Money Belt



Product Description

Why Safe Belt?

Take advantage of having peace of mind with a specially designed security money belt.
Safe Belt is more than just a belt. It is a hidden wallet undetectable to the public.

How does the “Lip Method” work?

The ‘Lip Method’ is a simple idea which separates our belt from the rest. It increases the belt’s carry-on storage space and also makes the belt user-friendly.
Two layers of nylon create a pocket which is sealed by two strips of Velcro. One side of the Velcro has a lip which allows money to be placed underneath,
while at the same time keeping the pocket securely fastened; creating a self-sustainable Velcro pocket which stays closed even during the most extreme movements.

  • A discreet way to keep folded currency, SD memory cards, jewellery, and passport copies out of sight.
  • Undetectable to airport security scanners. Feel the freedom of not removing your belt next time you go to the airport.
  • A durable engineering-grade fibre-plastic buckle: a material known for its strength in the automotive industry.
  • 100% nylon belt combined with a 500mm Velcro pocket (using a technique known as the ‘Lip Method’).
  • Carry on items can be accessible by slightly loosening the buckle. – Unisex; fits most sizes