Martinique Travel

Surrounded on the west by the vast Caribbean Sea and guarded by the fascinating Atlantic Ocean on the east, Martinique is a Caribbean island that derives everything special that proximity to the world’s largest water bodies can endow on an island. Your tour to Dominica and St. Lucia provides the perfect opportunity to check out this amazing little island and get close to another aspect of the mesmerizing Caribbean culture.

Hikers find their personal heaven in Martinique, with the coastal rain forest trails between Grand Rivière and Le Prêcheur qualifying as the most popular one. Mount Pelee also joins the list of breathtaking hiking trails courtesy the steep climb up the volcanic peak that hikers have to go through. There are several other options for sports and adventure lovers in Martinique, and these are in terms of the vast golf courses, tennis courts and wind surfing areas that are constantly buzzed up with travelers. For those looking to soak in the cultural breeze of Martinique, there is hardly anything that comes close to the charms of Fort-de-France with all its amazing and intriguing cathedrals. The historic Fort Saint Louis invites visitors to travel back in time and have a look at the architecture of the bygone eras. And then, there are a couple of museums in the vicinity that host exhibits of the rich history of Martinique. St. Pierre hosts a volcano museum, a visit to which is bound to intrigue and dazzle you.

Beaches in Martinique

You surely do not want to miss out on a jazz party or two at Cotton Club on the Anse Mitan beach in Martinique, and thankfully, there are a couple of more pretty cool hangouts where you can dance and drink to your heart’s content. The Le Zénith is your getaway in case you wish to unleash yourself on Martinique in the company of some cool locals who would not mind accompanying you in your wild dance moves. The dim lights and the stunning music playing at Top 50 in Trinité is bound to be ample reason for you to let go of all inhibitions and indulge in some serious nightlife fun on our Martinique tour.
Adding flavor to fragrance is the fact that Martinique has an extensive roadway transport network, which makes sure that your journey is comfortable and less tiresome. Bus and jeep tours are especially popular among the people, as they are available at pretty affordable prices. If you are visiting Martinique for the first time, you can consult online tourist directories for some helpful resources. They will guide you through, and help you in pinpointing the best hotels for a comfortable stay and great food. Last but not the least, the rich and culture of the place will take your touring experience to new levels, and immerse your soul in complete delight and ultimate pleasure. Truly, Martinique is an absolute cocktail of culture, beaches, adventure, sports, shopping, nightlife and sight seeing.

Martinique Hotels and Resorts

Despite the fact that you’d want to spend as much time as possible seeing the various attractions of Martinique, you can take the vacation’s pleasure on to the next level by booking for stay at one of the better known hotels here. This article introduces you to some really special hotels and resorts in Martinique.

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La Suite Villa, Trois-Ilets

La Suite Villa, Trois-Ilets

You do not need to look for all your credit cards to book for a comfortable and luxurious living in Martinique. La Suite Villa in Trois-Ilets is a fine 4 star facility that brings together some cool amenities for its guests with the eternal charm of affordability for the luxury seekers. The infinity pool makes sure that you do not have a dull moment at any time of the day. The surroundings are magnetic and covered with greenery and colors of all sorts of flowers. The two level suites of La Suite Villa come with spas and unbelievably attractive views of Fort-de-France. The traditional Creole styling of the villa also contributes to the charm factor.

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Le Cap Est Lagoon Resort & Spa, Le Francois

Le Cap Est Lagoon Resort & Spa, Le Francois

Le Francois has some pretty reputed resorts, and Le Cap Est Lagoon Resort & Spa qualifies as one on the list. The menu of amenities that guests get with their stay at Le Cap Est Lagoon Resort & Spa is pretty expansive and is marked with the presence of a full service spa. The bar lounge too adds great value to the activities you can indulge in while at Le Cap Est Lagoon Resort & Spa. The resort also boasts of two restaurants offering delicious food in fine ambiance. The guestrooms of the resort open through balconies with sea views. Of course, the plasma TVs with satellite channels help keeping the entertainment going.

