RFID Money Belt


  • COST EFFECTIVE PACKAGE – Buy quality Travel Hidden RFID Money belt and Get 7 x amazing RFID blocking sleeves. The only way to 100% protect your belongings, (Limited stock)
  • THE ULTIMATE GIFT FOR TRAVELERS – Are your Parents, Brothers or your best Friends planning to travel? Give them this beautiful and practical gift which will protect them as well
  • NO MORE CONCERNS NEXT TIME YOU VISIT THE AIRPORT – Our package provides you with double protection, hands free, zero stress, feeling comfortable with our Money Belt For Travel and make you smile every time you see the stylish RFID blocking sleeves
  • NOT ONLY FULL IDENTITY THEFT PROTECTION – Now you have enough place to store and hide your belongings like your IPhone, Keys, Money, Credit cards, Documents, Passport and more
  • BUY CONFIDENTLY with our 100% Money Back Guarantee – If for any reason you are not satisfied with our product you will receive a full refund no questions asked and hassle free.

Product Description

Important Disclaimers:

  • Since all our money-belts have RFID-blocking material woven into the fabric itself, please DON’T put RFID-blocking sleeves into the money-belt as it may cause damage to the money-belt and/or the sleeves and will make your belt much bulkier.
    ** PLEASE DON’T DO IT **
  • Those RFID cardboard sleeves are designed to protect your information when you are NOT wearing your RFID money-belt on you, but you still want to be protected against high-tech pickpockets
  • Our RFID money belts and RFID sleeves are designed to block 100% of all electrical signals and protect your sensitive private information located inside the chip of your credit cards/passport. Those chips work ONLY at the standard high frequency (13.56 MHz),
    PLEASE NOTE: our products were not designed to block other RFID devices such a Door access signals. If you would like to perform a test, please make sure you do it properly, ONLY with a real credit card and a real payment machine. Otherwise, the test will fail.
    We came across with few customeres who tested our products with Door access cards/Metro cards/RFID tags, which basically work at low frequencies (125–134.2 kHz and 140–148.5 kHz), which our products are not supposed to block.

Keep Your Personal Belongings Ultra-Safe And Enjoy Care-free Vacations!

Premium RFID Money Belt for Travel – Bonus 7 RFID Card Sleeves For Daily Use (Once you are wearing the belt no need to use the sleeves!)

Do you want to be one step ahead of potential pickpockets and thieves?
Do you want to play chess while others play checkers?
Our elite Alpha Keeper travel protective RFID Money Belt is the perfect match for your no-nonsense attitude!
Featuring a durable, water-resistant nylon, Three unique layered RFID blocking construction and Bonus Extra RFID Protected Sleeves Set (1x Passport, 6x Credit cards).
Now you can rest assured that your valuables are 100% safe and protected!
Having such a RFID blocking travel bag with you is like traveling with private security all the time! Nothing will come close to your valuables, due to the ground-breaking fully RFID blocking travel money bag!

Our unique and stylish money belts come in a variety of awesome colors. Not only are they a must-have for travel but great for daily use as well.
You can sport them as a fanny pack, during outdoor activities and can be worn under or over clothing. It’s entirely up to you!

The Alpha Keeper premium RFID blocking travel bag is certainly a keeper!
This hidden travel money belt is the perfect way to enjoy care-free vacations!
Chosen by thousands of travelers around the world, our elite travel bag is 100% RFID blocking itself, and provides ultimate security and incredible Style!
Make sure that your passport, cash and credit cards are safely tucked away while traveling and avoid theft and messy situations!

Our Money Belts Collection

✔ Ultimate RFID blocking design, will ensure your safety and protection!
✔ Available in seven vibrant and stylish colors and two convenient sizes! Choose the one that fits best!
✔ YKK Zipper, the high-quality hassle-free zipper.
✔ Designed to be a Super Comfortable, lightweight, and organized pouch, with enough space for all your belongs.
✔ Adjustable elastic strap that can extend to any waist size!
✔ RFID Sleeves that are extremely handy when you do not want to carry the whole belt!
✔ The Camo Colors Pink and Green Belts: 11.2″ x 5.6″ x 0.2″
✔ All other belts: 10.1″ x 5.4″ x 0.2″

Our unique Geen and Pink RFID Money Belts / New Revolutionary Fanny Packs:
✔ Made with 100% Cotton on the front side, and Three layered of RFID inside.
✔ Unique colors which make it a super stylish and new age of Fanny Packs.
✔ The Front Pack are extra big and can fit all smartphones sizes,
✔ Earphone Port.
✔ Colorful Key-Holder inside.

Company Information

Alpha Keeper has been a provider of innovative and safe travel accessories for years.

Our main goal is to help you leave your worries behind once and for all!
We utilize the most durable and lightweight materials in order to make your experience as hassle-free as possible!
Designed by travelers for travelers, our and handy products are true life-savers when it comes to security and style!

Durable & Safe Design Will Help You Always Be On The Safe Side!

Introducing the travel companion:
The durable and sturdy, water-resistant nylon material and lightweight construction of our RFID blocking, hidden travel pouch which will be a unique, hands-free, safe and comfortable experience!

Ultimate RFID Protection:
We all know that con-artists are always looking for new ways to take advantage of you! Not anymore! Our remarkable RFID blocking travel bag features 3 layers of elite RFID protective materials that will ensure your safety and security!

Cost-effective & Sleek Accessory:
Why settle for low-quality and flimsy travel bags when you can finally own a safe and stylish waist belt money bag you can be proud of? Say goodbye to all your worries and start enjoying yourself!