attached with Bahamas over the past years. Every year, hundreds of thousands of visitors from every nook and cranny of the globe invest their savings and earnings to gift themselves a heavenly experience on earth itself, in other words, a visit to Bahamas.

As many as 200 sugar white islands and 700 cays dot this holiday heaven. Some of the most well known Caribbean Islands are a part of the Bahamas such as the New Province, Paradise Island and the Abaco Islands, and these are revered names on any list of the world’s most beautiful and popular islands. Most of these and the other islands of Bahamas are soulful retreats for vacationers, and still others act as magnets that attract daredevils who do not mind a more than personal meeting with the elements of nature. Scuba divers and snorkelers infest the water sporting hubs of Bahamas all through the year. Sights of the marine world in action inches in front of your face with no glass walls obstructing the vision can literally stir your soul. Like a rainbow, there are distinct shades to everything that a tourist can ask for from Bahamas.

Snorkeling in Bahamas

Fine dining In Bahamas is as good as it gets anywhere in the Caribbean. Over the years, several restaurants have established international repute and attract foodies for their share of some heavy duty eating. There are many bars and lounges to make your evenings as happening as you want them to be. Enjoy some groovy moments dancing to the tunes of popular DJs who set the casinos and discos alive with their sound makers. And all this while, give the local bartenders a chance to make you some particularly ‘local’ cocktails.

Most Bahamas resorts have in house casinos where their guests can enjoy a game of poker after spending a relaxing day at the beach. Caribbean hotels also offer a number of vacation packages all round the year to maintain high occupancy, and this keeps Bahamas buzzing with tourist activities for a good part of the year with seasonal peaks. These packages can serve you well in saving both time and money.

Powell Pointe Resort at Cape Eleuthera at Out Islands, Atlantis – Beach Tower at New Providence Island and Red Carpet Inn in Nassau are among the most popular resorts in Bahamas, all loaded with the best of the modern facilities to liven up you stay. For more economical lodging, there are several small hotels to look up to. Solace seekers can also opt for privately rented villas.

Bahamas Hotels and Resorts

For the weary city-dweller, the Bahamas islands have always meant the sun, the sand and the vast expanses of the blue ocean, not to mention the exotic locales that always make the Bahamas an extraordinary place. However, for a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience, one needs a perfect hotel with an immaculate blend of seamless service, breathtaking view and an idyllic ambience. For that dream getaway, here are the top five picks.

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St Francis Resort, Great Exuma

St Francis Resort, Great Exuma

Located on Stocking Island, St. Francis Resort is a hidden jewel of the Bahamas. The Resort offers a five mile long virgin white sand walk for your leisure. You will fall in love with a whole host of water activities which include snorkeling on the spectacular reefs and kayaking around a network of underwater caves. Every room here overlooks the expansive Atlantic which is sure to take your breath away every morning. This island hotel with its rich flora and fauna will surely make you want to come back for more.

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Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort & Villas

Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort & Villas

Located just a stone’s throw away from virgin white sand beaches, Cape Santa Maria is a perfect place to enjoy some of the most breathtaking sunsets with the blue turquoise ocean serving as the backdrop. The Resort offers impeccable service and the staff is attentive and friendly. This is a great place to try snorkeling or fishing with the help of one of the many knowledgeable local guides. Or you can spend an entire day relaxing on the four mile long beach. This resort will cater to your every mood.

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Tiamo, Andros

Tiamo, Andros

If a perfect secluded paradise is what you want, Tiamo Resort on the Andros Island is the place to be at. Five minutes away from Andros Airport, this accessible yet secluded getaway will take your breath away with its ten well furnished cottages situated on the beach. The wrap around every front porch is simply perfect to enjoy a rainy afternoon. Andros is known for its fishing and there are plenty of opportunities to fish; you can also indulge in other activities like snorkeling and diving. The staff is courteous and helpful and the cuisine served at their restaurants will rival any fine dining experience you have ever had.

