Best Caribbean Islands to Visit

Best Caribbean Islands to Visit

Best Caribbean Islands

Caribbean islands are all unique and special in their own rights, so visitors are bound to face several queries when they set to decide and plan upon their Caribbean tours. Some have a dash of culture to them, some offer unforgettable sightseeing experiences, some have stunning coral reefs, and some have the world’s most luxurious resorts (obviously, you need to be loaded in your pockets to enjoy these). This article intends to help your organize your thought s a little better and come up with a Caribbean tour plan that is custom made for your kind and definition of pleasure.

Anguilla is a paradise when you are looking for an unforgettable family vacation in the Caribbean. The islands is not very large, but is surely packed with some breathtaking beaches to excite and interest you. Anguilla is soaring as a popular family vacation destination in the Caribbean. British influences are pretty obvious in the culture and society of Anguilla, and left side driving is just a part of it! You can enjoy glass bottom boating at several places, and get out of the waters for some horse riding and other equally engrossing activities.

Anguilla, Caribbean Island

Antigua is another small yet stunning islands, and is not very far away from Anguilla. Its 365+ beaches let you explore new waters every day of the year! Snorkelling and scuba diving activities are spread out all over the island, so you’ll get hold of some wherever you are. You also get a chance to experience some history in the form of the only Georgian dockyard in the world, the Nelson’s Dockyard National Park. Plus, you can get away to its sister island in the form of Barbuda for a day trip.

Caribbean Island of Barbados

Barbados is the easternmost island in the Caribbean, and an automatic choice for your eastern Caribbean tour. It is counted among the more developed places in the region, and the lavish Sandy Lane resort accounts for that. The all inclusive Almond Resorts also adds a dash of luxury and convenience to your stay in Barbados. The safe and friendly atmosphere of the island makes the place a much loved and renowned place among tourists from all corners of the world. Then, the pink sand beaches of Bermuda call for your presence, and there as many as 180 of them! Bermuda is a well developed tourism hub, and lies 600 miles off North Carolina. The sights and sounds of the Great Barrier Reef, couples with the scuba diving and snorkelling adventures there are perfect recipes for tourists. The western Caribbean islands too present irresistible tourism opportunities, and at the heart of the tourism economy lie the islands of Grand Cayman. The Seven Mile Beach here is a hot favourite with several vacationers, and is buzzing with activity all day long. The Pirates week festival awaits you if you happen to be anywhere near the Grand Cayman in the month of November. The U.S. Virgin Islands in the mid Caribbean region stand out as great options for your Caribbean tour. St. John’s nature and wildlife diversity is exemplary to say the least. And St. Thomas adds the perfect colonial seasoning with its forts, and the perfect sightseeing quotient with the Coral world marine park.

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