Bermuda Travel Guide: Tips on Hotels, Restaurants & Attractions

Bermuda Travel Guide: Tips on Hotels, Restaurants & Attractions

Bermuda Travel Guide

Bermuda’s mention is bound to bring to the mind of the regular tourist the image of locals and visitors clad in their cool and comfy Bermuda shorts and enjoying the times of their lives around the sands of the beaches, with some distant notes of a reggae or calypso backing it up. Bermuda is, truly, one great combination of cultures and this easily accounts for the popularity enjoyed by the island among tourists from all quarters of the world. Though the hardcore map reader might dismiss Bermuda as ‘not a part of the Caribbean’ there is hardly anything in and around the place that is ‘not Caribbean.’

You can hardly do without getting on a moped and buzzing through the roads and streets of Bermuda, giving company to the locals and merging with the local lifestyles. St. George, a UNESCO recognized world heritage site lays down a boulevard of history for you to walk on, and so does Hamilton, the capital of Bermuda. Strolling through these towns and feeling the air of history brush against your face is a truly enjoyable experience, even if you are not too much into history. Bermuda’s maritime past finds exhibition in the form of the Bermuda Maritime Museum at the Royal Naval Dockyard on Ireland Island. Activities such as sailing and outdoor sports like tennis and golf make for the staple diet for tourists in Bermuda.

Any discussion about tourism in Bermuda is incomplete without a thorough celebration of the breathtaking sights of the Horseshoe Bay Beach and its surrounding pink sands that colour several memorable photographs and make for wallpapers on several desktops and calendars. The beach features on several respected top 10 lists of the world’s best and most beautiful beaches. The strange shaped, yet amazingly beautiful rocks and boulders that dot the Tiny Jobson’s Bay Beach also make for some great sight seeing intermingled with beach activities. You can witness some mesmerizing sights in April as several humpback whales entertain you while on their way north, in migration. Astwood Cove is the place to be in if such a thought impresses and excites you.

All kinds, categories and budgets of accommodation await you in Bermuda, right from small cottages to full fledged facilities with in house swimming pools and spas. Do not hesitate from forgetting your diet charts as you indulge in fish chowder, easily the most delicious dish you can get your tongue around in Bermuda. That said, you can find pretty much anything on the menus of the restaurants in Bermuda. Bermuda’s weather remains pretty cool in winters and spring season. Prices and tourism activity surge in the May to August period, which is quite in contrast to most Caribbean islands’ peak tourism periods. Bermuda has emerged on the tourism circuits of the world in a wonderful way ever since it became a self governing colony in 1620, and makes for a fully enjoyable destination on the Caribbean vacation map.

The Grand Anse beach is a heaven of sand and water and a perfect example of the beauty of Grenada. The underwater art gallery at Moliniere Bay is a wonder in itself, in the sense that the corals and statues combine to create an irresistibly attractive sense of pleasure for visitors. Carriacou’s Anse La Roche beach is populates with sea turtles that do not mind accompanying you in a quick swim session. It is a pleasure to listen to some local reggae musicians on a party evening at the beaches of Grenada while enjoying the local delicacy called ‘oil down.’ Truly, Grenada is a perfect island destination that can serve as your dream vacation spot.

Hotels & Resorts in Bermuda

Hotels and resorts in Bermuda range from the inexpensive and modest to unbelievably spectacular. There is something to suit all kinds of budgets within easy reach. Most resorts provide some stunning sceneries to their guests, and these come with a menu of pampering facilities. Truly, a fine place to live in while on a vacation to Bermuda can actually catapult the pleasure quotient to new heights. Here is a sneak peek at some absolutely magnificent resorts and hotels of Bermuda.

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Pompano Beach Club, Southampton

Pompano Beach Club

‘Breathtaking’ is an understated comment for the Pompano Beach Club. This seventy five room facility is among the most highly regarded resorts of Bermuda. Water sport enthusiasts have a paradise of snorkelling and diving activities to indulge in here. The magnificent Port Royal Golf Course adjoining the beach club is another pearl in the crown of this awe inspiringly beautiful accommodation option in Bermuda.

