10Pcs Wine Bottle Protector


  • DIMENCIONS – Flat (not inflated) dimensions – 16.5”x 9.5” (41cm x 24cm), Inflated...

Product Description

The Most Popular Wine Bottle Protective Bags for Wine-lovers and Wine-sellers.


1.Fits Even Bulky Bottles up to 1L
2. 100% reusable over and over again
3. Easily storable in suitcases and backpacks
4. Full package design for safe transportation
5. Designed To Satisfy The Most Discriminating Wine Enthusiast

How to work: 

1. Take a bag find inflation hole (arrows shows up airflow direction)
2. Insert the hand pump
3. Pump it till hard
4. insert bottle or similar size goods
5.we highly recommend using these Wine Wrap Protector with hand pump


1.There is a picture attached to the pump, so people who couldn’t use it can combine the picture and description.
2. A reusable pump will be sent to you for free together with this wrap bag, the color of which will be chosen by random.
3.The air columns are all independent, one broke will not have any impact on other columns and the package won’t leak.Reusable and Best to protect the wine bottles.
4.It is reusable before automatic deflated, you can inflate again when air is not enough. It can not be dumped artifically due to independent air columns.
We hope you like it and have a good day!

Package Includes:

x10 PCS Wine Bottle Protector Bags
1 x Big Air Pump