Caribbean Travel: Puerto Rico

Caribbean Travel: Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Travel

The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is exotic and exciting. In the rural sections you can get really turned on by hiking, waterfalls, the El Yunque rainforests and bioluminescent (the creation of light) bays. These rainforests and bays have been described as two of “The Seven Wonders of The Caribbean!” In the city of San Juan, you can also get excited by the colourful Hispanic entertainment and gambling in the casinos. You can also get a thrill from deep-sea diving and snorkeling at Fajarda. You can also feel exhilarated from playing golf at the Trump International Golf Club. Or, if you are a history buff, you can become fascinated by walking on 16th century streets in Old (Viejo) San Juan, sections of which have been declared a United Nations Educational , Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Site. So, clearly Puerto is not just exotic and exciting, it is also creative and captivating.

“Habla Espanol?” – English & Spanish – Official Languages

The commonwealth of Puerto Rico is unique. It is an unincorporated territory of the United States. So even though it is American, it is also Caribbean. It is like the US Virgin Islands in some ways, but in other ways it is different. The Virgin Islands speak English. Puerto Rico speaks Spanish. “Habla spanol?” (This is translated as ‘Do you speak Spanish?’) If you do not, no problem! Both English and Spanish are the official languages of the country. However Spanish is definitely the dominant language, with only about 20% of Puerto Ricans able to speak English fluently. But the majority of the staff in resorts and tourism businesses is fluent in English. It would be wise for tourists to learn some relevant travel phrases in Spanish. Fortunately for visitors, it is not considered impolite to ask Puerto Rican citizens to repeat themselves, if you do not first understand their communication.

Very Accessible by Plane

United States Citizens can enter Puerto Rico on just their drivers’ licence since it is classified as part of the country. That definitely encourages access. But how long will it take you to get to Puerto Rico from the United States and other Western Countries? Not long! It is only 2 ½ hours from Miami, 3 ½ hours from Washington, D.C., 4 hours from New York, 7 ½ hours from Los Angeles, 7 1/2 hours from Madrid, 10 hours from Paris, and 12 hours from London, England, From Australia, flight duration is about 20 hours and you can find cheap flights on websites like JetAbroad for instance. Puerto Rico (Rich Port) is very accessible indeed.

Country Profile – Geography

It is found in the northeastern Caribbean, east of the Dominican Republic and west of the US and British Virgin Islands. It has an area of 3,515 square miles and a population of about 3,750,000 people making it the third largest population in the Caribbean after Cuba and Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic). Jamaica would be the fourth largest in population with approximately 2.5 million to 3 million residents. The waters around Puerto Rico are very deep – going down as far as 28,000 feet – quite a challenge for scuba divers! The country does not have long rivers or large lakes. The longest river in Puerto Rico is Grande de Arecibo. The country does however have 15 reservoirs.

Culebra & Culebrita – Smaller Islands Profile

Besides the main island of Puerto Rico, the commonwealth also includes some tiny islands nearby named Culebra, Culebrita, Palomino, Mona, Monito, Vieques and various other isolated islands. Culebra Island (Isla Culebra), is 10.8 square miles, hosts a population of 1,818, and is located approximately 17 miles east of Puerto Rico and 12 miles west of St. Thomas (USVI). Culebrita Island (translated ‘little snake’) is an tiny island off the eastern coast of Culebra, blessed with a nature reserve and the distinction of having one of the oldest lighthouses in the Caribbean. It can only be accessed by boat from Culebra.

Palomino & Palominito – Smaller Islands Profile

Palomino Island has an area of 102 acres and is 1.2 km long and 525 metres, and its highest hill is 50 metres. The majority of the island has been rented as a beach and water sports playground for El Conquistador Hotel and Casino – a luxury resort operated by New York’s most prestigious hotel address, The Waldorf Astoria. The hotel is located on the Island of Enchantment, 300 feet high on a cliff above the Caribbean Sea. Its tourist attractions include coral reefs and sea grass beds which are ideal for snorkeling. Six hundred kilometres away you will find the tiny Palominito Island.

Mona & Monita – Smaller Islands Profile

Mona Island (Isla de la Mona) and Monita Island (Islote Monito) are two islands that are paired together. They are 7 miles long by 4 miles wide, located 41 miles away from Puerto Rico, and are an uninhabited nature reserve. However the islands have rangers who take care of the tourists and supervise research assignments.

