Planning Travel in 10 Easy Steps

Planning Travel in 10 Easy Steps

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Do you want to make your travels fast, easy and safe? Well, my friend, that doesn’t happen just like that, because you’ve been lucky before or because your friends in need are friends indeed and bail you out when you’re in deep trouble. You know what they say how planning is everything? They are right, indeed. A good planning leads the way to successful travels.

Here is how you should begin:

1. Establish your travel purpose

Decide the where and how. Well, don’t forget the who either. If you’re not going on business or just roaming the world, go with someone you love. Or like. A lot. One is fun but many is even more fun. Anyway, remember that you’re such a cool guy or girl that you can make friends anywhere in the world!

2. Book flights and accommodation

Do everything online when booking flights, it saves time and money on phone calls or nerves racking by talking to blonde secretaries who just don’t know why they are there for. Don’t forget to print itineraries, tickets or registration numbers!

3. Organise things to do

Make a list of things that you plan to do while away. You don’t want to get there and don’t know where to go or do first. Keep your program lax – if you’re going to be late, you’ll blew the other 30 things to do per day on your list.

4. Decide what to take with you Make a packing list.

Of course you don’t need all that stuff, so try to get rid of the things you don’t really use; they have enough shops where you’re going! Organise your documents; your ID, passport, driving license, travel insurance should always be with you.

5. Watch your wallet

Think of an estimate budget. That also depends on the destination, purpose of travelling(if you’re just going shopping, there’s nothing else to think, just don’t get broke spending all your money on some fancy dresses, OK?) and companions – veggie meals, massages, crazy parties and pools with champagne are not included on your list if you don’t want to. Don’t worry, either way, you’ll usually spend more than you planned. Keep your funds in several different places just to be safe.

6. Be culturally sensitive

Learn a few words in the local language, always see yourself as a guest, not just a tourist. Emerge in the new culture, way of life, wonderful new dishes and customs. Be respectful, show some interest and empathy and try looking sincerely enthusiastic: people will feel your good heart beyond language barriers!

7. Necessary travelling tools

Download apps, maps, travel guides, dictionaries and pin your travel! 8. Consider travel insurance. There are several kinds of travel insurance, like trip cancellation insurance, flight cancellation insurance or medical insurance. Check your medical insurance coverage to see if you’re covered overseas.

9. Book local transportation.

When in Rome, don’t take cabs – they’re expensive, too fast on your stomach and the drivers talk too much. You won’t need a car rental or cab in places like bike-friendly Amsterdam, for example. Don’t even think of seeing London by cab! With its convenient underground Tube and a pass per day depending on the zone where you travel, you’ll get fast and easy wherever you want. If you plan to go outside the city, a car rental is your best bet, especially if you’re traveling to places that can’t be easily reached by rail or plane (such as the Irish or Scottish countryside, but be careful, they drive on the other side!).

10. Worry less, enjoy more!

Consider the ‘what if’s’: what if I lose all my money/passport, the hotel is awful, the flight is delayed. Do what you can to minimise these negative thoughts – you’ll solve problems if and when they appear. Just forget about it and enjoy! Remember: even if you try to plan to the most intricate detail, life will always surprise you bringing wonderful people, happy events and outstanding scenery to the spiritual beauty and richness you already have! Remember that all that you do and say will become just sweet memories in your special travel box!

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