Caribbean Travel: Saint Lucia

Caribbean Travel: Saint Lucia

Caribbean Travel: Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is the ideal Caribbean island for the romantic couples, singles and families. The magnificent island offers great beaches and loads of entertainment options to enjoy. If you are looking for what all you can do in St. Lucia, your will be surprised to know that there are a plethora of activities and things that you can do. Saint Lucia is indeed a perfect island for the adventure seekers as well as those who wish to relax in the natural settings.

Things to enjoy at St. Lucia

You can spend a great day at spa and get yourself pampered or go on the wild excursions, enjoy scenic tours of the island and a lot more. You can be sure that your vacations will be a true entertainment package in Saint Lucia.

Great for swimming, the beaches of Saint Lucia are well known for the water sports as well like diving and snorkeling. In case you are looking forward to some magnificent beaches or enjoy the wildlife, beaches on Eastern Coast of the Caribbean Island are just brilliant. However, these beaches are not best for swimming but still you can find natural beauty and the opportunity to enjoy some relaxing times.

St. Lucia activities

Saint Lucia Activities

You can further find various places in the island that provides the opportunity to experience and enjoy horseback riding. In fact, riding in sunset has proved to be a romantic endeavor for the couples and families. It is even a relaxing activity and thus most people find it to be one of the top fun things that can be enjoyed in St. Lucia.

More so, you don’t have to wonder of sailing in the crystal clear blue waters of Caribbean. Just see why a number of sailors love to be in St Lucia. Indeed, the Caribbean island is the established home of Atlantic Rally for the Caribbean cruisers.

Why visit Saint Lucia?

Popularly called as the “Helen of the West”, the island of Saint Lucia is a perfect place for vacationing with the dear ones. You can enjoy incredible experiences at the Caribbean Island ranging from visiting the Volcano to Zip lining and a lot more.

Saint Lucia also has the drive in volcano and is not even afraid to flaunt about it. The tourists visit the island to find out about the only drive in volcano in the whole world and enjoy the world heritage site status pitons. The volcanic island in the Caribbean has a lot of things to offer including colorful villages, picturesque landscape, natural beauty, tropical rain forest, traces of the rich past and amazing blue sea with the white sand beaches.

Pitons of St. Lucia

You can even indulge in deep sea fishing at one of the marinas. Nothing is as interesting and enjoyable as reeling in king mackerel, marling, mako shark or the barracuda. All these species are available in plenty in the clear waters of St. Lucia. It is even possible that you enjoy the day trip to see whales and dolphins. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Saint Lucia Caribbean Island and enjoy fun and entertainment.

Hotels in Saint Lucia

St. Lucia hardly needs to send across any invitations to visitors. This special Caribbean quarter is endowed with some of the best landscapes in the region. Of course, there are endless beaches and endless sandy coasts that continue to double up as playgrounds for people from all age brackets. What adds to the pleasure quotient of this place is the fact that it has several world class accommodation facilities that can bedazzle visitors with their sprawling buildings. Of course, there are some moderate hotels as well. This article lets you explore a few of the well known resorts and hotels in St. Lucia.

Accommodation – Resorts, Hotels, Lodges & Guesthouses

The executive planners of St. Lucia’s tourism product were smart enough to realize that much success lies in facilitating accommodation for a variety of different markets and incomes. So visitors to the island will be able to choose various accommodation options. You can select the more budget-conscious backpacker facilities, or if you prefer, you can consider high-brand hotels and award winning all-inclusive family–friendly resorts with water parks and day care facilities for the kids.

There are small, family-run quality four-star guest houses, where the owners reside on property to extend the best home-style family owned hospitality. Some have shared room facilities with breakfast while others do not have this option. Some lodges package in free ground transfers and even discounted safari tours of Cape Verde.

