Odoga Travel Adapter 220V to 110V Voltage



Product Description

Most countries in the world operate using power supply delivery systems that are incompatible with the power system used in the U.S.

  • If you plan to travel internationally, you will not be able to use electronic devices from home safely (either operate from a plug or recharge) unless you use a voltage converter to connect them to the local power supply.
  • Please note, that even though your device’s plug may fit the socket, the socket may not provide the correct voltage and could harm your electronics.
  • Some devices are “universal” and can run on power supplies worldwide.
    • Check your product’s “user guide” to determine whether you will need a voltage converter at your destination outside the U.S.

We recommend a converter with a capacity of 1600 watts, which should handle hair dryers, curling irons, clothes steamers, and appliances with similar power requirements.Power converters are available in different power handling capacities.

  • If you will be using low voltage appliances (e.g. PDA’s) you may need a low voltage transformer.

Figure 1.  A power converter and plug adapter kit. 

In addition to differences in voltage, most countries have standardized on various electric sockets that are incompatible with the type of plug used in the US and Canada.

Be sure to invest in a good power converter and a selection of plug adapters that will fit sockets around the world. In general, there are four types of foreign wall outlets:

  • Round pins for Europe, Middle East and parts of Africa
  • Flat angled blades used in Australia, New Zealand and China
  • Three pronged blades used in Great Britain, Ireland and parts of Africa
  • Two pin flat parallel blades used in the US, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and parts of South America.

The power converter and plug adapters are available in boxed sets. Make sure the instructions contain a map or a list indicating which plug adapters are used in specific countries.

Remember, the plug adapter and the power converter are used together.

  • First, insert the plug adapter into the socket
  • Next, insert the plug blades (sometimes these are round posts) located on the back of the power converter into the plug adapter.
  • At this point, you can safely plug your appliance into the familiar looking plug socket on the front of the power converter.

Do not use only the plug adapter, as this will not convert the local power to a type that can be used by your electronics.

  • If you simply “plug in”, the most likely result will be that your electronic device’s internal components will fry.
  • Some appliances, such as shavers, include a voltage switch (either manual or electronic) that allows them to work with either 110 volts (the US standard) or 220 volts (the international standard).
    • These devices may require an adapter plug to connect to the socket.

Be prepared for challenges when using power plugs.

  • Many European hotel rooms do not have extra empty sockets and sometimes you must unplug a lamp before you can connect your converter kit.
  • In many hotels, the sockets are located behind the bed headboard or other locations difficult to access.
  • Finally, in some countries, electric sockets are shaped like a recessed thimble with the plug at the bottom of the well.
    • Often the depth of the recessed fixture will require the connection of a second plug adapter to extend it for use with the power adapter.

Travel Advice/Travel Tips –  Low Voltage Device use during international travel

If you will be taking rechargeable, low voltage electronics  (e.g. small radios, alarms, or PDA’s) during a vacation outside of the U.S., you will need to acquire a power converter that works with low voltage appliances.

  • Most power converters are designed to work with high voltage appliances (irons, travel steamers, some hair dryers) and will not power or recharge low voltage appliances (a low voltage appliance is one that requires less than 50 watts of power to operate).

If you are confused about watts and voltages, help is at hand.

  • Franzus offers an Autoadjust Smart Converter that automatically senses whether a device requires high or low voltage and switches to the correct voltage for use or recharging.
  • Franzus Model TS 1650E contains the Autoadjust converter and a set of five adapter plugs for use in various countries.
    • Other models include a switch that allows you to select either high or low voltage, as appropriate.
  • Other manufacturers provide similar converters with similar capabilities.
  •  Read our article on  power converters  before you buy one.


  • Odoga Upgraded Voltage Converter: convert all countries voltage to US voltage (110V), enables you to charge your devices safely when traveling worldwide
  • Completed Safety Control: No more worries for overheat. Combined advanced materials and technology control the surface temperature, which is between 130-140℉ in order to avoid any fire danger. Built-in auto shut-off protection in case of over voltage/ over current/ short circuit/ over temperature.
  • Wide Compatibility: 1 EU cable and 3 international adapters support outlets in UK/AU/US/EU, Japan, China and more than 150 countries over the world.
  • Make No Noise: Built-in cooling fan is totally noiseless without annoying users as a new upgrade.
  • Friendly reminder: *Do Not Use with Hair Dryers, Hair Straighteners, Tools and other Household Appliances over 200 watts. Included adapters are NOT compatible in South Africa, Italy and India (Please buy it separately)