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Royal Palms Hotel, Hamilton

Royal Palms Hotel

It is not always necessary to book room in a colossal resort to enjoy a dash of comfort and luxury in Bermuda. The Royal Palms Hotel is a perfect example. The owners have literally erected this small hotel with all heart and soul, as is evident from the fine facilities on offer. The guest rooms are extremely spacious and the bathrooms are exceptionally clean. This place is right at the top of the list of inexpensive accommodation options in Bermuda, without compromising on the pleasure of comfortable living.

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Newstead Belmont Hills Hotel, Paget

Newstead Belmont Hills Golf Resort & Spa

Not many resorts include golf in your stay, but that is the amazing part of the packages at Newstead Belmont Hills Golf Resort & Spa The pool is awe inspiringly beautiful and makes for some unforgettable moments. A full service spa and a health club make this place a particularly special proposition for health and fitness freaks. Rooms come with balconies and stunning views of the beach.

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Fourways Inn, Paget

Fourways Inn

If great food manages to make you drool, head over to Four Ways Inn and take a look at the relaxed cottage living experience and the unmatched dining treats that await you here. There is an old world charm about the surroundings of the inn, and this adds to the pleasure quotient that you derive from your stay at the Four Ways Inn. Maintenance of the inn has been breathtaking and the services can match those of any renowned hotel, any day of the week.

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The Reefs, Southampton

The Reefs Resort and Club

Romance has a new address in Bermuda, and The Reefs is right in the middle of this romantic wonderland. The cliff setting, the sights of the private beach that the comfortable resort overlooks, and the award winning spree of the resort are sure to catch your attention as you look for the perfect place to celebrate your dream vacation of the Caribbean islands in Bermuda. Natural beauty comes in gallons as you head over to The Reefs. The infinity edged pool also deserves all accolades for being an irresistible option with visitors here. The restaurant of the resort overlooks the waters and presents visual delights apart from the delicious snacks and main course.

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Cambridge Beaches, Sandys

Cambridge Beaches, Sandys

The list of the special offerings at Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa can really prove to be a tough compilation, purely because of the fact that the resort boasts of some absolutely unique and amazing facilities that can literally add a new flavor to your Caribbean vacation in the stunning locales of Bermuda. The Ocean Spa can prove to be disarming for even the hardest boiled health freaks and the 30 acres of sheer beauty that the resort presents can simply blow way even the most widely travelled of vacationers. The rooms are extremely spacious and loaded with the best of the modern world gadgets to provide wholesome comfort and entertainment to guests.

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The Fairmont Hamilton Princess, Hamilton

The Fairmont Hamilton Princess, Hamilton

The Fairmont Hamilton Princess paints a colossal canvas of grandeur and fame in Hamilton. There is no way you can forget even a single moment spent inside this paradise of a resort. The guest rooms come with private balconies and present a lifestyle of luxury that is unique to this resort. The complimentary breakfast and the dedicated all day long service are just a small part of the unbelievably attractive package up for grabs at The Fairmont Hamilton Princess.

Clairfont Apartments, Warwick

Budget accommodations hardly come any better. Clairfont Apartments lie just across the road from the famous Warwick Long Bay and feature rooms with full kitchen facility and air conditioning. The apartments have a fine little fresh water pool and sun terrace with lounge chairs to provide you with some reasons to stay in and enjoy your idleness.

Rosewood Tucker’s Point, Hamilton Parish

Expect Rosewood Tucker’s Point to supersede your expectations by miles. Luxury will find new meanings and comfort will adorn new definitions as you try to come to terms with the unearthly beauty of the resort. Just 15 minutes’ drive away from the Bermuda International Airport, Rosewood Tucker’s Resort has been right at the forefront of luxury living in Bermuda. The 88 guestrooms exude brilliance and boast of the finest artwork and decorations you’d have ever seen in a resort. The dining options of the resort are so special that you might just have a tough time convincing yourself into exploring the markets place for a restaurant!