A tourist’s dream location is Ladera Hotel, which is located in Soufriere at the top of Piton Mitan ridge, overlooking Piton Bay. It is also near to the Petit Piton, Soufriere Volcano, the drive-in volcano called Sulphur Springs and Anse Chastanet Beach. Some popular hotels, include Balenbouche Estate, Smugglers Resort, Windjammer Landing and Sandals Resorts.

Saint Lucia Hotels and Resorts.

The Inn on The Bay, Marigot Bay

Authors and travel magazine writers have gone public claiming Marigot Bay as the most beautiful sight in the entire Caribbean. Surely, the best way to enjoy the stunning beauty of the bay is by booking a making reservations of accommodation with The Inn on the Bay, located just ten minutes’ walk from the sand carpet of the Marigot. The Inn on the Bay is your best bet to get a taste of luxury and comfort nearby the mesmerizing locales of that Marigot Bay.

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East Winds Inn, Gros Islet

East Winds Inn, Gros Islet

Not many resorts manage to hold on to their reputations for several years. To its credit, the East Winds Inn has set the trends right by providing amazing accommodation facilities to tourists in Gros Islet. Set in 12 acres of awe inspiring greenery, the resort is your gateway to some really amazing sights of natural beauty. Rooms are spacious and brilliantly decorated. Head off to East Winds Inn for carefree and classy living in St. Lucia.

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Villa Beach Cottages, Castries

Villa Beach Cottages, Castries

Depend upon the staff at Villa Beach Cottages to make your stay at this special resort simply fantastic. There is an undeniable sense of homeliness about everything you see and get in Villa Beach Cottages. The rooms are well kept and the support staff is dedicated towards ensuring a wonderfully comfortable stay for all the guests. The gift shop in the area is pretty cool as well, and worth a little visit.

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Cap Maison, Cap Estate

Cap Maison, Cap Estate

Caribbean elegant living finds perfect exhibition in the facilities of Cap Maison, a premier resort and spa in Cap Estate. Life in a villa suite with the ocean nearby is like a dream, and that is exactly what you treat yourself to in Cap Maison. The Spanish Caribbean architecture adds uniqueness to the resort, and that host of amenities and facilities that await you inside are guaranteed to blow you away. The Cliff at Cap restaurant of the resort is also rapidly rising on the popularity charts.

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Ti Kaye Village Resort, Castries

Ti Kaye Village Resort, Castries

Ti Kaye Village Resort is a perfect refuge from the hustle bustle of St. Lucia. Perched on a cliff that overlooks the glorious beauty of the expansive Caribbean Sea, Ti Kaye is a peaceful accommodation facility particularly suitable for solace seekers, newly wed couples and honeymooners. Though the resort is off the beaten track, there is no compromise on the contemporary facilities that add fresh flavours to your experience.

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Bay Gardens Beach Resort, Gros Islet

Bay Gardens Beach Resort, Gros Islet

Surrounded by overwhelmingly beautiful gardens, this sprawling resort is your destination if you are an uncompromising traveller who never settles for anything below the best. Speciality restaurant, beach bar, swimming pool with cabanas, private massage facility, Jacuzzi, there is really no end to the list of the pampering facilities that await you at Bay Gardens Beach Resort. The architecture of the resort is guaranteed to impress you with its French-Caribbean roots. The rooms are awesome, and come with facilities like Wi-Fi and entertainment systems.

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The Hotel Chocolat, Soufriere

The Hotel Chocolat, Soufriere

Like chocolates? Looking for a great hotel in Soufriere? What if we could end both your quests on one point! The Hotel Chocolat makes this a reality with its one of a kind service. If you know your chocolates, the hotel knows how to impress you. Be prepared for a few calories as you can expect a chocolaty experience here. The brown and chocolaty shades that embrace the walls of the hotel, and the servings of finely made chocolates throughout the day mean that your stay at The Hotel Chocolat will be an experience that won’t desert your mind and soul for the rest of your life. Truly, The Hotel Chocolate is a place that can add a different dimension to your St. Lucia tour.