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Hut Pointe Inn, Eleuthera

Hut Pointe Inn, Eleuthera

Hut Pointe Inn is your home-away-from-home in the paradise of the Bahamas. It is known for its excellent service and its friendly owners and you will definitely appreciate their personalized service. The rooms are clean and spacious, the grounds are well manicured and the location is ideal. The peace and quiet and the proximity to amazing beaches make this a great stay. Stocked with all amenities, the staff at Hut Point will take care of your entire requirement set. Warm hospitality and splendid service will make you want to come back again and again.

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Sky Beach Club, Eleuthera

Situated on the Atlantic side of the island, the Sky Beach Club offers plenty of opportunities for relaxation and enjoyment at one of the many fabulous pink sand beaches around the resort. The bungalows are modern and spacious and are located right next to the private pool. The housekeeping is prompt and helpful and you will find the restaurant a pleasure with the chef serving amazing cuisine to fulfill your cravings. If an incredibly relaxing beach vacation is what you desire, you must pay a visit to the Sky Beach Club.

Club Med Columbus Isle, San Salvador

Club Med Columbus Isle, San Salvador

This is a beautiful resort with lovely grounds and one of the best beaches anywhere. Situated in the stunning San Salvador, the perfect weather and the color of the sand on the beaches near the resort add an extra dimension of pleasure to your trip. The enthusiasm and attentiveness of the staff are infectious and they will make you feel like their personal private guest. The centrally located pool and the pleasant multicolored buildings make your stay extra special. The buffet style restaurant is sure to exceed your expectations every time you sit down for a meal. A whole host of scuba diving activities and boat fishing will make your trip to Club Med Columbus Isle memorable.

Small Hope Bay Lodge, Andros

Small Hope Bay Lodge, Andros

The Small Hope Bay Lodge is the ultimate getaway for city dwellers. Leave your mobiles phones and business behind because you will get lost in the charm of this place once you set foot here. The rooms are large and comfortable but more importantly, once you’re here, you are a part of a large and fun loving community. You can plan your holiday with activities ranging from scuba diving to snorkeling. The explorer in you will go giddy at their special eco tours to the third longest reef site in the world. The resort is off the beaten track and will definitely be the one of the nicer places you will ever visit.

Shannas Cove Resort, Cat Island

If a quiet holiday is what you crave for, there is no better place than Shanna’s Cove Resort on Cat Island. The hotel offers luxuriously furnished beachfront bungalows to enjoy the uninterrupted view of the pristine beaches. You can go for a sailboat ride in the ocean or simply lay down on the beach to enjoy the gorgeous day. The resort also boasts a top notch restaurant where the chef will cook up gastronomical delights for your pleasure. If you want solitude, you can do no better than seeking refuge at Shannas Cove Resort.

Lofty Fig Villas, Marsh Harbour

Located in the heart of the picturesque Marsh Harbour, the Lofty Fig Villas is one of the better resorts on the island. The air-conditioned villas are superbly situated and are very well appointed; the pool and shaded patio are just perfect for lazy afternoon relaxation. The pool is immaculate and the resort is cozy and intimate. There are incredible waterside restaurants which cater to your gastronomical desires. The owner and staff are helpful and friendly and will assist you in every way to explore the island.

Rock House, Harbour Island

If you’re looking for an unpretentious holiday away from the bustle of the city, this is the place to be at. An intimate boutique hotel, Rock House has uniquely decorated rooms and its own pool on the famous pink sands of Harbour Island. You can soak up the sun at their mesmerizing private beach or spend some quality time with a drink in hand at the pool. The dining room experience is phenomenal, from the perfect cocktail to the immaculate wine list to the amazing array of food and beverages. Fine dining and an amazing holiday make a trip to Rock House a complete experience

Bahamas Attractions

When you’re in the Bahamas, you’re sure to have a mesmerizing experience. The sun, the sands and the perfect weather come together to make your visit memorable. But while in the midst of your dream vacation, it is always worthwhile to find some time to visit the local attractions which are sure to charm you. So come plunge into the wonders of the Bahamas and visit the top five attractions that have been handpicked out for you:

Bahamas Segway & Beach Experience, Nassau

Bahamas Segway & Beach Experience, Nassau

This is one tour experience you’ll look forward to from the moment you set foot on the island. Prompt and friendly, the experience is imbued with excitement and rich local history. The machines are easy to handle and the guides are approachable and fun. The tour goes through pristine woods and virgin secluded beaches. You will have the time of your life racing through sand trails and extended secluded shorelines. Not a moment of discomfort or boredom will waft by while you’re on the Segway and Beach experience. Soak in the exciting terrain, the stunning beaches and the refreshing greenery, all from the comfort of the Bahamas Segway and Beach Experience.

