Pocket Picnic and Beach Blanket


  • ✅ VERSATILE BLANKET. Waterproof beach blanket is ideal for outdoor fun; compact pocket tarp is suitable for any...

Product Description

With a compact size suitable for concerts, festivals, the beach, and other outdoor activities, this foldable pocket blanket is water repellent and puncture resistant. It has weighted corners to ensure stability, and can be easily packed away when not in use.

Unique Multi-Purpose Pocket Blanket

This foldable pocket blanket is ideal for all your outdoor activities. Whether you are a beach lover or seek a durable seating mat on the hiking trail this multi-purpose waterproof outdoor tarp is just for you. This portable picnic mat is made with 100% nylon; easy to clean, washable material. It is puncture resistant offering you a resilient means of enjoying outdoor activities. The red attachment clip allows you to easily affix the carrying pouch to your backpack or other travel equipment for a hassle free experience.


  • Waterproof outdoor travel mat
  • Foldable and compact
  • 100% Nylon washable material
  • Multipurpose outdoor fun
  • Easy attachment travel clip

Just The Right Size

This compact portable travel mat can be folded neatly to be clipped to your other luggage in a hassle free manner. Lightweight water resistant picnic blanket opens up to a large outdoor mat offering users a comfortable soft place to rest after a long day of camping or travel.

Give As A Gift

Have you ever wondered what you could give your adventure seeker child or friend? Look no further than this lightweight portable beach blanket with pockets. They will thank you for a durable gift that will withstand the test of the great outdoors. A high quality gift for your risk taker; boldly crafted red compact outdoor tarp fits two people with ease. Small internal pockets offer discreet means of weighing down your picnic blanket making it able to stay situated in spite of winds.