Best Places to Visit in Hong Kong

Best Places to Visit in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a great place to visit when on your way to China or South East Asia. It is not a destination that most choose for a long term vacation. The hustle and bustle of Hong Kong drives most vacationers over the edge after a few days, as the city never sleeps and the noise never stops. Three days in Hong Kong will allow you to experience the best of the city.

In addition to the tourist attractions we have noted, take some time to examine “everyday”  Hong Kong. Its business districts are complex and chaotic, its architecture magnificent and its organization is bewildering.  Restaurants range from the neighborhood hangouts to some of the world’s most exclusive clubs.  Choose wisely as eating in Hong is almost as much of an experience as seeing the city.

Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China and differs distinctly from its parent.

  • Victoria Peak

    • Long known as the city’s number one tourist attraction, Victoria Peak provides the best views of the city and the harbor.  While the nighttime views are spectacular, the restaurants and entertainment attractions on the Peak will keep your attention for a longer time. Take the tram to the top and enjoy the best views of Hong Kong.
Victoria Peak
Victoria Peak
  • The Star Ferry

    • The Star Ferry connects the two sides of Victoria Bay (Hong Kong Island on one side and Kowloon on the other  on a peninsula of China).  The Ferry is inexpensive and the gorgeous views  are regarded by many as the best in the city.  In good weather climb to the top of the ferry and sit outdoors.
The Star Ferry
The Star Ferry
  • Nathan Road

    • The heart of Kowloon’s shopping district is known as the Tsim Sha Tsui and its heart is Nathan Road, a street filled with neon, shops, motels, and restaurants.
  • Repulse Bay

    • A great place for a walk along a beautiful beach and to look in on the lifestyles of the rich and trendy. High quality shopping and expensive restaurants may attract you but watch your budget. Repulse Bay is the area’s most popular beach so avoid it on warm weekends.
  • Stanley

    • Home to the Stanley Market, which is reputed to be the place to buy all your “authentic” Hong Kong Souvenirs, Stanley also has good beaches and a number of great restaurants.

  • Temple Street Night Market

    • This night market (which actually opens in the late afternoon) is a great place for people watching, bargaining and buying.  What you buy will probably be fake but for many that takes a second seat to the bargaining and atmosphere of this famous night market. (6)
  • Macau SAR

    • If you have the urge to gamble or buy some gold jewelry for supposedly bargain prices, take a high speed boat across the bay  to Macau.  This approximately 500 year old city is a former Portuguese Territory became part of China in 1999.
    • Macau is comprised of a blend of cultural influences and has  amazing blend  of high-end casinos, museums, churches and shopping.
    • Macau is a nice day trip from Hong Kong and it takes about an forty-five minutes by ferry from the Hong Kong Airport ferry terminal
    • See the official Macau Tourism portal for information on getting to Macau.

Additional Resources

The official website for Hong Kong is Discover Hong Kong.  It provides additional details on the site we recommend, as well as coverage of sites not mentioned here.

For additional information on Macau, visit its official tourism website.

For country facts on Hong Kong, as well as travel information related to visas, driving rules, safety, medical conditions, visas and other travel-related information, see this page on Hong Kong Travel  from the Bureau of Consular Affairs of the U.S. State Department.  Regardless of your home country, we think you will find the information provided to be useful when planning a trip to Hong Kong.  Similar information on Macau can be found here.

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