Caribbean Travel: Grenada

Caribbean Travel: Grenada

Caribbean Travel: Grenada

From what has been historically known as an island of hurricanes and foreign invasions, Grenada has come to be known as the land of serene beaches seasoned with white and smooth sands. The islands of the country, including Grenada itself constitute a very popular tourist destination of the Caribbean region. Like all Caribbean gems, the islands of Grenada are bestowed with eye popping beauty. The small and high peaks are all carpeted with dense greenery and forest cover. The towns are all firmly in touch with their history, despite being rich with the modern tourism facilities.

Among the many charming locations in Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique deserve special mentions. These islands are custom made tourism hotspots for all those who like the thoughts of being at an island cut off from the rest of the world, and in the lap of the ocean. Both these islands are endowed with rich natural beauty and lush greenery, and are becoming the most eagerly visited spots in Grenada. Carriacou is not the biggest island around Grenada, but certainly loaded with all the features that make the bigger islands stand out as tourism magnets. Petit Martinique gives visitors the amazing feeling of being cut off from the rest of the world and provides the perfect setting to get int ouch with the inner self. The weather in and around Grenada remains charmingly warm and sunny from January to April, and maintains its hospitality for the remaining months as well. The lovely weather is an amazing addition to the natural beauty of the islands of Grenada.

To get up close and personal with the colonial charms of the Caribbean, head straight to St. George. The place is an absolute rainbow of all shades of Caribbean culture. A day spent in St George is nothing short of a comprehensive summary of the whole of the Caribbean region. And considering the size of the island, you might just need more than a day to enjoy the vibes of St. George to the fullest. Grenada is best enjoyed with a dash of rum, and this warrants a visit to the rum distilleries of Grenville, a rather laid back town of Grenada that is a perfect replica of the Grenada of the old times. One can easily come across guided tours to the communities of nutmeg growers of Grenville and get a chance to enjoy the hospitality of the locals. And there is loads to cheer about for wildlife lovers, as Grenada’s La Sagesse Nature Centre is a store house and preservation centre for the rich local fauna and a natural playground for several species.

The Grand Anse beach is a heaven of sand and water and a perfect example of the beauty of Grenada. The underwater art gallery at Moliniere Bay is a wonder in itself, in the sense that the corals and statues combine to create an irresistibly attractive sense of pleasure for visitors. Carriacou’s Anse La Roche beach is populates with sea turtles that do not mind accompanying you in a quick swim session. It is a pleasure to listen to some local reggae musicians on a party evening at the beaches of Grenada while enjoying the local delicacy called ‘oil down.’ Truly, Grenada is a perfect island destination that can serve as your dream vacation spot.

Hotels in Grenada

The quality of the service and facilities at the resort and hotel you stay in during your vacation to Grenada has a heavy bearing on the pleasure quotient you will ultimately associate with the tour, so it makes sense to do a little prior research before deciding upon the final destination you would be checking in at. Grenada’s resorts are as good as any in the Caribbean and offer all the facilities and amenities one would associate with a top league accommodation option anywhere in the world. There is a flair about these resorts that adds a new flavour to your vacation. You will fall in love with the water sports activities that you get with these resorts and high end hotels. Here is a little introduction to a few of them.

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The Calabash Hotel, St. George’s

The Calabash Hotel, St. George's

Apart from the proximity to the fascinating Prickly Bay Beach AND Grande Anse Beach, there is a world of features about this place that make staying here an absolute pleasure for all your senses. The hotel has 2 restaurants, so there is no dearth of quality food in good environment. The beach bar and the other bar cater to your specific thirsts all day long. Of course, there are tennis courts, massage rooms and several other contemporary pampering facilities that make vacations such a delectable experience.

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Maca Bana, St. George’s

Maca Bana, St. George's

If the thought of living close to the ocean manages to give you some thrills, Maca Bana Villas might just be the ideal place for you. The two bedroom and one bedroom villas are artistically designed and pretty comfortable. The surroundings are different shades of green. The infinity edge pool in the middle of the estate also adds to the value you get from your stay here.

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Spice Island Beach Resort, St. George’s

Spice Island Beach Resort, St. George's

The tropical gardens surrounding the resort and the beachfront, garden and pool suites here are as much a massage to the sense of beauty of humans as a benchmark for the concept of luxury. The food served in the resort’s restaurant attracts visitors throughout the year. The serene spa seals the case by taking you to a new world of relaxation. The beachfront suites are particularly popular with their private lawns and terraces.