Vieques – Smaller Islands Profile

Vieques - Smaller Islands Profile

Vieques has a population of approximately 9,301 and is only 22 miles long and 4 miles wide. It is very rural and undeveloped – and tourists have seen horses and chickens running wild in the streets! One controversial issue on this small island is that it used to be a naval base operated by the US government. It was used for target practice, military training and munitions storage – which had many environmentalists very concerned. This led to a dispute which was amicably settled when most of the island was assigned to the US Park Service – thereby preserving pristine beaches and the mesmerizingly beautiful bioluminescent bays.

Puerto Rican Spanish!


It is considered polite to learn some of the language of the country – before you visit. So, if you don’t already speak the language, are you ready to learn Spanish? Si? (Translated as ‘Yes’?)

If you have already learnt Spanish, you may still have some “brushing up” to do! Really? Why? Because, there are a few words that are unique to Puerto Rican Spanish!

Some of them are: “china” meaning “orange”, “chavo” meaning “penny”, “guagua” meaning “bus”, and “wiken” meaning “weekend”. All of Puerto Rico’s glitz, glamour and glory beckon you to come quickly! So the very common Spanish question should be asked. It is “Adonde vas?” It is translated as, “Where are you going to?”

Hotels in Puerto Rico

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Hotel El Convento, San Juan

Hotel El Convento, San Juan

Guests at Hotel El Convento have a lot to enjoy apart from the luxuries of the hotel and the services of the staff. There are several interestign tourist attractions near the hotel in San Juan. Being situated at the heart of Old San Juan, Hotel El Convento has the advantage of location. A few minutes’ drive takes guests to the nearest beach, and the hotel itself is merely 8 miles away from the airport. The rooms are superbly furnished and the bathrooms have marble floors. The availability of modern gadgets in the rooms adds extra zing to your stay at Hotel El Convento.

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Doubletree by Hilton San Juan, San Juan

Doubletree by Hilton San Juan, San Juan

The hospitality of the staff at Doubletree by Hilton San Juan is well documented in the reviews of this full service hotel. The combination of comfort and luxury provided by this hotel is commendable. Airport and the famous old world district of Old San Juan are within 10 miles of the hotel.

All rooms are well furnished, and loaded with facilities like 32′ TV screens apart from the usual set of contemporary gizmos. You can order from an expansive menu and enjoy delicacies right in the comfort of your room. A fitness centre in the hotel adds value to your stay, as does the spa facility.

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Hacienda Tamarindo, Isla de Vieques

Hacienda Tamarindo, Isla de Vieques

Breathtaking views of Caribbean natural beauty are merely the beginning of the lengthy list of special features of Hacienda Tamarindo inn. Each of the 16 rooms of the inn have been designed and decorated diligently, as reflects from the art pieces and antiques used for the purpose.

A tamarind tree grows right through the building, and is as high as three storeys! A fresh water pool awaits your presence in the precincts of the inn. Your stay includes a superbly cooked breakfast. You can even rent the private villa of the inn for an added dose of luxury.

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Luquillo Sunrise Beach Inn, Luquillo

Luquillo Sunrise Beach Inn, Luquillo

If you are looking for great accommodation facilities in the north-eastern part of Puerto Rico, look no further than the Luquillo Sunrise Beach Inn. The 17 room guesthouse in the laid back town of Luquillo is situated perfectly, with the airport, the town plaza and the ocean within extremely manageable distances. The list of nearby attractions includes El Yunque National Rain Forest, kayak tours, many island locations to explore, snorkelling activities, and of course, the in-house 1500 square feet patio where you can work up a pretty nice tan.

The rooms are very spacious and fully loaded with all the necessary amenities.

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Acacia Boutique Hotel, San Juan

Acacia Boutique Hotel, San Juan

With a few steps separating it from the best beach on North Shore, this super special hotel sets your experience into the top gear right from the moment you enter the domineeringly beautiful wooden door. The Giant Jacuzzi with 18 jets is just one aspect of the luxury quotient you get on your stay at this wonderful hotel in San Juan. The restaurant in the hotel serves delicious Caribbean cuisine for its guests. There is free Wi-Fi facility as well. Truly, staying in Acacia Boutique Hotel is giving a different dimension to your Caribbean tour.

