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With a wonderfully rich diversity of nature and culture, Germany presents itself as one of the most popular travel destinations in the world.

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Germany has come a long way since the World War II. No longer an authoritarian regime, it has now flourished into one of the most prosperous nations in Europe. If you intend to visit Germany, you have arrived at the right place for the most comprehensive Germany travel guide.

With a population of 82,400,000, Germany is a huge country situated in the heart of Europe. Known for its warm summers with showers and exceptionally cold winters, the most ideal time to visit Germany is during spring when the weather and natural vegetation are fresh.

Architecture in Germany

Historic architecture in Germany is like no other. Although most of the buildings have been through the toughest times and even destruction during the second World War, they remain one of the finest works of historic architecture in Europe. Fine examples include the tower ruins of the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche, the Reichstag, and the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, the German capital. Besides ancient architecture, modern architecture in Germany is also a cut above the rest. Visitors can scale the 290-metre tall Olympic Tower in Munich and the 365-metre relic of the Fernsehturm in Berlin for the best views of Germany travel.

Museums in Germany

The museums in Germany offer a myriad of learning opportunities for all, whether young or old.  Some museums to visit include the Museum für Naturkunde, Neues Museum, Musikinstrumenten-Museum, Bode Museum, Alte Nationalgalerie and the Museum of Arts and Crafts, all in Berlin.

Nature in Germany Travel

Germany is a green city owing to its many parks in the urban cities. One of the many green lungs in Germany includes Tiergarten in Berlin, which is home to wildlife. Another great place to take a stroll and get close to nature is the English Garden in Munich.

German Castles

Enchanting castles await those who visit Germany’s countryside. Located at picturesque sites such as the Bavarian Alps, German castles are rich in history and definitely worth a visit during your stay. Some castles to look out for are the Neuschwanstein Castle near Munich, Burg Eltz above the Mosel River between the Eifel and Hunsruck mountains, as well as Burg Hohenzollern, which is located on a cliff top in Swabian Jura, about 50 kilometres from Stuttgart.

German Culture

The vibrant culture in Germany revolves around its traditional festivals such as Oktoberfest and May Day. Besides indulging in annual celebrations, Germans are typically civilised people who respect punctuality and cleanliness. Recycling is highly encouraged in the country, as recycling bins that separate different materials can be found in almost every neighborhood.

German Food

If you are a meat-lover, you are in for a sumptuous feast in Germany. The main traditional dish is wurst (sausage) as well as Leberknoedelsuppe and pork salamis. Döner Kebab, Turkish pizza, mouth-watering quiches and baguettes, pig trotters, potato pancake and soft berries with vanilla sauce can also be savored in many parts of Germany. It is something not to be missed in your Germany travel trip.

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