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Laluna, St. George’s

Laluna, St. George's

For a truly unforgettable experience of Caribbean luxury and hospitality, there is hardly any place better than Laluna. The 16 cottages are right in the lap of multi dimensional nature. You get all colours and flavours of beauty right throughout your stay at Laluna’s cottages. Without a doubt, this is among the most beautiful and visually appealing accommodation option one can hope to find in the Caribbean.

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Lance Aux Epines Cottages, St. George’s

Lance Aux Epines Cottages, St. George's

Family vacations require you to look for spacious rooms, and that is what you get with this place. The living is comfortable in all respects. The sea is close by and the water levels are perfect for swimming. There is a homely feel about the place, and this will go down well with a lot of vacationers. For living in a home away from your home, this might just be the ideal place for you. Get down to the Lance Aux Epines Cottages and engross yourself in casual Caribbean living. The experiences awaiting you in the water of the sea are definitely going to be memorable moments that you’ll cherish forever, all courtesy this accommodation option.

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Le Phare Bleu Marina & Resort, Petite Calivigny Bay

Le Phare Bleu Marina & Resort, Petite Calivigny Bay

The surroundings of Petite Calivigny Bay definitely help build and maintain an impressive and charming aura about this place. With just a fifteen minutes’ drive separating the airport and this resort, there are some pretty logical reasons for you to consider this as an accommodation option. Like all major and renowned resorts do this one too has an interesting mix of comforts and luxuries, The prices are pretty reasonable, and this adds more value to your experience here. Definitely, this place qualifies as one worthy bet for a family vacation in Grenada.

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True Blue Bay Boutique Resort, St. George’s

True Blue Bay Boutique Resort, St. George's

The tropical gardens of the resort slope down effortlessly into the waters of True Blue Bay and create a stunning sight that keeps visitors overwhelmed all throughout their stay here. Inside, the friendly staff’s service takes the cake. In short, this is a complete package of wholesome comfort in the Caribbean. This small resort awaits you and is prepared to make you fall in love with itself. The rooms are more than comfortable, and you can depend upon the willing support staff to help you and attend to any needs that arise.

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Cabier Ocean Lodge, Crochu

Cabier Ocean Lodge, Crochu

If you intend to spend your days in the water ad the rest of the time in the comforts of a full fledged and developed accommodation, there is every reason for you to consider Cabier Ocean Lodge. The peace seekers find this place particularly impressive due to the fact that there are not many travelers who converge towards these quarters. The Cocktail Bar is a wonderful place to meet new people here and get to know the place better. The sights all around are simply stunning and keep you in the holiday mood for as long as you stay here.

Coyaba Beach Resort, St. George’s

Grande Anse is regarded as a part of the list of the most stunning beaches in the world and not just the Caribbean. On similar lines, the Coyaba Beach Resort situated here gets its name registered among the most beautiful, luxurious and comfortable resort of the area. Beauty is in the air and it comes with a dash of modern day luxuries. Enjoy unlimited golf at the resort and try out the non motorized water sports packages. You are guaranteed of a dynamic and pleasing experience at Coyaba Beach Resort.

LaSource Grenada, St. George’s

Here is something that will add a spice or two to your vacation on the island of spices, otherwise Grenada. The surroundings are so rich in natural beauty that spending time outside LaSource becomes as lucrative an option as living inside int he comforts of the rooms and being pampered by the friendly service of the staff members. Luxury redefines itself in this resort. There are three restaurants and three bars to cater to your demanding palates. Entertainment is just a few steps’ away from you at all times in LaSource, so keep an eye out for any events.

Attractions in Grenada

A tour to Grenada is as much about enjoyment as t is with proper planning so that one gets a fair share of all the exciting attractions of this place. Literally, there is so much to do and see in Grenada that doing and seeing all of it becomes practically very difficult. In such a scenario, it makes all sense to plan out one’s itinerary and see as to what suits one the best. This article introduces you to some dimensions of sight seeing and other attractions in Grenada.

ScubaTech Grenada, St. George’s

There is no way your trip to Grenada can be complete without a thorough underwater experience to satiate your senses. ScubaTech is your one stop solution to everything related to diving. With small groups, you are guaranteed attention and fulfilling support with their services. The white sandy realms of the Calabash Hotel beach make for the perfect setting of this dive club. From beginners to dive masters, there is something stunning on offer with Scuba Tech all the while, so you would do yourself good by making a call or two and getting some association going with them.