Rosedon Hotel, Hamilton

The green cover around the place you live in is just one small part of the amazingly colorful canvas that the scenery of Rosedon Hotel paints for you. Of course, this is just the visual appetizer. The private pool is as relaxing a place as any you’d have ever visited. The staff at Rosedon is dedicated to simply the best services for you. Try out the full course breakfast by the pool side to kick start your day with an unforgettable dining experience. The 44 bedrooms of Rosedon are styled with European touches and furnishings. Flat screen TVs embrace the walls and are powered by DVD players. Most of the rooms let the greens of the gardens and the blues of the pool seep inside your room. Of course, there is the option of escalating the luxury a bit further through the Royal class of rooms.

Famous Restaurants in Bermuda

Fourways Inn, Paget

Fourways Inn, Paget
Fourways Inn, Paget

Get ready for journey through a river of flavors and spices with your friends and family at the renowned restaurant of Four Ways Inn. Local sea sponsors a lot of the seafood that undergoes a transformation of tastes in the kitchen of the restaurant and emerges in the form a palatable delight. Depend upon master chef Tommy Poh’s expertise in the kitchen to turn mundane looking ingredients into some splendid taste bombs. Vegetarian offerings are pretty good to, and the general French dominance of the menu is likely to fare well with those not averse to trying out the local food habits.

Mad Hatters, Hamilton

Your stay in Hmailton becomes all the more fulfilling with a dining session at what they call ‘the maddest of all restaurants in Bermuda’. The casual yet elegant environment of the restaurant sets the perfect tone for an extended session of fine dining and devouring some divine snacks and main course items. The menu is as dynamic as it gets, with specialities making appearances on different days. There is a heavy Classic European and Thai/ North – American influence on the menu. Madness is a highly held virtue here, so leave your thinking hats behind and get ready to join the mad gang here to enjoy some great food.

The Little Venice, Hamilton

No prize for guessing that the menu has strong Italian flavors here. However, readers would do well to note that this restaurant has been continuously featuring in the lists enumerating the best of Bermuda. There is a glorious history of 40 years of great services behind the name of the restaurant. Business people of high repute constitute the clientele of Little Venice along with couples looking for an elegant dining experience in privacy. Looking over the dress code might also help first time visitors. All in all, Little Venice is right at the zenith of formal dining in downtown Hamilton.

Barracuda Grill, Hamilton

How about some irresistible seafood in one of the finest styled restaurants in Bermuda? How about a dining experience that will stay as long with you as your tongue remains in your mouth? If the answer to the above is a thrilled ‘yes’, then there is no reason for you to keep waiting before heading off to the Barracuda Grill in Hamilton. The bar is the perfect place to get the evening started. With over a dozen different wines alone, there is absolutely no reason why you won’t find it disarming!

Waterlot Inn Restaurant, Southampton

If awards are credible measures of the repute of a restaurant, then the Waterlot Inn restaurant has more than a single reason to smile. The outdoor terrace in the green backdrop of the adjoining gardens presents a spectacular place to take a cocktail to. The decor is absolutely fantastic, and the menu is a befitting compilation of several delectable items. The best steak in Bermuda is guaranteed to embrace your plate here.

Bermuda Attractions

Bermuda never ceases to impress visitors, even if they happen to be coming for the tenth time on a vacation to these stunning quarters of the world map! Of all the numerous tourism attractions in Bermuda, some manage to stand out and emerge as sure shot repositories of your time, money and effort. Here is a look at some of them.