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La Concha Resort: A Renaissance Hotel, San Juan

La Concha Resort: A Renaissance Hotel, San Juan

For a truly San Juan experience, there is hardly any option that comes close to the comfort and class of the La Concha Resort. A regular feature of the list of best Caribbean resorts, this place is a hot favourite among high profile travellers to Puerto Rico. Being situated in San Juan’s most classy district, everything about the resort is splendid. It is as much an architectural marvel as a luxury accommodation facility for its guests. In house casino, as many as five great restaurants to pick from and 483 guest rooms bombarding breathtakingly beautiful scenes on the guests form a part of the experience that awaits you at La Concha Resort.

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Club Seabourne, Culebra

Club Seabourne, Culebra

Located in the hills of the mesmerizing Culebra Island and very close to the easternmost tip of Puerto Rico, Club Seabourne is pleasure unleashed! With nothing less then sheer style all around, and that too without getting pretentious, guests at the hotel admit to getting a different feel from the hospitality of the hotel. Great services, first class rooms and casual dining, apart from easy access to inviting and attractive beaches, all are part of the menu at Club Seabourne.

Hotel La Playa, Carolina

Located within a few minutes’ drive from the airport of San Juan, the hotel is almost a sandwich between two beautiful beaches, each of which is a treat to your senses. The oceanfront La Playita restaurant and bar is the place to be at if the thought of enjoying delicious food, punchy drinks, lively chatter with friends and the sights and sounds of the nearby waters interests you. The furnishing of all the rooms is great, and the bathrooms are well made too. Free breakfast is included in your stay. La Plays is an irresistible option for staying in Carolina.

Villa Tropical Oceanfront Apartments on Shacks Beach, Isabela

All the 28 apartments available for grabs from Villa Tropical Inc are located in privately owned oceanfront sites in Bajuras. You have loads to pick from. For instance, there are features like scintillating interior decoration, amazing views of the coasts, and special modern facilities.

Some of the apartments are particularly close to the popular Blue Hole Coral Reef. Some apartments have fully loaded tropical gardens and large yards, along with private swimming pools. Caribbean living scales new heights in the form of Villa Tropical Oceanfront Apartments on Shacks Beach.

Bahia Marina Condo Hotel, Culebra

Closely placed to the Caribbean Sea and a 100 acre massive natural reserve, and above a gigantic bay on a peninsula ridge is perched this popular hotel. Culebra is a tourism magnet, and the Bahia Marina Condo Hotel is a magnet in its own rights when it comes to attracting tourists. There are 16 single bedroom two bathroom suites and a dozen newly furnished villas with double bedrooms and bathrooms in the hotel. All suites and villas are well furnished and loaded with all the amenities and facilities that work to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.

Attractions in Puerto Rico

The First Attractions – Bio-Luminescent Bays – Create Light As Defense Mechanism

The fantastic “definitely not-to-be-missed” night-time attraction in Puerto Rico is without doubt the bio-luminescent bays located near Fajardo, in Vieques and Lajas. Tourists begin their enchanting night adventure with a guided kayak tour along a mangrove-filled river. The water is shallow and filled with bacteria, which is a perfect environment for protozoa. (A protozoa is a single-celled organism that moves and feeds on organic compounds of nitrogen and carbon, like an amoeba.) The protozoa uses bio-luminescence, or the creation of light, as a means of defense when disturbed, by any creature that could cause it harm – or by even a tourist swimming nearby!

Surreal Bay Adventure

When you go in the waters of the bays it is absolutely surreal! Your body takes on an “other-worldly” blue glow – like a movie scene from outer space or the deep ocean! The best time to go is on a night without any moonlight. When you swim and move your hands through the water, you will see blue light glowing and streaming around your fingers! This is a truly magical experience! Children will certainly love and cherish this “Disney-Like” natural adventure!

A Photographer’s Paradise

Photographers will “have their minds blown” when they take long and short exposure shots of this fairy-tale like spectacle at this bio-luminescent bay! It offers a myriad of creative opportunities. These different photographic exposures will create attractive blurs and ghost-like double exposures. This will further enhance the visual adventure for any experienced or professional photographer.

Vieques, Lajas & Fajardo – Locations of Bio-Luminescent Bays

Since Vieques is a separate island from Puerto Rico, some tourists may not find it convenient to travel this distance to view the spectacular luminescent bays there. If that is the case, they can go to Lajas, a sprawling fishing town, which has the most renowned bio-luminescent bay, called Phosporescent Bay (La Parguera). In Lajas, you will also find a host of food stalls and restaurants to sweeten up your taste for this tantalizing adventure.