Castaway Cay

The beauty of a tropical paradise with everything you can desire is what Castaway Cay offers you. The warm turquoise water, the soft sand, the enthralling rafting and the perfect weather makes this a dream destination. Snorkeling in the lagoon exposes you to a mind-boggling array of sea life and combing the shores for corals and shells will make you cherish every moment spent here. In the midst of this beautiful oasis, the food and barbeque is phenomenal and adds extra spice to your trip.

Blue Lagoon Island, Nassau

Blue Lagoon Island, Nassau

Peace and tranquility are the main draws of the Blue Lagoon Island, Nassau. You can enjoy yourself on the gorgeous beach shaded with palm trees or put on your explorer’s hat and venture outward. The great attraction of this Island is the dolphin experience where, in the company of trainers and guards, you can spend quality time in the water experiencing interaction with some of the more delightful creatures on earth, dolphins. The lunch served is sumptuous and the water is calm and soothing and the cove itself is spectacular. Once you’re here, you’ll feel time fly by.

Dolphin Close Encounter, New Providence Island

Dolphin Close Encounter, New Providence Island

The dolphin close encounter on New Providence Island is truly the experience of a lifetime. Dolphins have always formed an integral part of our childhood imagination and this is the ideal opportunity for you to make your dream come true. In the presence of very knowledgeable and friendly guides, you can truly interact with the dolphins without any interruption. From dolphin skiing to dancing to even kissing, there is nothing that you will ever desire that won’t come true here. In the excitement, don’t forget the rest of the island. It is a pleasant and relaxing place. Don’t give this experience a miss.

Sea Lion Encounter at Blue Lagoon, Nassau

The greatest experience of this all-natural lagoon is the Sea Lion Encounter. The boat ride to the island is exciting but the grandest spectacle is the time you spend henceforth, splashing water, playing, hugging and even kissing the adorable creatures. The staff members always have a smile on their faces which makes the trip extra special. You get up close and personal with the sea lions and will surely want to preserve this moment in your memory with photographs.

Bahamas Restaurants

One of the more alluring things about the Bahamas is the amazing array of food and beverages it has to offer to the vacationer who is looking for a relaxing holiday. From local culinary masterpieces to exquisite international cuisine, the charming restaurants of the Bahamas will fascinate you. Here is a list of the top five restaurants in the Bahamas that have been handpicked for you.

Coral Reef Beach Bar, Freeport

Beginning from delectable food to refreshing beverages to live entertainment, the Coral Reef Beach Bar has it all. This is an incredible place to sit back and enjoy the astounding sights of the gorgeous beach while sipping a drink. The food is both affordable and delicious and the staff is attentive and friendly. Lunch is always enjoyable and you can have a swim before or after the meal to relax yourself. It is always a memorable experience to dine under the stars and gorge on scrumptious food.

Santanna’s Grill Pit, Great Exuma

Located on a small cliff overlooking the picturesque expanse of the turquoise ocean, this restaurant is one of the more spectacular places to dine in the Bahamas. There is also a quaint little beach for you to enjoy a swim post meal. The food itself is appetizing, with the lobster and fish being the specialty. The drinks that accompany the meal are also refreshingly cool. The music that plays while you dine will make you groove to its tune. The idyllic setting and the charming staff will simply blow you away.

Cafe Breeze, Freeport

If food prepared from the freshest ingredients sounds appetizing to you, then this is the right restaurant for you. One of the more popular restaurants on the island, located right in the middle of the busy local market, this place offers you breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can be seated on the porch and enjoy the bustle of the market or be seated inside and have a lovely meal. From cheeseburgers to seafood, anything that this restaurant offers you will be awesome.