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Le Domaine Saint Aubin

Le Domaine Saint Aubin

If mesmerizing views of the Atlantic manage to give you a thrill, you could well consider staying at Le Domaine. Once a 19th century Creole plantation house, the hotel is today a restored facility of accommodation with several great rooms. The newest rooms come with a deliberately antiquated sense of style to bring home the perfect vacation spirit. The 2009 built two bedroom flats come with four poster beds to lay the foundation of the best sleep sessions of your life. The restaurant of the hotel is elegant to say the least. Le Domaine puts together a complete and satisfying experience for its guests.

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Karibea Corail Residence, Sainte-Luce

Karibea Corail Residence, Sainte-Luce

Close to the market town of Saint Luce is the Karibea Corail Residence which provides you with some serene beauty in the form of the splendid views of the calm sea. The water activities in and around the region make this a cool place to stay at. The white sand views from the rooms are breathtaking and the residence is in itself pretty comfortable.

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Hotel La Pagerie, Trois-Ilets

Hotel La Pagerie, Trois-Ilets

There is a distinct brightness about everything inside La Pagerie, and this brightness is addictive! You will soon be lost in the bright colors of the hotel. The rooms are spacious, and this means that you have that extra space to exploit and live comfortably while in La Pagerie. The guest rooms are Wi-Fi powered, so you’ll stay connected to your pals and will be able to upload all the great pictures you click in the hotel and the surroundings. So, are you ready for the hospitality and warm comforts that await you in hotel La Pagerie?

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Domaine de l’Anse Ramier, Trois-Ilets

Domaine de l'Anse Ramier, Trois-Ilets

The six studios of Domaine de l’Anse Ramier are situated in a place of tranquillity and serene beauty. The 14 hectares of greenery with the beach nearby are specially suited for private living in Trois-Ilets. You will simply fall in love with the views you will get from the windows of your room. Truly, this is the place you want to be in for a stay in Martinique in the lap of the natural beauty that the region is so famous for. All units of this 3 star hotel come with kitchens and facilities like refrigerators and coffee makers. You also have a pretty cool dining option with the restaurant of the hotel. Domaine de l’Anse Ramier is a really cool combination of peace and comfort.

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Le Panoramic, Trois-Ilets

Le Panoramic, Trois-Ilets

You won’t have to go too far from the airport of Trois-Ilets to find a fine place of accommodation with a good mix of beautiful surroundings and modern facilities. The rooms of the apartments have a homely feel to them in the sense they are absolutely complete in serving your needs of comfort. The kitchens are well equipped. The bathrooms are pretty clean, as well. You can depend upon the staff to attend to all your needs. The setting of the place is great too, and the steep drive to the gate is something that will make you happy! All in all, Le Panoramic is the place you can rely on for hassle free casual living with all comforts that you get in your own home.

Le Marouba, Le Carbet

The facility is thriving in an environment of the most stunning beauty you can hope to see with tropical trees and a long beach side. The Flamboyant Restaurant of the hotel could not have been named any better as you feel a sense of vigour as soon you step inside. The rooms bring colonial styling to the fore and most of them have a balcony. The nearby beach has deck chairs where you can relax for as long as you feel like. You can actually add a different flavour to your Martinique vacation by booking at a place like La Marouba, a perfect assortment of beauty and comfort.

Club Med Buccaneer’s Creek, Sainte-Anne

Located in the south eastern Martinique territory, Club Med Buccaneer’s Creek combines the authenticity of Creole culture with modern amenities to come up as a perfect destination for those seeking a stay to remember in the Saint-Anne region. The 289 guest rooms in the bungalows are loaded with all facilities that you can look for in a contemporary accommodation facility.

Martinique – Major Towns

Martinique forms an integral part of the four Caribbean islands that are essentially French. English is not something that will get you through here, so be assured of a completely French affair on your vacation in Martinique. The island provides you some unforgettable experiences like the contemporary styles of Fort-de-France and the eternal French dining sessions of the swanky restaurants of some other cities of Martinique. That said, it would be a sin to miss out on Fort-de-France and Saint Pierre if you have even the slightest of opportunity to visit here.