They can see another similar bay at Fajardo, in a one-day trip to the east coast of San Juan. Fajardo is commonly referred to as “the city that guards the sun of the ribbean” (translated ‘La Metropolis del Sol Naciente’). Most of these 1 ½ hour tours cost about US$45. Combination packages with El Yunque Forest are available – which together would make a really intriguing, action-packed full day treat.

El Yunque Rain Forest – Tropical Paradise

This rainforest is special. It is the only rainforest in the Caribbean that belongs to the US Forest Service. Its highest mountain, El Toro, stands at 3,543 feet – one of the highest in Puerto Rico. Its peak is often covered in mist and brief showers. You simply must go to El Yunque – even if you are not a nature lover. It will calm your spirit. This 28,000 acre rainforest encompasses a mountain range.At every level, it will fascinate you.You will find an impressive array of biodiversity – literally thousands of intriguing, native animal and plant life. If luck favours you on the day you go, you may hear the sounds of the local Coqui tree frog, or see the Puerto Rican Parrot, which is endangered.


Host of Forest Activities

La Mina Falls
La Mina Falls

You will discover a picturesque collection of campsites and fishing spots. You will enjoy refreshing waterfalls and challenging hiking trails.La Mina waterfalls has two trails to take you there. When you get to the falls, you will have the exhilarating experience of swimming in cool, clean river water.It may rain everyday! But that will not prevent you from agreeing with the common perception that this is the Caribbean’s most famous and beautiful rainforest. Nor will it prevent you from concluding that El Yunque is one of “The Seven Natural Wonders of the Caribbean”. The 600,000 annual visitors to this rainforest continue to stream into this rainforest to appreciate its stunning beauty. You should just wear appropriate shoes and bring a raincoat so you do not miss out on what is attracting so many tourists…

Intriguing Mix of Attractions – Finest Beaches, Casinos, Golf Courses

So if you are not that excited about protozoa that light up the rivers in the nights and forests that lighten your spirits in the days, are there other attractions that can turn you on anytime in Puerto Rico? Absolutely! In 1987, Europe created a Blue Flag Program to measure the standard of beaches for international visitors. It has been adapted in the Caribbean and certifies which are the best beaches in Puerto Rico for you to enjoy. Just like in Las Vegas, you will be able to go to fancy hotels with casinos in St. Juan. Tom Kite the PGA professional teamed up with New York’s celebrity real estate mogul, Donald Trump, to create the country’s largest golf facility – The Trump International Golf Club, featuring not one, but two, 18-hole courses. Rest assured that there are 14 other championship courses you can choose from if Mr. Trump’s rates seem a little high …

High Intensity Water Sports & Deep Heritage Sites

There are a lot of interests outside of San Juan. You can also go horse back riding. Are there any more fun activities? Definitely! You can go surfing, windsurfing, parasailing, fishing, kayaking, scuba diving and festivals. A number of tour operators will even supply you with accommodations at very reasonable prices. You can mix up your tour options with a bit of heritage. In the earlier centuries, Puerto Rico was known for its production of fine coffee, sugar cane (rum and sugar) and tobacco, grown on low and high lands. Today, you can visit plantations where these popular beverages, and tobacco, are sold as souvenirs.

Arriving in the Caribbean to American Roads

We saved the best attraction for last, that is, if you love history … The last time I visited Puerto Rico, the first place I asked to see was Old San Juan. I was intransit, on my way to St. Thomas, USVI for a tourism conference in St. John, USVI. I arrived in San Juan at The Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport. I first checked my luggage onto the next airline, then asked an airport taxi to show me to see the most important historical sites of this 16th and 17th century city.The first thing that struck me about Puerto Rico was its newest aspects – the wide highways and impressive road networks. I felt like I was in Miami…. That’s close enough! The roads were definitely like America, not like the Caribbean …

Old San Juan – A Treasure Trove of Heritage Attractions

My journey back in time was not disappointing. Old San Juan is actually on a tiny, slender island, about 35 miles from the eastern section of Puerto Rico. It is joined to the mainland by three bridges: Puente Dos Hermanos, Puente G. Esteves and Puento Dan Antoinio. The most intriguing historical features were the narrow, blue cobblestone streets and its flat-roofed brick and stone buildings.But many of them were painted and in good condition. In 1533, La Fortelza, this fortress built to defend the San Juan Harbour from naval challenges to Spain’s ownership of Puerto Rico. In 1983, it was declared a UNESC0 World Heritage Site. Today, it is the official residence of the Governor of Puerto Rico.