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Oasis Marigot, Marigot Bay

Oasis Marigot, Marigot Bay

Overlooking the unimaginably spectacular sights of Marigot Beach, the Oasis Marigot offers a range of accommodation facilities, and this means that travellers with diverse budget brackets find suitable packages here. Adventure seekers have the unique island hopping experience on a 42 foot yacht to look up to. Other engaging activities like sailing and water taxi excursions are easily available. For those who seek a peaceful living close to the lap of nature, Oasis Marigot is definitely a worthy option.

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Jade Mountain, Soufriere

Jade Mountain, Soufriere

Travel enthusiasts would have read or heard about this globally acclaimed Caribbean dreamland. With vast spaces of breathtaking beauty around your living area, you feel like living in a wonderland all by yourself. Views that get etched on to your hearts surround you on all four sides as you step out of your rooms. If you plan to live the ideal Caribbean life, there is hardly any better option for you than Jade Mountain. You have the Jade Mountain Club where you can enjoy great times with family and friends sipping great cocktails and delicious food. You might want to check out the Celestial Terrace as well.

The BodyHoliday, LeSport, Castries

If you don’t mind being pampered to the extent of spoilt, you will need no second invitations to stay in The BodyHoliday. Be prepared for body massages to rejuvenate you upon call. Expect some really fresh and fascinating flavours in the cuisine you get served in the resort. Also, shape up for a truly luxurious experience in the spacious and special rooms with garden views and quality furnishings. The TAO restaurant is another great place to be in when you are in The BodyHoliday.

Saint Lucia Attractions

Diverse Tourist Attractions – Community Based Included

St. Lucia’s tourism product is diverse. There are enough attractions to satisfy all those who prefer nature, culture, history or heritage. Tour operators have a “field day” offering various “combos” of different attractions, packaged to suit the diverse tastes of their guests. Recently, St. Lucia has created a host of community tourism projects, where guests get to meet locals in their homes, churches, farms and churches, where they also get excited on learning the urban and rural cultures. You can enjoy daytime fishing or snorkeling, or if you prefer, a romantic sunset boat cruise.

Cultural Heritage Options – Cassava Bread & Crayfish

If you are a fan of rural culinary heritages, then you can go to Fond Latisab, Creole Park, in “Babonneau”, and experience the old time St. Lucian dish of cassava bread and cooking on “macambou” leaves. You will also have the opportunity to catch crayfish in the community river, collect honey yourself from the local beehive, observe how residents do wood-sawing, all to the enchanting sounds of the “Chak Chak” band playing folk music.

If you prefer urban adventures, you can take a Castries Heritage Walk in the capital city, with an efficient tour guide showing you the British and French influences in the architecture of this former colonial city.

Historical Bonanza – Pigeon Island National Landmark

This section is reputed to have more historical attractions than the rest of the island. You can also visit a village which has lots of historical value, known as Choiseul Heritage Site, where you can also get wonderful souvenirs, craft and beautiful views of the Caribbean Sea. Formerly the home of the Caribs, swashbuckling pirates, military personnel and resources, its star attraction is Fort Charlotte, which was once the centre of the most violent battles between the colonial forces of the British and the French.

Some wise citizens decided that this place throughout history had seen enough death and destruction… So they decided that today it should be transformed into a place that uplifts life and builds opportunities… What is it now? Today it is a college …

Entertainment – Folk Music & St. Lucia Jazz Festival

The nation has cultural festivals, called La Rose and La Marguerite dedicated to the Rosicrusian Order and the Freemasonry. St. Lucian citizens celebrated the 150th anniversary of West Indian Heritage on the country. However musical categories like Calypso, Soca, Dancehall, Reggae, Zouk and Salso are quite popular, just as favoured as folk music. By far, the largest and most popular event is the St. Lucia Jazz Festival, held in early May, held all over the country simultaneously. The St. Lucian government traditionally held this massive and colourful party just before Easter. But to attract more tourists, it postponed Carnival, just to avoid competing with the Trinidad Carnival which is a much bigger event. Like many other Caribbean countries, Jamaican music sometimes dominates or influences local pop music.