Cafe Matisse, Nassau

Located off the main street in Nassau, this is a hidden gem of a restaurant. You can sit on the amazing open courtyard and enjoy the serene ambience or be seated inside. The food is phenomenal, from the seafood to the chicken to the beverages. The terrace is beautiful and the music that plays along with your dinner adds an extra dimension of pleasure to an already amazing dining experience. The food is affordable and the dessert choices especially are exceptional. This is one place you will definitely come back to again and again.

Billy Joe’s On the Beach, Freeport

This trendy restaurant is located on a dazzling beach overlooking the ocean. With picnic tables right next to the waves of the ocean breaking at your feet, this is one experience that you will never forget. You will love the authentic atmosphere and the vast assortment of seafood that will leave you wanting more. You can also parasail, take a banana boat ride or rent a jet ski after your meal. This will be a complete dining experience.

Major Cities

The Commonwealth of Bahamas, commonly known as The Bahamas is a beautiful Caribbean nation in the South American continent, known for its picturesque sights and gives the revelers of nature an experience to remember. The Bahamas are spread over 100,000 square miles of clear blue ocean and offers one the enthralling opportunity of experiencing one of the biggest barrier reef’s in the world. Each island differs from the other, revealing the rich culture and heritage that the land possesses from its Spanish and English influences. If given the opportunity to visit this diverse land, one must not miss out on the opportunity to visit the three main cities which define the Bahamas as they are today: Freeport, Nassau and Treasure Cay.


Immensely popular amongst the locals for its smooth white sand beaches and the variety of water related adventure sport, Freeport is the tourism hub of the nation of Bahamas apart from being an important centre of trade. This is evident from the bustle and chatter one experiences on arrival at this port city. It’s alternately known as Lucayan, it’s known for its close proximity to the United States and is a favorite holiday destination for the Americans. A shopper’s delight, the Port Lucayan Marketplace is a favorite amongst shoppers looking for good deals. The Lucayan National park is famous for its limestone caves and so is the Pirates of the Bahamas Theme Park providing a fun insight into the lives of the pirates that inhabited the Bahamas. Also, the island has a huge number of hotels and casinos, making this an international city, appealing to all kinds of tourists.


Nassau, famously referred to as the ‘Paradise City’ is the capital and the largest commercial hub of the Bahamas. The part Spanish, part British and part West African influences are evident in the glamorous lifestyle of the natives. Boasting of an exciting nightlife and known for its buzzing social circuit, Nassau is known for the parties that it hosts with hospitality and fervor. The National Art Gallery of Bahamas provides an insight to the creative and interesting evolution of art in the state. Various other attractions such as the Queen’s staircase : a 65 step limestone wall, Stuart cove: a semi submarine tour attraction of the reef and the lost city of Atlantis themed casino to name a few helps the capital city encapsulate the cheerful, hospitable, and rich tradition that Bahamas is known for.

Treasure Cay

Treasure Cay is a small coastal town and is appropriate for families and tourists wishing for a quiet getaway from the rush of everyday life. Characterized by wide avenues, calm, serene beaches and quiet, treasure cay is a treat for all to experience and gather some peace for the mind. Known for its real estate owners, this town is also famous for the variety of restaurants and eating options it makes available ranging from home made delicacies to international level culinary delights. One of the most celebrated festivals of the area is the Billfish tournament, a fishing tournament. It’s the best time to visit the area as one can be infused in the chaos and celebration and can also get a taste of the true Bahaman way of festivities. One can avail their local sailing services and experience the untouched areas surrounding it and also visit the Marsh Harbor. The treasures of Treasure Cay leaves one overwhelmed with the epiphanies one experiences, bringing about a trip in the Bahamas to an unforgettable end.

Islands in Bahamas

The Abacos Island

The Abacos Island

The Abacos islands are located at the top of the exotic island nation, The Bahamas. This chain of islands is arranged in a manner that they seemingly resemble a necklace. A collection of about 120 islands, The Abacos was relatively untouched by human settlement until the invasion of Non-Bahaman people.

This can be noticed from the clear beaches, white sands and the relative calmness in the area as compared to its well known neighbor, Nassau, which is the capital city of the Bahamas. The Abacos is a favorite amongst natives and tourists for its world class sailing opportunities, family run resorts and restaurants which make one feel in a paradise of sorts and the famous fishing festival ‘Billfish Tournament’ which is held at The Abacos’ most famous city, Treasure Cay.