Major Cities – Puerto Rico


The second largest city in Puerto Rico, affectionately referred to as the ‘Pearl of the South’ and the ‘City of Lions,’ Ponce is a green mark on the tourism map of Puerto Rico. People with even the faintest interest in architecture would know about the glorious neoclassical buildings and facades of Ponce; however, the city is a lot more than an architectural paradise. The downtown Plaza de las Delicias is a must visit and its impressive fountains and cathedral are sure to make you stop as you try to pass by. The sight seeing menu of places around the plaza is pretty special and features heavyweights like Parque de Bombas, a century old wooden firehouse and Casa Alcaldía (city hall), a colonial building with its roots back in history dating to the 1840s. And of course, there is the world renowned Ponce Museum of Art that is worth all the hype that the local guides build around it. “La Guancha Paseo Tablado” broadwalk is another suggested destination in Ponce, and you’ll have more than sufficient options to explore the city from here.


You might not need any second invitations when you are told that Rincon is Puerto Rico’s special treasure of beaches. The scenes of emerald hills overlooking the turquoise waters of Caribbean beaches are colourful enough to belittle any grand canvases. Tourism is special in Rincon, and this means that tourists have special interests in visiting this lively and hospitable city. To get up close and personal with real nature and island living, Rincon is the ideal destination in Puerto Rico. Swimmers, divers and snorkelers, all have loads to look forward to in Rincon. The beaches are great, and the evenings are all the more fun filled as live bands take over and paint the air with their cheerful beats. Beachside dining also provides exciting moments in Rincon. The locals are brimming with joy, and would gladly offer you help and advice on the best ways to explore the real Puerto Rico beauty in Rincon.

San Juan

San Juan, Puerto Rico

The land that plays host to world famous tourism magnets like Luquillo Mountains and El Yunque National Forest of Puerto Rico, San Juan is arguably the most popular city in Puerto Rico when it comes to providing a four course tourism treat to travellers. This beautiful part of Puerto Rico is Ideal for all categories of tourists, right from those looking for adventures to those seeking the well known relaxing Caribbean vibes. The trails of El Yunque are challenging and beautiful at the same time, perfectly suited for hikers and naturalists. The singing of the millions of inch sized Coqui frogs is another unique experience that you take back with you from San Juan. There are so many sight seeing options that you might have to plan out your excursions to visit only those that qualify your parameters and conditions. Of course, being a tourism hotspot means that San Juan has several luxurious resorts and inexpensive hotels to accommodate travellers. And then, there are some special dining and shopping options that await your presence in San Juan.



There are many names for the wonderful city of Aguadilla, and all these have different meanings. However, the most indicative description is captured by Guadiya, meaning garden. The Crash Boat is a popular spot among surfers, and all those who liek to spend some time in clear water. The wilderness of the location adds to the spice. Parque Acuático Las Cascadas is another renowned attraction in Aguadilla for tourists. This is a contemporary aquatic theme park offering stunning sights of the bay of the town as well as the neighbouring Desecheo islet. Plaza de Recreo and the old church opposite which it is situated are both popular visiting spots in the city. An underground water source, called Ojo de Agua also manages to attract visitors who have interest in the history of the place. The only ice skating facility in the Caribbean is also located in this city. The 1889 built Punta Borinquen Lighthouse adds to the dose of history about the city. Cabo Rojo

Cabo Rojo

Rojo actually connotes something to do with red colour, and the name suits the city pretty well because of the fact that the immense mineral deposits in the coasts lent a red hue to the waters. The city was founded in 1771, and has since then made slow but sure progress to emerge as a visible presence on the tourism circuits. Among the several attractions for tourists in the city are amazing beach coves, the limestone cliffs of Los Morrillos, several acres of dry forest area, caves that are famed to have been the hiding spots of nefarious Caribbean pirates in the past, and great sights of the setting sun. Of course, there is loads of sea food to be tries in the restaurants and eateries of Cabo Rojo. Driving around the city is an enjoyable experience as you watch forest areas and oceanic views all around.

