7 Things to Do In Spain

Spain has the second largest tourism industry in the world. The country offers a huge number of sites, tours and experiences for local and foreign tourists. But for those who are limited on time and simply cannot do them all, then here are some of the top destinations and things that you can do in country during your short stay.

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Spain Travel: The Island Paradise of Ibiza

Ibiza and Mallorca are the most developed of the four Balearic Islands in Spain. Ibiza Town (Eivissa, as people there call it) is a city full of night clubs and luxury stores, dominated silently by solid medieval walls and a Gothic cathedral.

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Spain Travel: Barcelona Travel Guide

Barcelona offers a unique occasion of tourists to walk from the Roman remains to the medieval city, and then to the modern city, with its open thoroughfares and large intersections.

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Best Places to Visit in Spain (Espaņa)

Spain’s cities are intriguing, historic and exciting, while the countryside and seashore are scenic wonderlands. 

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