The Crystal and Fantasy Caves

The Crystal and Fantasy Caves

The Crystal and Fantasy Caves of Bermuda are arguably the most fascinating of all the special attractions here. The uniqueness of the beautiful sights sets these caves apart from any other tourist attraction in Bermuda. The underground pools of water reflect the bedazzled looks of the lucky visitors here and the same visitors multiply their amazement manifolds when they come across the unbelievably colossal chandelier like clusters on the roof ceilings. No wonders, these caves are referred to as the Hidden Treasures of Bermuda. Make sure that you visit these caves and cherish the beauty of some unearthly natural formations.

Snorkel Bermuda

You know you are in safe hands when the crew understands your needs from a vacation excursion almost better than you! Snorkel Bermuda is famous for taking you on a high speed snorkeling trip to the beautiful underwater world of Bermuda. You get to pay a visit to two of the most famous shipwrecks in Bermuda in the form of Constellation and Montana. The visibility is fine and this makes the snorkeling expedition all the more fun filled and fulfilling. Of the two hours of the trip, you get to spend more than an hour in water. This way, you enjoy great snorkeling without losing on your precious usable vacation time.

Horseshoe Bay Beach, Southampton

Horseshoe Bay Beach, Southampton

Horseshoe Bay Beach is a stunning combination of turquoise and pink. Even the most ardent travellers admit that they’d have to better their efforts to come across a beach as beautiful as the Horseshoe Bay Beach. The pink sands caressed by the clear waves of the beach’s water present a carpet that couples can’t resist walking on all evening! Loners can hardly resist the temptation of sunbathing all day long on rented beach chairs. From snorkeling and other beach activities to shopping for beachwear and equipment, there is quite a lot to keep you busy here. This is certainly a must visit on your vacation to Bermuda.

Somerset Bridge Watersports, Sandys

Somerset Bridge Watersports, Sandys

This is the paradise of the adventure seeker in Bermuda. Tony Ranche has seen more than 20 years of elated customers with his classy services that let vacationers get on Jet Skis and Kayaks and proceed to explore the fascinating attractions of Bermuda. Imagine being at the corner of the nefarious Bermuda Triangle, and then paying a visit to the partially submerged shipwreck HMS Vixen! Some spectacular sights of the marine life and reefs await you here, and Somerset Bridge Watersports is the place you want to be at for all the stuff you need to get going.

Hartley’s Undersea Walk, Sandys

Hartley's Undersea Walk, Sandys

Comfort and adventure do not quite go hand in hand, unless of course you are doing it at Hartley’s Undersea Walk. Get ready to hand feed parrotfish and shake off beautiful corals. You go on a glass bottom boat and enjoy about half an hour of unadulterated underwater adventure. You also get complimentary fruit drinks onboard! Truly, this is a special experience for anybody looking for some adventure in Bermuda.

Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse, Southampton

There is the unbeatable incentive of wonderful panoramic views of Bermuda’s shoreline from the top of this old cast iron lighthouse. The climb of 185 steps that separates you and this unforgettable experience might not seem too difficult to the high spirited vacationer in Bermuda. The lighthouse is the oldest of its kind and has been standing here from 1846.

Bermuda Night Life

Bermuda Night Life

Not that the days in Bermuda are bland, but truly, there is something exciting about enjoying the nightlife of Bermuda. Dancing to the tunes of local DJs till the dawn of the next day, or sipping away at some cocktails, and chipping away at some snacks in the company of friends all night long with a live band playing till the wee hours; all these make for unforgettable pleasure sessions in Bermuda. This article connects you with the amazing nightlife of Bermuda.

Swizzle Inn, Hamilton Parish

Apart from being the inventor of the famous Rum Swizzle drink, the Swizzle Inn enjoys some fame as the oldest pub in the region. The decor is intriguing to say the least. The graffiti that embraces the walls of the pub adds a lot of charm to the setting. This is a wonderful place to enjoy a late night snack with a couple of drinks and accumulate some unforgettable memories to last for a lifetime.