Saint Lucia – Restaurants

Saint Lucia - Restaurants

Your visit to St. Lucia is bound to be filled with several dining experiences. The place backs its natural beauty with a huge menu of cuisines from the world over, served in some really fine settings. The restaurants and bars of St. Lucia are a guaranteed value addition to your tour. This article is your sneak peak into the belly of St. Lucia.

La Haut Plantation, Soufriere

The only spice that can improve the taste of your food without actually being added to the recipe is that of beautiful surroundings as you eat. La Haut Plantation is one restaurant where you get this unique flavour as well. Home grown vegetables lend a unique freshness to the menu, and the seafood here is really worth dying for. Do not forget to say hello to the turtle couple in the pool nearby the eating place.

The Lime, Rodney Bay

For a dash of local dining, head off to The Lime and try out the wonderful recipes, each a representation of the local eating habits and preferences. Spicy jerk chicken is a special dish, and pork, breadfruit salads are other irresistible additions to the menu. The prices are really very reasonably, and the tastes are awesome. You can also consider getting down to The Lime for a peaceful and pleasant lunch with your family and friends. This restaurant is highly recommended for inexpensive, yet worthwhile dining in St. Lucia.

Rainforest Hideaway, Marigot Bay

About 20 minutes’ drive away from Castries, Rainforest Hideaway is a renowned restaurant in Marigot Bay. Complimentary champagne awaits you as you hit the dock, and so do some mouth watering propositions such as balsamic-glazed roast quail and five-spice roast fillet of beef. Be prepared to call all your wine knowledge to the fore, as the restaurant has a really overwhelming menu of wine and liquor. Live jazz sessions add an inimitable charm to the place, and make it an exciting prospect for visitors in St. Lucia.

Buzz Seafood and Grill, Rodney Bay

Everything that defines a relaxed Caribbean setting is exhibited at Buzz Seafood and Grill in Rodney Bay, a really nice restaurant that is generally filled with traveller. You can choose from both indoor and outdoor sitting and order from an expansive menu of food from different quarters of the world. Wine lovers have several special wines to look up to at Buzz Seafood and Grill. Seafood lovers too have their incentives in a visit to Buzz Seafood and Grill. Try some of the homemade stuff for a really authentic Caribbean dining experience.

Jacques Waterfront Dining aka Froggie Jacques, Castries

French cuisine goes a little makeover at Jacques Waterfront Dining, a superb eating location overlooking Vigie Cove in Castries. These people use local spices and fresh produce to prepare the dishes on the menu, and this means that you will get a distinctly Caribbean dining experience here. Chicken breast with smoked salmon filling is one fulfilling recipe, and amazingly, there are quite a few such sinfully sumptuous offers at Jacques Waterfront Dining. Try out the pumpkin soup if you happen to be in an adventurous mood, and then look for a wine from the list of collection.

Saint Lucia – Nightlife

The waves of tourism that have swept the cities of St. Lucia in the past decade or so have resulted in the development of an obvious culture of enjoying the night time here. Tourists find the idea of staying up till very late in the night and soaking in the vibes of this wonderful Caribbean getaway extremely riveting, and this is precisely the basis of this article, that is to introduce readers to some of the special places that can let them enjoy the after sunset hours in St. Lucia to the fullest. The Rodney Bay area of Gros Islet in St. Lucia is a hub of great nigh time entertainment. However, this does not mean that you can’t get your dose of nocturnal adventures anywhere else in St. Lucia. Many resorts and big hotels ensure that their guests have something to look up to in the night. From dance parties to live music shows, there is a lot to do and enjoy at night in St. Luca.