Spice Kayaking Fishing & Eco Tours, Grand Anse

How about a memorable mangrove and eco tour by kayaks? Surely, this is something you will not be able to resist. If you are thrilled by the thought of adventure, this is the place you want to be in. Create your own adventure pack and then hit out with full swing. This is the perfect opportunity to come close to some elements of nature in their full glory. The kayak fishing tours in the seas off Grande Anse are hard to ignore and turn down. So, make up your minds, plan it out and fix something up with Spice Kayaking Fishing & Eco Tours.

Sandy Island, Carriacou

Sandy Island, Carriacou

Are you ready for a day dedicated to paradise? You don’t quite recognize paradise, do you? This is what necessitates a visit to the Sandy Island, a close replication of heaven on earth. Blue and white are the two colours that make for your environment when you get close to Sandy Beach. It is like a custom made cocktail of cream and blueberry, some say. This is by far the most stunning sight you can hope to see in the Caribbean, so give due thought to planning out a day here.

Dive Grenada, Grand Anse

Big dive shops have their benefits, but then, these are often overrun due to the crowds of divers that converge there and lead to a supply demand mismatch. This is where the Dive Grenada Scuba Centre comes up as a worthy repository of your time and money. The personal attention you get here takes the cake any day of the week. Their 30+ dive sites are easily accessible courtesy their custom built dive boat. The nefarious Bianca C ‘Titanic of the Caribbean’ wreck is one unforgettable experience that can belittle any other easily. This is your opportunity to enjoy the underwater adventures of Caribbean without any hassles and with a lot of fun and pleasure.

Bianca C 'Titanic of the Caribbean

Grenada Chocolate Company, St. George’s

Fresh from a Silver Medal at the 2011 London Academy of Chocolate Awards, there is no looking back for Grenada Chocolate Company. The company is a dream place to visit for anybody interested in chocolates as both a sinful and fulfilling eatable as well as a full fledged and research intensive industry. A visit to this place is an awakening both in terms of the benchmarks of taste and knowledge of chocolates.

Capital of Grenada – St. George’s

St. George's Grenada

This is as colonial and as charming as it gets. St. George’s is Grenada’s capital city, and a breathtakingly beautiful tourism magnet as well. The city has managed to retain the beauty of the yester-years of colonial rules in its narrow streets that surge and dip like waves of cement! The alleys of shops on either side are simply overwhelming and reminiscent of the times of yore. The pastel painted houses emerge from the waterfront and then suddenly get obscure in the backdrop of the gigantic steep hills. This article surfaces out the best on offer in St. George’s so that you can make the best use of your time in this lovely city.

St. George’s Harbour has been tagged as the most beautiful harbour in the entire Caribbean many times, and this praise does not come without reasons. The Carenage around the horse shoe shaped harbour is host to several warehouses and shops, so the area is always bustling with life and activity. The Christ of the Deep statue presents a glorious and rather likeable picture of what actually was a tragedy in the sinking of Bianca C. This place is now among the most eagerly visited dive sites in the entire Caribbean. If being in the water tantalizes your body cells, there is hardly any moment to be lost!

Christ of the Deep

The Sendall Tunnel built in 1895 is another popular tourist attraction. The Esplande is on the other side of the tunnel and connects the harbour to the markets and the Esplande Mall. Grenada National Museum is your date with history and is just a block away from the Carenage. For some more dash of history, you can always visit Ft. George, Grenada’s oldest fort. You get a 360 degree view of the capital city from here, so there is a lot of beauty to be looked at.

St. George’s Market Square is a wonderland of lively activity on most days of the week, and especially so on Saturdays. Take some empty shopping bags with you, as there is so much to buy at absolutely unbelievable prices. All political rallies and parades of St. George’s initiate from the Market Square. The Methodist Church of St. George’s is the city’s oldest church, and still stands tall after having been refurbished due to the ravaging after effects of the Hurricane Ivan in 2004. The Roman Catholic Church’s Gothic Tower is the city’s most prominent and visibly obvious landmark. Ft. Frederick is another wonderful place to go if you are in St. George’s on a vacation. The views from here are simply overwhelming and you have almost one fourth of the entire Grenada to visualize from here! St. George’s is a city with several personalities and this article has attempted to introduce you to some of the different facets.