Culebra Island

Culebra Island
Culebra Island

Approachable by air from San Juan, and by water from the east coast, Culebra Island is known among naturalists for its old bird refuge. Even otherwise, the place is well endowed with flora and fauna. In fact, Culebra Island is one of the two U.S. nesting sites for giant sea turtles. The Culebrita Beach near Culebra is guarded by beautiful and shining white sands, and the visibility in water is enough to make any diver dance with joy. The Culebrita Lighthouse also manages to attract eyeballs. Luis Pena is the second largest cay near Culebra, and home so several sand lined beaches. There are great snorkelling opportunities up for grabs around here. The Marejada Beach, sometimes referred to as the Turtle Watch Beach also qualifies as a site worth visiting in Culebra Island.

Shopping in Puerto Rico

Shopping is definitely a healthy pie in your plate when you hit the charming cities of Puerto Rico. There is jewellery to get for your beloved, arts and crafts to honour your home museums, and of course, some local designs in apparel to add to your wardrobe. With this, there is a lot more to shop for in Puerto Rico, and this article enables you to have a sneak peak at what awaits you in the streets, shops and malls of Puerto Rico.

Rincon Pottery, Rincon

The lush greens of Cruces, Rincón on the west coast of Puerto Rico play home to a great place for all shoppers, and this is the Rincon Pottery. This working studio is an authentic taste of Puerto Rico’s rural side, just 2.5 km away from San Juan. Hand building demonstrations are particularly good, and a strongly recommended activity for those interested in the art. There are some really cool and impressive pottery exhibitions that silently look forward to your visit and appreciation.

Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, San Juan

For regional as well as international art pieces, there is hardly any more renowned place than Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico of San Juan. Hardcore art enthusiasts would already know about the fame of this place, but even the not-so-informed tourists have loads of incentives for visiting this art treasure. You are guaranteed of a fulfilling experience in all aspects at Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico. Truly, Puerto Rican and Latin American art find their worthwhile home in this museum.

Paradise Scuba and Snorkeling Center

Watch out for this little pocket sized dynamite of a shop on the main road that leads to La Paguera as the moment you step inside, you’ll have a tough time getting out because of the riveting shopping experience that you treat yourself to in Paradise Scuba and Snorkeling Center. Luis, the shop’s owner, is committed to the customers and their convenience, so you can be certain that you become immune to getting ripped off while shopping when you choose to do it here.

Spicy Caribbee, San Juan

Just in case your friends back home don’t consider souvenirs as worthy presents, you might want to consider a visit to Spicy Caribbee in San Juan to get them some super cool and delicious stuff from this wonderful land. Tropical jams, coffee and a lot more; there is enough to keep you busy and interested inside the gates of Spicy Caribbee. Sheer deliciousness is unleashed on you as you step in, and the shopping experience here naturally becomes special. The spices and sauces of Spicy Caribbee are definitely worth your attention.

Caribbean Trading Company Store, El Yunque National Forest

The real Puerto Rican vibes might not always be found in the old bazaars of the cities. The Caribbean Trading Company Store lends weight to this assertion, and does that in style. Sincerely designed experiences for customers are what are sold here. The cigars are special, and so are some of the souvenirs that you can purchase for your pals back home. The prices of the stuff sold here are really competitive, and you might save yourself from shopping disasters by doing some of it here.

Restaurants – Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican Cuisine

The Sandbox Custom Burgers, Bar & Grill, Boqueron

Looking for gourmet custom burgers? Look no further than The Sandbox Custom Burgers. If you are picky about your burgers and settle for nothing less than the perfect custom made bite, this is the place for you. Stuffed burgers with BBQ ribs, bacon and more stuff, and then seasoned with melted cheddar cheese, plus pickles of your choice are up for grabs at this wonderful place. Apart from this, there are other mouth watering propositions such as fried chicken, fried shrimp, etc. The dining area and the bar area are separate. You could go for the burger legend in the classic bacon and cheese burger, or something unique in the form of Prosciutto & Manchego Stuffed Burger.

Ay Bonito! Grill, Luquillo

To soak yourself in pure local vibes, get on to Ay Bonito and be a part of the food celebrations. The drinks (especially the mojitos), appetizers and the full course meal are all world class in taste and quality. Ay Bonito lets you feel a truly Caribbean taste, and this taste transcends the walls of the plate and absorbs with the overall atmosphere of the eatery. The staff here is extremely helpful and friendly, and would love to suggest a dish suiting your tastes and moods. Do not miss out on Ay Bonito if you are nearby, even if the visit is for an appetizer.

