Anti-Wrinkle Travel Packing Folder


  • Constructed with premium quality polyester to resist the wear and tear of travel
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Product Description

BAGSMART Travel Carry-on Garment Folder

Have you ever packed your suitcase or backpack and then to arrive to your destination with wrinkled clothes because it was shifting during transport? Our 17″ BAGSMART packing sleeves are the perfect addition to your traveling accessories and supplies for organizing your personal items.

■ Material: Lightweight Polyester
■ Dimension: 14.6“L x 10.6”H
■ Open Dimension: 34.3″L x 26.4″H
■ Foldable Board: 13.5″L x 10.4″H(17inch)
■ Weight: 0.19 kg/ 0.4 pounds

Great Space Saver for Long Trip

■ Made of superior lightweight yet durable polyester fabric
■ Protects your clothing from dirt and wrinkles
■ The soft mesh top for easy identification of contents
■ Strong handle for convenience to carry and reduce the weight

Pack Your Clothes with Foldable Board

The shirt foldable board includes folding tips and instructions. For shirts, pants, and dresses, use folding board to help you pack your things neat and crisp. Close the foldable cover and put it into your backpack or suitcase.

Mesh Pocket for Extra Storage

■ A tie storage pocket inside, put any small accessories whatever you want

Just Try It

■Use it to neatly pack 4-8 items, including skirts, t-shirts, dresses or blouses. Just place them in your luggage to arrive at your destination wrinkle-free!