Gros Islet Jump Up Street Party

Arguably the most popular and cheered street party in St. Lucia, the Gros Islet Jump Up Street Party is an occasion of unlimited fun and pleasure as people from al walks of life in St. Lucia converge upon the streets to set the Friday nights alive with their spirits. Plan out your travel in a manner so that you get the Friday night to enjoy the unique experience of Gros Islet Jump Up Street Party. Delicious local food is on every corner you turn as you hit the party, so you can be sure that you’ll have a sound sleep extending well into the afternoon on the subsequent day. Really, there is some mindboggling action awaiting you in the form of Gros Islet Jump Up Street Party.

Anse La Raye Fish Friday

Located on the east coast of St Lucia, Anse La Raye is a little laid back village that presents some adventure opportunities to light up your nights in St. Lucia with. If you happen to be a member of the seafood lover club, Anse La Raye Fish Friday is custom made for you. Make sure that you have ample room in your belly as you head off to this place as you will have a lot of variety of sea food to tackle. Lobsters, shrimps, fishes of different colours and sizes, there is so much on offer that you can’t possibly taste all of them.

The Old London Pub, Castries

Sandals Grande resort hosts this wonderful place where travellers to Castries can enjoy light hearted moments in the night with their friends and family while sipping some of the most amazing cocktails you can hope of finding in St. Lucia. The place is itself extremely spacious, and you can either get yourself a private table, or join somebody on the bar chairs. Patrons can also enjoy billiards here. The interiors will remind you of old times in London and add to the charms of this place. You are guaranteed to love your dining experience at The Old London Pub.

Saint Lucia – Major Cities

St. Lucia is a pearl in the crown of tourism in the Caribbean, and it is time you checked this little paradise of a place yourself. Let us introduce you to some of the most happening towns of St. Lucia.



The capital city of Castries is a real thing of beauty, and that holds for all kinds of tourists. Named after the Marechal de Castries; a French minister of the Marine, the city is a living exhibition of architectural brilliance. Derek Walcott Square in the middle of the city is a perfect companion for the popular buildings of the Roman Catholic Cathedral and the Castries Central Library. French colonial architecture is pretty evident in the buildings and houses of this little town. The natural harbor of Castries witnesses the excited faces of tourists from all corners of the globe as their cruise liners become visible in the backdrop of the sprawling ocean. The market places of this wonderful capital city are buzzing with activity and are great places to be at for tourists. Shopaholics have a lot to look up to in Castries. Look out for the opportunity of catching glimpses of the amazing silk screening practices.



The former capital of St. Lucia is the recipient of inarguably the region’s most spectacular natural beauty. The army of sailors, divers and snorkelers that converges to Soufriere is a testimony to the fact that the beaches here are really popular. The twin peaks Gros Piton and Pitit Piton rise magnificently to thousands of feet above the ground level in Soufriere, overwhelming visitors from several parts of the world. The drive in volcano of Soufriere is another unique and inimitable charm of the place. If adventure is on your mind, do not lose an instant and pack your bags for the vacation of your lifetime in Soufriere. Even the more controlled travelers have lots on offer in Soufriere. The town square is a great place to hang about pretty much all day long. The sights of the old buildings with their characteristic designs are bound to have you intrigued. Really, you can’t afford missing out on Soufriere when in St. Lucia.

Vieux Fort

Vieux Fort

St. Lucia’s second largest town presents different Caribbean tastes for visitors. Vieux Fort has turned into a really dynamic and active business centre over the past years. People might be surprised to note the long lines of cars and other vehicles honking on the streets and roads as the evening casts its shadows over the town. If you have time on your side, you can plan a day or two at Vieux Fort and check out some popular tourism attractions like Anse de Sables Beach and Moule à Chique Lighthouse. Get close to the waters and hop into an open bar for some fine times in Vieux Fort.

Shopping in Saint Lucia

So you thought that St. Lucia was only about heavenly beaches and wonderful sightseeing! Wait till you get a glance at the shopaholic’s view of this special Caribbean wonderland. St. Lucia offers you some crazy shopping opportunities. So just in case you have a credit card or two, keep them handy as you will have several tempting offers to cope up with. Here are a few of the well known shopping places in St. Lucia where you can get some really cool stuff without the worries of being ripped off.