Fort de France

Fort de France

The city of Fort-de-France has seen a lot since the time of its being in 1638 around Fort Saint-Louis. Today, the city is the capital of Martinique and a favorite among tourists who converge on these Caribbean parts to enjoy unforgettable times of infinite enjoyment with their friends and family members. Tourism is all about soaking in the local flavours of the place you visit and enjoying them to the fullest. And this certainly holds true for a visit to a vibrant place such as Fort-de-France.

Upon arriving via the sea route, visitors can hardly fight off the feeling of being overwhelmed by the beauty of the massive church steeples against the mountains that form the backdrop. The best part of Fort-de-France is its buzzing lifestyle. The roads are never without numerous walking shadows across them. Traffic can often become a little too much to handle; but certainly, the contribution of the hustle and bustle of the roads and streets to the dynamic personality of this city offsets the little annoyance. The markets of Fort-de-France are really special and worth a special mention here. The scents coming from makeshift eateries mingle well with the cheerful call outs from the shopkeepers and the cocktail provides a powerful addiction to all visitors. When not in the marketplace, tourists can amuse themselves by getting guided tours to the well preserved historical artifacts and monuments of the city of Fort-de-France.

Saint Pierre

St Pierre Martinique

Beauty comes with more than a latent French styling in Saint Pierre. The town has seen some torrid times in the ‘not too distant’ past with the destruction caused by the eruption of Mount Pelee in 1902. However, this has not inhibited the efforts of resettlement of the town which manages to attract tourism today. The town’s breathtaking waterfront is a fine invitation to tourists. The black sand beaches too manage to excite some vacationers. You can consider renting a car when in Saint Pierre and driving off to Macouba, a small village on the island’s north side with some special views of neighbouring Dominica and the expansive sea. The J.M. Distillery that comes in the way provides a nice break to the travelling and serves as a place where you can soak in some history and click some cool photographs. The Galleria also provides some entertainment, especially for those who can find solace in shopping. French chains have some outlets here, and this adds to the popularity of the place.

Martinique Restaurants

Great food is the only thing that can make even a dull and dreary vacation come to life. Just imagine the good you can do to your vacation to a place as happening as Martinique by adding on to the fun by eating out at places known for their cuisine. This article provides you all the information you will need to plan out your evening snacks and drinks along with special dinners while on vacation in Martinique.

La Cave a Vin, Fort-de-France

How about a dinner beginning with a goat cheese salad? La Cave a Vins is your destination for classic French cuisine in Fort-de-France. When in Rome, you’ve got to eat the way Romans do! Check out duck breasts with foie grass stuffing and enter a world of crazy flavours. What’s special about this restaurant is the fact that there is a distinct local touch to the spices and flavors. Ring the bell and enter a restaurant that will register itself on your minds forever.

Chez Carole, Fort-de-France

A dining experience is a lot more than just food, and nobody realizes this important fact better than Carole Michel, the friendly lady at Chez Carole. The place is easily missed due to its modest size, but you can be guaranteed that you will do well with a large empty stomach to help you gulp down everything within reach at this little paradise of an eating place. Local homely cooking of Martinique is unmatched, and there is hardly any better place than Fort-de-France’s covered market to splurge on these wonderful flavors.

Le Nomade, Trois-Ilets

The attention to detail and the dynamic menu cards of this restaurant are already popular among locals, and there is every reason for tourists to fall in love with Le Nomade. The restaurant faces the Bay of Anse Mitan and offers great food with great sights. Apart from this deadly combination to tantalize you, there is the wonderful assortment of spices in the form of the snacks and dishes on the menu of Le Nomade. Get ready for a pampering experience for your taste buds as you head off to this classy restaurant. Of course, the reasonable price tags with the delectable dishes also contribute to the experience you have at Le Nomade.

Lili’s Beach Bar, Fort-de-France

Lili’s is a palatable ode to the alluring French Riviera and among the coolest new partying spots in Martinique. The head chef here knows a thing or two about surprising guests with new stuff on the menu and doing it really well. The ambience is amazing, and the food is even more special. Really, this is not the one to be missed out upon.

