Best Places to Visit in Slovakia

Best Places to Visit in Slovakia

Bratislava Castle
Bratislava Castle

Although there are many interesting places to visit in Slovakia, most tourists spend their time exploring Bratislava, as it is considered the best place to visit in Slovakia.

Independent travel outside of Bratislava is difficult in the Slovak Republic.  If you are interested in visiting the Slovak Republic, we recommend that you do so as part of a tour, organized by a reputable company. (Read our Article on How to Evaluate Tour Operators).

  • Bratislava

    Bratislava, Slovakia
    Bratislava, Slovakia
    • Bratislava, SlovakiaSitting near the western border of Slovakia, Bratislava is near  Austria and Hungary and wears these associations proudly.  The Old Town, its palaces, museums, and castle should be the focus of your visit. In medieval times, Bratislava was a walled city surrounded by fortifications and four gates.  St. Michael’s Gate, constructed in the 13th century and altered into a Baroque design in the 18th century, is the only  gate that exists today.
    • The photograph at the upper right is the Old Town Hall which dates from the 15th century and is now a museum. It is surrounded by a pleasant square with many attractive buildings.
    • The city is known for its castle which crowns the town and is visible throughout the city.  Parts of the structure date from the 16th century, although a fortified castle existed on the hill before the present castle was constructed.
  • Below is Bratislava viewed from the Danube.  The bridge is the Nový’ Most Bridge (New Bridge) and the cathedral in the center of the image is St. Martin’s Cathedral  on Staromestska.
  • Old National Theater
    Old National Theater

    The city’s the Old National Theater formerly housed the opera, ballet and symphony, although these performances have now move the New Slovak National Theater closer to the Danube.

Additional Resources

The official tourism website for the Slovakia can be found here. It provides additional information on the best places to visit that we recommend, as well as details on other attractions that did not make our list.

For country facts on the Slovak Republic, as well as travel information related to visas, driving rules, safety, medical conditions, visas and other travel-related information, see this page on Slovakia Travel from the Bureau of Consular Affairs of the U.S. State Department.  Regardless of your home country, we think you will find the information provided to be useful when planning a trip to Slovakia.

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