Montserrat: A true vacation getaway!

Montserrat: A true vacation getaway!

Montserrat: A true vacation getaway!


It can be one of the most exceptional and special experiences to travel in the Caribbean Island’s Montserrat Island. Despite having a reservoir of natural beauty and amazing activities, Montserrat has not been fully utilized to its tourism potential and thus it remains one of the most beautiful and less crowded islands among other islands of the Caribbean. Blessed with beautiful beaches, diving and hiking sites as well as Soufriere volcano, Montserrat is truly a place to be explored in the Caribbean.

Volcano in Montserrat

Accommodation options at Montserrat

Montserrat Island, being less crowded will offer you accommodation in the form of two hotels and certain rented villas and guesthouses. Turtle Bay Apartments can be truly called a ‘Paradise at a dime’. Situated in the Woodlands and surrounded by beautiful mountains and rainforests, this accommodation looks over to the Caribbean Island.

Apart from this, Tropical Mansion Suites and Olvesrton House can be excellent options to explore too. There are some of the other properties which are quite reasonably priced.

Beaches in Montserrat

Non-crowded and serene environment on the beaches of Montserrat make them just perfect for the romantic evenings or day with your sweetheart. These beaches are just perfect if you wish to feel the romantic getaway. Thanks to the closeness of the volcano, the sand on these beaches remains shimmering silver gray. Presence of the shining sand on the beaches and sun-kissed waters, make them absolutely quaint and striking.

The only beach that you will find with white sand is called Rendezvous Bay. Travelling to this beach is also an experience in its own way. You can take water taxi or hike the Silver Hills to reach this mesmerizing beach. On reaching the beach, you will find your eyes glaring the beautiful beach with a shoreline of immaculate white sand as well as pink and coral sea shells.

Fun activities at Montserrat

Fishing, diving and snorkeling are some of the most-filled activities that you can experience in Montserrat Island. Boat trips arrangement can also be done. For diving and snorkeling, there are some of the good training schools that can let you experience the wonder and joy of exploring the under-water world.

Apart from doing this “fun-stuff” you can also go and explore the volcano, which is the main attraction of Montserrat Island. The active volcano is a sight not-to-be-missed at all. Green Monkey Inn can easily arrange for you a tour to this splendid and awesome location of the Soufriere Volcano.

Dining and drinking in Montserrat

Fortunately, eating out in Montserrat is quite cheap in comparison to other islands on the Caribbean. You can go for anything ranging from local specialties to International cuisines. The most renowned and “tourists’ favorite” restaurant is Danny and Margaret’s ‘Jumping Jack’ Beach Bar where you can experience delicious puddings and main dishes. There are some of the other restaurants that serve you amazing delicacies as well as wet bars that can offer you drinks of your choice!
Montserrat is a true getaway from the haphazard of everyday life and can offer you a refreshing time of your life!


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