Restaurants in Grenada

Restaurants in GrenadaEverybody is licensed to forget the diet charts and routines while on a vacation. Grenada is a place that can lure even the most ardent diet plan followers to forget all caution and immerse in the ocean of flavours that surges throughout the restaurants and bars of this region. This article takes you to the land of spices and raises the curtains off some unmatched restaurants and eateries that have established their reputations after several years of diligent and flavoured services to their guests.

Slipway Restaurant, Carriacou

A fully stocked bar that served enthusiastic and chirpy guests all day long, a location next to the Tyrrel Bay Yacht Club, and the inherent creativity of the menu and the chefs; there is so much to look forward to on a visit to this restaurant. Slipway is certainly somewhere you would not mind slipping off to. Enjoy a wide variety of drinks and snacks and have some great times with your friends and family.

Boots Cuisine, St. George’s

You will find many promising authentic Greneda cuisine, but hardly any restaurant comes close to what this one offers to you. Some of the freshest and tastiest island foods wait to tantalize your taste buds here. You can be guaranteed that the fish you order will be as fresh just a few hours old, and the vegetables chopped for your salads just recently plucked! Do not hesitate from overeating when you are at this place as this restaurant is easily among the ones offering the best food on Grenada.

The Flag Restaurant, St. George

You can never run out of trying specialties at The Flag Restaurant. Volcanic chicken will lead to an eruption of tastes inside your mouth and the vibrations of the explosion will be felt all throughout you body, and right down to the depths of your soul. Sichuan stuffed eggplant is a local favourite, and equally popular with adventurous foodies. The location of the restaurant makes dining here all the more special as the restaurant is located on the water near Carenge.

The Beach House Restaurant, St. George’s

There is a sense relaxation about this restaurant that has people coming over again and again. Of course, the mesmerizing flavours of their dishes help too. Snacks and drinks are good, and the main course is what should take most of your praises. From Eggplant Parmesan to Scallops, each item on the main course menu has a special flavour. An empty belly is the best thing you can carry to this restaurant.

Savvy’s at Mount Cinnamon, St. George’s

With Grand Anse’s breathtaking views and master chef’s palate sweeping flavours to coax you, you will have a tough time getting off your seats and leaving this restaurant. The pool side bar is another attractive spot to head off to. The service is warm and friendly. The Mediterranean undercurrents run wild through the food and ambiance. Truly, this is not a place you can afford missing out on.

Shopping in Grenada

Shopping Grenada
Grenada Fish Market

There is a lot to shop for in Grenada, and that is way beyond the usual deals of duty free bargains that you generally have to be content with on several vacations. Shopping is a stress buster for some. Shopping in Grenada, nevertheless, is so much fun that apart from busting your stress (though there isn’t any real chance of there being a stressful moment in Grenada) it adds such a special spice to your vacation that you would easily regard your shopping expeditions at par with the beach side adventures. In this article, we take you to some of the most well known and appreciated shopping locations in Grenada. You can safely go overboard while shopping stuff from here, as you are likely to get a great combination of quality and reasonable price from here.

Art Fabrik, St. George’s

Even a quick look at the website of this amazing shopping heaven in Grenada will impress you and lure you into investing some time and money in the shop’s products. The people at Art Fabrik have been creating some marvelous fashion accessories for men, women and children. Several travel guides list Art Fabrik as a must-visit shopping station in Grenada. The fabrics here are designed brilliantly by a crew of home workers and design students. Colours range from vibrant to mellow, each suiting a different mood. The fabrics from here make for sensational gifts to take back home. Of course, you can keep some as souvenirs of your dream vacation to Grenada as well.

Veronica’s Visions, St. John

Get yourself a rollicking dose of Grenada’s cultural spices in the form of the fabric designs and hand printed products that await you at Veronica’s Visions. Originality is at the core of the work culture at Veronica’s Visions, so there is no way you can complain of routine designs here. Rather than clothes and accessories, these products are referred to as wearable art works! Women’s clothing, gents shirts, ties and several accessories are up for purchase here. Make sure you carry a big empty shopping bag to this place as there is a lot on offer that would attract your eyes and lure you into a purchase.

Tikal, St. George’s

Located on Young Street, uphill from St. George’s National Museum and pretty close to Art Fabrik is one of the finest art and crafts shop of Grenada and it is known by the name of Tikal. The offerings here include dolls, baskets, clothes, jewellery, accessories and paintings. The sculptures from Grenada and Latin America are particularly pleasing to the eyes. This is one place you can depend upon for the purchase of all souvenirs you want to take back home. The prices are reasonable, and this makes shopping all the more worthwhile here. Find some time to visit this great place.

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