Le Paradisio, Sainte-Anne

The menu at this cool restaurant ranges from adventurous to authentic French, and goes through several cuisine milestones through the journey. The decor is pretty different from the usual offering at restaurants. Paradisio serves you great food, in great atmosphere, at prices that do not stress your pockets out! It does not get any better!

Martinique Nightlife

Martinique can be a really interesting place at night times. There are close to a dozen places that can actually be relied upon for entertaining moments after the sun sets. Other night time attractions include bars and discos. Some invite local DJs to make the guests go crazy dancing all night long whereas others stick to the more conservative arrangements of jazz nights. Like with most small places, the best bet is to hit a bar with a gang of friends and enjoy some wild chatter in the backdrop of the dizzying lights of the inside and the dimming lights of the outside. This article might prove useful when you set out in the evening with thoughts of staying out for the night in Martinique.

Karaoke Cafe, Fort-de-France

Karaoke Cafe is, without a shadow of a doubt, right at the top of the list of good places in Martinique to hang out in and around. The bar boasts of a casual and relaxed atmosphere that will instantly get you sprung up in the holidaying spirit. Make sure that you don’t go wild in your dressing sense when you go here. Karaoke Cafe is certainly not a place to be missed when you are in Fort-de-France. There is hardly any other place that gets counted like Karaoke Cafe when you talk of a place that gives you all that you need from a night time hangout.

Au Grilladin Brasil, Trois Ilets

Restaurants in Martinique contribute a lot towards making the place acceptable for night time adventure seekers here. Several renowned restaurants arrange for live music entertainment, especially on weekends. Au Grilladin is best when it serves its delicious food with melodious music, and the weekends are generally the ideal times to celebrate in here. Look out for any news of a live music performance when you are around and plan out an extended dinner session here to add some spice to your night life in Martinique. The combiantion fo terrifically cooked food and well presented music as as good as it gets, aprticularly for those looking for mellow celebrations of the night times.

Batelière Plaza Casino, Shoelcher

Martinique is not the place that will disappoint you on any front. There are cool bars and amazing restaurants to let you enjoy the after dark hours in Martinique, and there are provisions for rthose who would rather risk some money in a casino than try out a disco party. Batelière Plaza casino in Shoelcher is the place to be in for the casino freaks. Whether you want to see the roulette wheel spin or wish to get the perfect combination on the slot machine, Batelière Plaza is there for you. The atmosphere here is simply electric and you will not be able to forget your experience here ever! So get you act together and take your gang to this cool casino.

Martinique Attractions

Martinique is as popular with tourists as any Caribbean island, and there is definitely a lot to be gained from some preliminary check into the worthwhile attractions to visit while you are in the middle of your dream Caribbean vacation here. This article shortlists a few wonderful tourism magnets of Martinique that deserve your time.

Balata Gardens, Fort-de-France

Balata Gardens, Fort-de-France

Called the ‘Isle of Flowers’, Balata Gardens easily qualify as one of the best sights on offer in Martinique. The number of rare species of flora one can observe here is simply staggering. This place is, without a shadow of a doubt, the paradise of colors for anybody interested in nature and particularly flowers. You will get to see over 300 different variants of palm trees in these gardens. The Balata Gardens’ satellite shop at Martinique Airport is also worth a mention here, as you can get hold of some really unique flowers from here.

La Savane des Esclaves, Trois-Ilets

La Savane des Esclaves might just be a little demanding on you, at least in terms of the French required to strike good deals with the numerous shopkeepers looking to sell you their cool stuff. This place shall serve as a great souvenir shopping place, so your pals back home have huge stakes in your decision to go here! A stroll of the grounds will do you some good. There are some really fine spots for photographers, but none match the excitement that the seemingly vandalized statue of Empress Josephine creates among tourists. Legend has it that the lady was instrumental in persuading Napoleon into extending the era of slavery in the region. All in all, La Savane des Esclaves is definitely worth some time.

