Solar Charger


  • High 3 USB Charging Output & 2 Charging Input:The solar power bank can charge three devices at once which...

Product Description

About the LED light

1.Press the power button to turn on the LED light.

2.Three color(red blue and white)LED light display power status.It can automatic shutdown in nonworking state.

3.Charging: Flashing red light,the energy is about 0%-40%;

Flashing blue light,the energy is about 40%-80%;

Flashing white light,the energy is about 80%-100%.


White light is no longer flashing that means energy is full when charging.

(After the white light no longer flashing,we suggested continuing to charge 3-5 hours at the first 5 times charging to the mobile power supply for better use experience.)



Battery Capacity:24000mAh



Solar Panel:5V/200mAh 1W

Package list

1*BERNET 24000mAh Solar power bank

1*USB Charging Cable

1*Mini USB Fan

1*Instruction Manual


1.The solar panel is meant tobe used in emergency and extend the battery life due to its small capacity.

2.The solar battery charger is 90% efficiency,accounting for power lost through circui heat and vlotage conversion,which is up to 10% above the industry average.Energy also lost within the USB cable and your devices .

3.Please use your device’s original cable or a third-party certified one.