Greece Travel: An Expert Travel Guide to Crete

Greece Travel: An Expert Travel Guide to Crete

Greece Trave: Crete

Crete is an island that sits in the heart of the Mediterranean sea, and it had become a cultural and commercial center for three different continents.

Not only is Crete rich in the culture of myth, it is also an amazing place with a great climate. The scenery is incredible as anyone who lives there will tell you, and to top it all off, the citizens of Crete are incredibly friendly. Once you arrive in Crete, you will find that there are plenty of things to do, and you will more than likely need to make sure you rent a car or jeep if you really wish to see it all.

The Archaeological Museum in Crete contains a huge collection of Greek Artifacts, making it a hotspot for those who are interested in the history of this ancient land. Greece is often considered to be the cradle of Western civilization and with good reason. After all, it was in Greece that the grass roots of democracy were founded, and this rich history is present anywhere you look.

You can clearly see towns and cities left over from the old days, one item of importance being the Palace of Knossos which dates back to 1500 BC. In addition to that you might visit the town of Rethymno, a location that claims many different mosques in it’s old Turkish quarter.

There are many areas in which you might consider biking, one of which is the Lassithi Platteau. There are plenty of sights to see, and as you might imagine, not all of them can be seen from the driver’s seat of an automobile.

As far as the weather in Crete is concerned, there are two major zones which include the Mediterranean and the North African. The climate in Crete falls between the two which for the most part is temperate. You will find that it can be humid, and the winter is more mild than anything else. In the mountainous areas snowfall does occur, though it is rare for one to see snowfall in the lowlands.

Crete is an amazing place, and it will continue serve as a major tourist attraction for many centuries to come. There are so many thing to see and do within this amazing Island and one should remember that it is only a small piece of the puzzle as Greece proper contains many wonders that you will want to see in your lifetime.

Basic information when travelling to Crete

If you’re looking for good, solid information Crete then look no further. Here you will learn that Crete is the largest island in Greece, and after the island of Cyprus, it can be counted as the second larges in all of the Mediterranean. By nature, the purpose of Crete seems ot be the separation of the Aegean Sea and the Lybian sea as it as done so for thousands of year.

As far as European lands are concerned, Crete is very mountainous, and it features a huge mountain range the stretches from west to east, encompassing a number of different mountain ranges. Gorges are also quite common on Crete, such as Samaria, Imbros, and Kourtaliotiko. These are all great example of Gorges, and if you are planning to visit Crete anytime in the future, then you will most definitely want to make sure you are taking the time to visit these locations.

There is something for everyone on Crete as you will discover, and with that being the case you could choose to travel alone, or you could choose to bring your family with you. There are plenty of things to do, for instance you might choose to go shopping, or you could simply take in the sights. Then again, you might choose to do a little bit of everything, and you will need to plan your vacation accordingly.

Crete is old, and no one can deny this. The history of this island reaches back to before the birth of Christ, and as such it has a rich history. This history, while much of it has been lost, has been widely preserved through artifacts which are on display at various museums throughout the country of Greece, and at least one museum sits on the island of Crete.

Crete itself isn’t the only island in Greece, and from Crete you will be able to observe several islands along the coast. Many of these can be visited by tourists, and there are quite a few that may only be frequented by archaeologists. Naturally you are free to explore any of the islands, though there are some who would say that many simply aren’t worth the time.

Crete is an amazing place to visit, but you will need to understand that while Crete is a Greek nation, it is not Greece proper. There are many differences to take into account, most of which you will learn upon touching down in this incredible nation. That being said, now would be a great time to start learning and start preparing for the trip of a lifetime. This trip will be so amazing in fact, that we are almost certain you will be returning to the shores of Crete many times in the future.

What to Eat in Crete

What to Eat in Crete

When you visit a place like Crete for the first time, you might be surprised to find that it actually contains the foods that you would expect to find at home in your own country. This development will make you feel more comfortable, undoubtedly, but there is a strong chance that you’re looking to eat something a bit more exotic. That being said, let’s talk a bit about the different types of food in Crete and from this you may decide just what you will enjoy.

The first thing you need to understand about food in Crete is that there is no one specific location that is better than the other. All of Crete will have something unique and delicious to offer so long as you do your best to stay away from the tourist locations. There are some foods that are offered just about everywhere, for instance Dakos is one that you will find at virtually any tavern across Crete. Dakos consists of chopped tomato, white cheese, oregano, and all of this sits atop a moistened barley rusk. This is just one example of a Cretan dish, and we can assure you that there are plenty more.

Cretan paximadia consists of twice baked bread containing cinnamon, aniseed, raki, and supplemental nuts or raisins. While it seems unlikely, there are many out there who prefer this type of bread to freshly cooked bread. There are in fact quite a few who claim that the bread is quite addicting, and as such you will most certainly want to give it a try while you are on the island of Crete.

Eating in Crete

A visit to the Central Market is an important part of your trip to Crete. Though it is a part of Greece, there are a number of different items made here on the island that cannot be found anywhere else in Greece or Europe for that matter. Cretan cheeses are one of these items, for instance graviera, which is a cheese that needs to be aged in the caves of the White Mountains for around six months. While we are taught to only eat fresh food, in the case of cheese, older really is better.

You will discover that Greece is big on olive oil, and why shouldn’t they be? It has been estimated that there are approximately 60 olive trees per inhabitant, and it has been estimate d that a family of four can burn through a liter of olive oil per day. Olive oil is almost always used in cooking, especially at Greek restaurants, which means you will have the opportunity to sample a number of different types during your stay.

Lamb and goat meat are two other popular dishes served in Crete, and while they are expensive, you will find that the Crete’s meat selection is quite nice. In the end you’re sure to find whatever it is you crave as far as food is concerned whether you’re looking for something familiar or something different.

Shopping in Crete

Shopping in Crete

Those who are interested in Crete shopping will generally find that they can locate their favorite products and items necessary for survival with relative ease. One thing to remember however is that when you are visiting an exotic location such as Crete, you probably don’t want to look for the old domestic goods that you’re used to. You’re more than likely looking for something new, and you couldn’t have come to a better place to find it.

When it comes to shopping in Crete there are a few major hubs such as Heraklion, Rethymno, Cania, and a few others. These are considered large towns in Crete, and this is where you will find the local products such as Cretan wines, honey, and of course the world famous Cretan cheeses. In addition to that you will more than likely be able to find high quality leather goods such as wallets, purses, and even clothing.

There are many shop that sell high quality bronze and copper items in addition to wood. There are plenty of souvenirs that you can take home with you, and if you are truly interested in the Cretan culture, you will want to avoid the standard tourist areas and move toward the local shopping areas.

If you are a Cretan tourist however, you may have some trouble determining just where you might shop to avoid the common tourist gimmicks and products of instant gratification. One of the best strategies that we would suggest is that of following a local around for a bit to see where they go and more importantly, where they shop. Not only will you find authentic Cretan items, you may find that the shops they frequent have lower prices as they are not part of a tourist trap.

In the villages of Zaro and Krits you will find local embroideries that will have amazing displays for you to take home to your friend and family. In almost all Cretan locales you will be able to purchase beautiful pottery items as well as carved objects. As always, you will be able to locate shops that sell clothing among other things that you would want to take home with you from this incredible Greek destination.

Crete has been around for thousands of years and the history behind it is astounding. That being the case you will probably wish to see and purchase as much as you possibly can during your brief stay on the Island. There are many things for you to look at, and you will need to choose carefully, but so long as you consider all of your options, you should be able to bring home at least a few prize winning souvenirs from the Greek world.


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