St. Louis Cathedral, Fort-de-France

St. Louis Cathedral still stands tall and dictates its tale of as many as six renovations. Architecture fans have a lot to look up to from a visit to the St. Louis Cathedral mainly because of its unusual architecture and strange history. The grounds have the bodies of Martinique governors resting in peace underneath.

Mont Pelee, Fort-de-France

Saint Pierre

From adventures like walking one mile from the parking lot to the active volcano to almost bizarre attempts at scaling the sides of the volcano, there is a whole menu of amazing activities lined up for you at Mont Pelee. The foot of the mountain is covered with banana plantations that catch the fancy of photographers. The area has quite a few waterfalls and forests, so there is no dearth of fulfilling adventurous activities for you here. The volcano is almost an hour’s drive away from Fort-de-France, and makes for a cool change from the capital city. A day trip to Mont Pelee is something well worth a detailed consideration for anybody in Fort-de-France.

Habitation Anse Latouche, Le Carbet

Habitation Anse Latouche, Le Carbet

There is a lot of history to be explored in and about Habitation Anse-Latouche. One of the first plantations to be founded in Martinique, these ruins extend on both sides of the Anse-Latouche River. Jean Philippe Thoze designed a lovely walk around the old and dismantled sugar factory. The plantation also plays host to a variety of traditional crops such as indigo and sugarcane.

Martinique Shopping Locations

Shopping is always a great activity to indulge in, especially while you are on a vacation. The French West Indian quarters of Martinique present some pretty cool shopping expeditions where you get to meet with the locals and purchase some memorable stuff in the process. French perfumes are in abundance here and you will find it hard to resist the temptation of purchasing quite a few bottles, both for gifting and personal use. Designer clothes and fashion accessories are also attractive options when it comes to shopping in Martinique. Apart from these, you’ll love to come closer to the paintings and sculptures made by local Martinique artists. The art galleries of Martinique prove to be interesting places in this context. This article takes you to some shopping spots in Martinique where you can safely indulge in carefree shopping.

Galerie Couleurs Locales, Les Anses d’Arlet

This place is an art lover’s paradise. If you wish to enjoy some art shopping, there is every reason for you to check out Galerie Couleurs Locales with all its wonderful colors and canvasses. The scenes of Martinique dance in front of your eyes as you behold the craftily made paintings and engravings. The prices are extremely reasonable and facilitate carefree shopping. Carry a large empty shopping bag with you! Not only can a painting from this place add to the decor of your house, you could also buying one for a special friend back at home.

Galleria Commercial Center, Le Lamentin

The rural vibes of Martinique that can prove to be so alluring at most times take a backseat when it comes to shopping at Galleria in Le Lamentin. The mall qualifies as one of the largest in the entire Caribbean and features renowned French chains of the likes of Kookai, Bouche B, Morgan, and Alain Manoukian, and Bonjour Paris. This is one place you just can’t afford to miss out on while in Martinique as the Galleria throws in a touch of class to the shopping experience here.

Rue Victor Hugo, Fort-de-France

Rue Victor Hugo is where you want to be in Fort-de-France with the thoughts of a wholesome shopping expedition on your minds. You almost feel like being in a fascinating marketplace of Persia, and you might just get yourself a magical little deal with one of the charming shopkeepers conducting business in this area. From clothes and fashion accessories of the highest quality and most stunning designs to pure and simple flowers, there is so much to look around and purchase here that you can spend as much time as you want without getting bored! Rue Victor Hugo also plays home to some open air cafes that shall provide you with a refreshing snack and cup of coffee to refresh your spirits after a tiring shopping session.

Centre des Metiers d’Art, Fort-de-France

Martinique is a place that puts together some special experiences for travellers, and the best way to etch these memories on the mind for a long time is to get some nice souvenirs from a reputed place. Centre des Metiers d’Art is one such place that offers stuff like coral jewellery, sculptures, pottery and Creole dolls for you to take back home as remembrances of the wonderful times you have in Martinique.