Acklins Island

Acklins Island

Forming a major portion of the Crooked Island district of the Bahamas, Acklins Island is one of the numerous islands in the Pacific which leave one overwhelmed by the purity of nature. This can be traced to the fact that it recently became accessible for people other than the natives and thus is the perfect getaway for people looking for solace in nature, away from the chaos of city life. Also referred to as the ‘Fragrant islands’, this region is known for its diverse flora and fauna, wetlands and mangroves. With variety of options to explore and do, like the local favorite bonefish hunting, Acklins is a place where one can truly explore and re-invent oneself.

Andros Island

The largest of all the islands inhabited in the Bahamas, Andros is one of the most sparsely populated areas of the region, which may come across to be ironic to some. This feature of the region implies the vast expanse of white beaches and untouched diversity at the disposal of its revelers. An ideal holiday destination for families, newly-weds, adventure seekers and nature lovers, Andros has a lot to offer to its takers. Be it’s the marshy lands and mangroves of the region, or the plethora of water sports and adventures such as snorkeling, or just a laid back day at the beach, fishing accompanied by excellent Bahaman beer, one cannot help but enjoy the revelry of the region.

The Berry Island

A collection of about 30 small islands, the Berry Islands got its name due to the abundance of the berry trees and the arrangement of the islands appearing like a cluster of their namesake. Known as the ‘Billfish capital’ of the Bahamas, this region, due to its limited area is appropriate for those who are ready to shell out a generous amount of monetary resource on stay and experience.

A diver’s paradise, this region is famous for two things: fishing and diving which are both extremely relaxing activities. Covered with coconut and sisal plantations on various islands and its main offering being Bonds Cay, a bird sanctuary, the Berry Islands is no doubt a nature enthusiast’s dream come true.

Bimini Island

Bimini Island

A formation of corals, the Bimni islands is the premier fishing spot offered by The Bahamas. With the rich and deep blue sea, one is bound to catch variety of fish on a fishing expedition in this region.

Visited frequently by greats like Richard Nixon and Henry Ford, the region is one of the most famous in the world amongst divers for the sheer opportunity of experiencing the fabled Lost City of Atlantis just off the shores of Bimini. The Bimini museum founded in 1995 provides tourists an insight into the rough history of the region from the time of the Spanish invasion followed by the British. A visit to Bimini shall definitely provide one insight in the past, present, and future of the varied island nation, The Bahamas.

Cat Island

Probably deriving its name from Arthur Catt, the famous British sea captain or notorious pirate, or referring to its one-time large population of feral cats, Cat Island is one of the most beautiful and mesmerizing locations in the Central Bahamas. This Island has several visual treats to offer to its travelers including ancient Amerindian campsites, religious ruins, and the breathtaking view of the gently sloping hills, dense woodlands, caves, high bluffs and deserted beaches. If one hasn’t seen this island, one hasn’t experienced pristine beauty at its best in the Caribbean.

Eleuthera Island

Located in the Bahamas, this island lies 50 miles east of Nassau. ‘Eleuthera’ means “freedom” in Greek. The island is noted for some of the best beaches in the world. It has a reputation of having friendly people as well as good architecture.

The Hilly topography, a distinctive feature of this island allows for a good view of the entire landscape. This place boasts of pink sand and pineapple plantations that add to its charm. It is a ‘must-visit’ destination due to all the alluring sights that visitors can enjoy and cherish here.

The Exumas Island

The Exumas Island

The Exumas refers to a 120 mile long island chain, lying 35 miles southeast of Nassau that looks like ‘an exotic collection of tiny jewels set in the most beautiful aquamarine and sapphire water.’ For a place that can have such a deep impact on people with its scenic beauty, any amount of appraisal is less because the experience is just beyond words.

The Exumas are known for its ultra exclusive resorts designed especially for those lusting for luxurious lazy days. Head over to these parts of the world for an experience of a lifetime.