The Docksider Pub, Hamilton

Just in case you have some good sports action going around, spend no second thoughts in hitting Docksider’s Pub and Restaurant. The plasma TVs feed you all the sporting action and the bartenders know what drinks to churn out to keep you engaged. This cedar bar hosts quite a lot of parties and live bands and gets counted among the more happening night time getaways in Bermuda.

Cafe Cairo, Hamilton

Cafe Cairo unleashes some wonderful Egyptian flavors in Hamilton. The restaurant is pretty good when it comes to offering the promised spices and tastes. The decor takes you to the fascinating world of Egypt. You would do well to look out for a dance party here and possibly go dancing all night long to the tunes of local DJs. Egyptian themed bars are not easy to find and great Egyptian bars are an absolute rarity. This place is definitely recommended for its Middle Eastern cuisine and the unique decor.

Coconut Rock, Hamilton

Casual dining and late night enjoyment find the perfect setting in Coconut Rock. Enjoy some finely made seafood from the kitchen of this restaurant. Saturdays and Sundays are really busy here and these days might be well suited for you if you tend to enjoy more in a place buzzing with activity. The city of Hamilton has several night spots on offer and Coconut Rock is definitely among the better known ones.

The Pickled Onion, Hamilton

Pickled Onion is among the most popular and frequently visited bars in Bermuda. The place is perfect for upscale fine dining, particularly late in the night. Live entertainment programs unfailingly attract tourists here and lead to the eruption of an atmosphere of sheer joy all over the place. The pub overlooks the harbor on Front Street and manages to provide wholesome entertainment to visitors pretty late into the night.

Bermuda Shopping

Be it some of the coolest local made fashion accessories, or the current attention grabber in the international fashion circuit, you will love to take your shopping to Bermuda. Cities like Hamilton and St. George are absolutely blissful for shopaholics. You will never run out of the desire to shop here as the range of cool stuff on offer is simply overwhelming. From family owned stores to some chic boutiques, there is something special awaiting you just around the corner. Arts and crafts lovers will have to fight hard with the temptation of curbing their shopping instincts especially in Bermuda. This article will serve you well in organizing your shopping expeditions in Bermuda.

Bermuda Perfumery, St. George

Bermuda Perfumery has been spreading fragrances across the globe for several years now. The invisible heavenly smell that vivifies you as you enter here is just the perfect beginning to a fulfilling purchasing exercise. Perfumes here range from gentle and somber to overwhelming and intoxicating. The range of perfumes is expansive, and there is absolutely no chance that you can come out of this place unimpressed. This is a must visit for anybody in Bermuda.

The Birdsey Studio, Paget

Alfred Birdsey’s unforgettable paintings of Bermuda’s landscapes are available in the form of note cards at this studio. For anybody with even the slightest interest in arts and crafts, this place is nothing short of being a temple. They are open from 10:30 AM to 1 PM on weekdays. Getting an appointment is recommended. The studio has been set up in the back garden of Alfred Birdsey’s family house. Though Alfred is no more, his impressionistic works keep his memories alive in the hearts of his appreciators and family. His daughter Jo will assure that you have an enjoyable visit to this homely studio.

Bermuda Craft Market

With the objective of exhibiting long forgotten skills in arts and craft, the Bermuda Craft Market has deserved its charity status from the Bermuda Government. You will come across quite a large number of artists creating adorable items out of different materials on your visit to this place. A weekly demonstration by a wood turner is also worth checking out for. Items like beautiful patterns made from wood, dolls made from leaves of bananas and local honey are nice purchases from here. You can use your credit card at Bermuda Craft Market.

Bermuda Arts Centre

Local and resident artists breathe life into this workshop through their majestic works of art. The walls of the building are adorned by amazing paintings and other art pieces. The main room here witnesses several theme specific exhibitions throughout the year. The Print Gallery offers some impressive accessories and articles created by local artists. Budding artists on tour to Bermuda can also get some interesting experiences through the regular workshops held in the Bermuda Arts Center. Most artists’ studios allow public inside.

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