Pointe Saraphine, Castries

Castries is a dreamland of sorts for shopaholics. St. Lucia’s largest duty free shopping centre in the form of Pointe Saraphine is a beehive of cheerful shoppers and shopkeepers. From designer perfumes to special cigars, you can bet upon getting a stunning gift for your special mates back home. Of course, you will find loads of branded clothes that will force you to dig inside your pockets. Local arts and crafts too find regular takers here.

Eudovic’s Art Studio, Castries

Interested in looking over the breathtaking art of the island’s first sculptor? Head off to Eudovic’s Art Studio in Castries and introduce yourself to art as impressive as any you’d have ever seen. You have the opportunity of finding a really special gift or two for your family and other loved ones. One of the bigger items here can easily serve as a differentiator for your house, so make sure that you plan out your expenses so that you can consider buying an expensive art piece from here.

Castries Market, Castries

The marketplace of Castries is a fulfilling serving of the characteristically Caribbean congregation of excited and even loud shopkeepers. Walking around the place with a little snack to munch over is a pleasant experience anytime of the day, and of course, you can be watchful and find some cheap yet interesting souvenirs to carry home. If you like the idea of an hour or so in a crowded area with lots of excited shoppers and sellers setting the air on fire, the Castries marketplace is just for you.

Sea Island Cotton Shop

This is a really nice place if you happen to be looking for some locally manufactured clothing. The prices are reasonable, and you can be guaranteed of getting value for your money at Sea Island Cotton Shop. There is a lot of variety here, so you can be sure that you’ll have something that fits you and suits you. Even otherwise, Sea Island Cotton Shop is a perfect place to shop for souvenirs of St. Lucia. Find some time to visit this great shop.

Smart’s Gift Shop, Gros Islet

Enquire for Smart’s Gift Shop if you happen to be in Gros Islet and you won’t have to visit any other gift shop for buying cool souvenirs. The owner of the shop is really fun talking to, and of course, he backs his talks with a fine collection of amazing items that act as perfect gifts for your beloved, kids, and friends back home. You are guaranteed of getting out of the shop with a bag or two at least.

St. Lucia – Nobel Prize Winners

Nobel Prize Winner – Sir Arthur Lewis – 1979

We say this because St. Lucia is the nation with the second most Nobel Laureates per capita after the Faroe Islands! (This is a Danish country located between Scotland and Iceland with about 50,000 people.) Very few countries in the world can boast about the heights of intellectual achievement of winning, not one, but two, Nobel Prize awards! In 1979, Sir Arthur Lewis won from the world’s most prestigious committee, the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics – distinguishing himself as the first Black person to ever win an award in a category other than those relating to “Peace”.

Nobel Prize Winner Derek Walcott -1992

Just 13 years later, in 1992, the Jamaican campus of the University of the West Indies cheered when the St. Lucian poet and visual artist they had trained, Derek Walcott, won the Nobel Prize for Literature! This award distinguished Derek Walcott, as the first Caribbean writer to receive this award. He continued to bring honour to St. Lucia, when he secured professorships at the prestigious Harvard University, Boston University and the Universities of Alberta and Essex, in Canada and the UK, respectively.

Walcott’s Previous British Endorsement

However, members of the international literature world should not have been surprised by this Caribbean man’s stellar Nobel achievements in 1992. Why? We say this because Britain, the country which perhaps celebrates literature the most highly, and honours their writers as the biggest celebrities, had already honoured Derek Walcott 20 years earlier for his work in Literature. In 1972, none other than Queen Elizabeth II herself awarded him the prestigious O.B.E. – The Order of the British Empire! By a strange, uncanny coincidence, both Sir Arthur Lewis and Derek Walcott were born on the same day, in 1915 and 1930, respectively, i.e. January 23. It seems the birthday of January 23 in St. Lucia carries the DNA for the heights of intellectual achievement!

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