The Largest Island in the Caribbean

The Largest Island in the Caribbean

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Lying ninety miles off Florida’s tip, the Caribbean wonderland of Cuba has quite a few distinctions to its credit. Apart from being home to the fascinating and rare leaping crocodiles along with a whole zoo of such lesser known creatures, Cuba also manages to qualify as the largest island in the Caribbean region. Quite naturally, its flora and fauna easily overshadows the variety and diversity of any other Caribbean island. Cuba has the highest density of caves, and easily surpasses any place in the world in this regard. Cuba is the main island of the Cuban Republic which also comprises four archipelagos including the amazing Colorados and Canarreos, mapping a whopping 110,000 square miles of area. Cuba’s beaches are literally thronged by visitors all year long, but there is so much to explore all over the island that there is no feeling of a rush, which generally is the case for most islands.

Beaches in Cuba

Natural beauty finds different and unique forms of expression and exhibition in Cuba. Hidden caves in dark waters where brave divers and adventure seekers congregate are so stunning that even the images are overwhelming! Lucky divers get to meet the ghostly fish called Lucifuga deep inside the waters. Zapata Swamp lies around 100 miles off Havana, the capital of Cuba. Exclusive and rare birds can be seen in and around the marshes and woodlands of this amazing National Park. The famous Cuban leaping crocodiles are on the loose in the swamps of this park. Weighing almost 300 pounds and growing to as long as 13 feet, some see the beauty in these creatures, and some see the scare!

Varadero in Cuba is a magnet for divers and snorkelers. Wreck and cave dives are popular among adventurists that fly to Cuba. Experts as well as beginers can experience water sports around here. The vibrant and colourful coral reefs shake in the presence of schools of brightly coloured fishes. Even hikers have loads to cheer about while in Cuba, as there are several great hiking opportunities awaiting them in Maria la Gorda. The scenic beauty of the hiking trails is absolutely stunning and leaves the participants wanting for more.

Havana, Cuba

The city of Havana is a joy to experience, with loads of sight seeing and dining. You would do well to plan out a dinner at El Templete, a great and popular restaurant in the city, at walking distance from its namesake temple. Real Fábrica de Tabacos Partagás is one of the oldest cigar factories, and you can visit to see the making of cigars in this famous facility. The Miramar River cruise is a great opportunity to enjoy Cuban dances and dining. Also, you can get hold of some good bargains while shopping for souvenirs around here. Organized tours here are pretty reasonably prices and let you explore Cuba’s villages as well. Hotels in Cuba are economical and pretty comfortable. You would do well to enquire for tours from the hotel desk itself.


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