Marmalade Restaurant & Wine Bar, San Juan

You might not be too well versed with Napa Valley cuisine, but it sure is worth your teeth, tongue and taste buds. Marmalade Restaurant blends tastes from different quarters, and the result is a menu full of dishes that can set your taste buds sizzling any day of the week. This place has featured in the toppers’ list of some of the world’s most celebrated and revered food, drinks and lifestyle magazines. Wine lovers have a glass of choicest wine and ambience to match it in the Wine Bar. You can really make your visit to San Juan special by planning out a dinner at this amazing restaurant.

Vejigante, Luquillo

Vejigante is the perfect place to unwind after some hours of high voltage fun at Luquillo Beach. Start with drinks, and make it a point to order for food as early as possible as the chef here is no hurry to bang a plate on your table, taking proper time instead to ensure the best quality of food. The mojitos here are particularly good, and most dishes on the menu make the cut any time. Monfongo with shrimp is special among specials here. There is a happy vibe tot he place that adds to pleasure of eating here. This is certainly worth a visit if you happen to be anywhere nearby.

Cafe Cuatro Sombras, San Juan

If you know and love your coffee, Cafe Cuatro Sombras is for you. Yauco Mountains make there way to this kitchen where they end up powering a whole menu of amazing coffees. Like every great cafe, Cafe Cuatro Sombras has a friendly, cheerful and knowledgeable staff, so in case the menu has you confused, ask for a suggestion and you’ll be fine. Mocha Frappe is a popular drink here, and so is the iced latte. You can hang around here in the evening with friends and have a delightful time sipping away at finely made coffee and chattering away with pals.

Night Spots in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is the land of unlimited enjoyment, and you can definitely let the darkness of the night complement your escapades into the different cities of this place. This article introduces you to some of the well known hang outs and worth visiting places in Puerto Rico, especially suited for visiting when the lights of the world are out!

Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, San Juan

It surely is a sight to behold the magnificent building of the museum under the artificial lighting systems that accentuate its beauty in the night. The building is spread over a huge 130,000 square feet, each foot of which is dedicated to some aspect of the Puerto Rico’s history and art forms. Time spent inside this world renowned museum is a date with authentic culture and history. The super special garden of the museum is a naturalist’s delight, and can turn a disinterested person into an appreciator of plants and flowers! Also, there is an overwhelmingly beautiful 400 seat theatre here.

El Farolito, San Juan

If the thought of gobbling arguably the world’s best carnitas, head over to El Farolito and you’ll not have to regret the decision. Great food is one way to light up your night in San Juan, and El Farolito certainly makes the cut when it comes to serving some well made and irresistible food. Enjoy Puerto Rico’s flavours here and get close to the real cuisine of this place. The prices are remarkably inexpensive, and this certainly adds to the reputation of this wonderful restaurant. The service is super fast, and the staff is courteous. This surely is a great place to have a late dinner in the night time.

Al’s Mar Azul, Isla de Vieques

It doesn’t get any better than this for a fun filled night. With the great Anglo-Hispanic decor and mesmerising sights and sounds of the Isabel Segunda harbour, coupled with in house activities like darts and slots add different dimensions to your experience of Al’s Mar Azul. Pina coladas have been the hot favourites from quite some time at the bar here, but you can check out some other cool combinations as well. Key Lime Pie is a must try at Al’s Mar Azul. The bar is itself a must visit for anybody going to Isla de Vieques.

Nuyorican Cafe, San Juan

To enjoy live band performances along with the usual feel good cafe experience, Nuyorican Cafe is the perfectly suited place for you. There is a undeniable and lovely Old San Juan feel to the place, and that certainly is the unique selling proposition for this cafe. The prices are sensible, and the interiors are good too. There is more than snacks and drinks to Nuyorican Cafe, and music is more than a mere add-on. Head to Nuyorican Cafe for a certified Puerto Rican feeling and experience.

Mamacitas Restaurant and Bar, Culebra

If bars and restaurants with their signature personalities impress you, Mamacitas Resaurant and Bar is the perfect place to be in for you. Caribbean dining traditions mix well with casual lifestyle here, and the result is an unforgettable experience that will stay with you for a long time. The sauces and desserts are special, and so are the rest of the items on the menu. The bar experience is all the more exciting as you get into interesting conversations with interesting people, and enjoy some crazy cocktails in the process.

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