Snorkel Mask


  • ✔New 180°Panoramic Broad View Design: Improve your visual field from traditional 120°to 180°to let you enjoy...

Product Description

—What We UKON Offer?—

1. QC Passed without worries to buy!
2. Reliable design well worth your money, pay less but get same quality as famous brands
3. Quality material give you a safe contact with the snorkel mask without odor
4. 60-day 100% MONEY BACK and 1-year WARRANTY to provide you a satisfied and comfort after-sale service if there is any problem, just email us to solve!

–Design Details—
1. Full face mask design allows you to breath freely when snorkeling or swimming
2. Flat lens to provide a real and clear under water world with 180°view without distortion which makes you safer
3. Inhale and exhale valves to prevent water and avoid fogging up
4. Adjustable head straps with good quality to make the snorkeling mask fit better

1. This snorkeling mask is designed for surface snorkeling/swimming but not diving deep into water!
2. Test it before your trip to avoid any annoy things during your nice time!
3. Kids should be supervised by parents when using!
4. Make sure the size fits you well and head straps been adjusted to make no gap with your face, especially your hair/beard may cause leak or fog
5. Big temperature difference may cause fog, please use anti-fog spray or shampoo to clear lens to prevent fogging up when in this condition
6. Wash with water and storage after totally dry, don’t use rough objects to wipe to avoid scratches

—What You Will Get with This Purchase—
1. Full Face Snorkel Mask (Tube Foldable)
2. Action camera mount
3. Spare parts(earplugs/screw & nut to fix camera/valve/extra head straps)
4. UKON storage bag

  • ✔New 180°Panoramic Broad View Design: Improve your visual field from traditional 120°to 180°to let you enjoy exploring the undersea world. Plus, you can record all your dives on a GoPro using the removable mount on top of the mask – so you and your family can cherish the memories for years.
  • ✔Double Anti-Fog & Anti-Leak: To make your snorkeling stress free, Our snorkel mask was designed with separates inhaling and exhaling channels for anti-fogging. (High volume air-flow structure allows 20%-50% more than normal mask). The ultra-dry snorkel system features an automatic valve that prevents water from entering even while diving underwater.
  • ✔Designed for Underwater Comfort: The curved design with silicone material and adjustable strap delicately seals around your face and head without being too tight. No need for a separate extra long breathing tube, you can breathe directly into the mask with your mouth or nose. So now you can spend longer underwater without the aching mouth or cheek bones that come with inferior masks and awkward breathing tubes.
  • ✔Newest Foldable Snorkel Mask: Full face snorkeling mask different from traditional mask, folding the tube by pushing a button, improved sealed snorkel tube perfectly solves the problems such as installation difficulty, buckle damaged easily and easy to get lost.
  • ✔Fast Shipping & Quality Warranty: UKON full face snorkel mask make snorkeling easier and more comfortable, best gift for beginners. Comes in two sizes and will fit adults and teenagers, men and women. UKON have been committed to providing customers with the best products and services, if you are dissatisfied in any way, contact us to return it for replacement or 100% refund.