Inagua Island

Inagua is known for being home to a large colony of West Indian Flamingos and 140 other species of resident and migratory birds. It truly is a Birder’s Paradise. It lies 325 miles southeast of Nassau. In fact it is closer to Haiti than to Nassau. This place is simply meant for those seeking retreat into the nature’s lap. With its wide variety of flora and fauna it attracts a large number of tourists. The enthralling deep blue sea in the backdrop and a fleet of birds taking flight come to this island from unknown lands- the very thought of this island is romantic and alluring beyond description.

Long Island

Long Island has it all. From calm waters and miles of sandy beaches on the Caribbean western side to Atlantic breeze’s and crashing waves from cliffs on the eastern side of Long Island. Waters all around the island look like pure turquoise gems with cays just off shore to amuse even the most experiences diver or scuba enthusiast. Virtually undiscovered by the tourists, this beautiful island is still unscathed. View caves, picturesque villages and towns, and old ruins. From any angle you are on the island, you will be able to see the soft sand beaches merging into iridescent azure water a panorama of stunningly beautiful landscape.

With so much to explore, see and experience in such a little stretch of land, Long Islands holds its own importance among the other little islands of the Bahamas. With its scenic beauty that is admirable beyond words, this is surely one stop for the travel addict.

Mayaguana Island

Mayaguana Island

This is one of the few places on the face of this planet that have been left largely untouched, unaltered by humans. To enjoy nature at its purest, pristine best, one has to have an experience of this island in the Bahamas.

With a population of just over 300, this place offers people solitude and serenity and a holiday that would forever be cherished by visitors. The marvels of the infinite stretches of sand and sea are sure to leave a long lasting mark on the memories of its guests.

Ragged Island

Ragged Island is a small island (9 square miles) and part of a district in the southern Bahamas. This island is like walking into dreamland with its beautiful beaches and palm trees, greenish-blue-turquoise-indigo colored water, the cool sea breeze and all that one could possibly imagine from a dream vacation! Ragged Island has beautiful coral reefs that leave the visitors awestruck with their beauty and a number of shallow areas where one can snorkel close to the shore which can be a great adventure to one and all.

Rum Cay

Rum Cay
Rum Cay

Rum Cay lies 20 miles southwest of San Salvador Island. This beautiful island has vast expanses of rolling green hills, clear blue water and white sandy beaches. The island’s shore is surrounded by a colony of extra ordinarily beautiful coral reefs that dazzle the spectator with their pristine brilliance. Port Nelson, is the capital and harbor and the only settlement found.

It is a picturesque village lying among coconut groves. The island has a rich historical past and an old world charm and the spear fishing and diving here is also phenomenal.

San Salvador

This is where Christopher Columbus first set foot upon his discovery of the new world. This island has a rustic charm to it as it is home to various monuments, ruins and shipwreck sites that is a reflection of its rich history.

It has pristine and secluded beaches, and a crystal-clear sea that gives divers visibility of up to 150 feet. There are beautiful lakes that cover the interior of the island.

San Salvador fits perfectly into the stereotype of a magnificent, splendid little patch of land surrounded by deep waters.

Crooked Island

Crooked Island
Crooked Islnd

Having vast stretches of turquoise blue shallow water, this island offers a visual treat and is a great destination to be in sync with nature. It has a population of just over few hundred. There are miles of undisturbed sandy beaches, coral gardens, limestone caves and cliffs, remnants of slave and cotton plantations, ancient churches, fortifications, wetlands, mangrove-lined creeks and waterways.

One would have an almost spiritual experience, fishing in the calm blue sea and witnessing the world at its natural slow pace. Truly, this is a terrific place to enjoy a day or two at.

Harbour Island

Harbour Island bahamas

Rated as among the “best Bahamas Beaches” by the Fodors, Frommers and the travel channel, Harbor Island lies at the north eastern coast of Eleuthera Islands. It charms travelers with its colonial villages, pineapple fields and vast stretches of pink sand and indigo waters.

The secluded beach is a gateway for anyone wanting to escape the monotony and boredom of everyday life. The dreamlike scenery makes it seem like it is part of a fairytale. There is so much to see, so much to feel and so much to experience in this little wonderland.