Caribbean Travel Guide: Barbados

Caribbean Travel Guide: Barbados

Barbados Travel Guide

Barbados is a small island country in the North Atlantic still under the influence of British culture that can be seen by their accent and afternoon tea culture. Barbados is not all about its sandy and beautiful beaches but more than that. It doesn’t matter if you are an economic traveler or a lavish traveler it has something for everyone. You can find affordable accommodation to high end comfortable resorts and hotels. If you are looking more than sun and sand then Barbados is just the place for you.

Barbados’s capital Bridgetown is shopper’s paradise as you will find the huge range of electronics items and jewelry in the duty free stores over here. If you want to buy something more authentic to the island then you have large options from straw bags to locally made vases, pots, mugs, glazed plates. Nightlife in this small island is very vibrant from the street parties to waterfront pubs and wine bars they have it all.

Bridgetown, Barbados

Barbados never runs out of fun and activities from diving to soak into the marine life to the east coast which serves one of the best places for hiking and beach picnics and surfing. For the people who prefer flora over fauna can always pay a visit to their flower forest to witness some mesmerizing exotic flowers and spice trees along with Andromeda Botanical Garden. For all the animal lovers Farley Hill National Park is a must. Weather of the island is pleasant throughout the year which makes it an ideal travel spot. For all the outdoor kind of people there are too many things to do trying your hands on Golf to going for a memorable hike Barbados National Trust or Arbib Nature & Heritage Trail. For all those marine life lover can do Scuba Diving & Snorkeling in the clear water which have visibility of around 30m to explore some of the best underwater life. Windsurfer from all over the world considers it to be one of the best destinations.

Barbados is the paradise for seafood lovers so be ready to taste snappers, shellfish and the flying fish. From high end restaurants to beach side cafes they all have mouth watering seafood for all their visitors to taste along with some local cuisines.

Just one last trivia I want to share about this place is this that Music star Rihanna is from here and in her honor they celebrate “Rihanna Day”.

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Barbados Hotels

Barbados is high end travel destination and there are plenty of luxurious Barbados hotels from which tourists can select. Some of the leading hotels in the Caribbean are in fact located on Barbados. Prices for Barbados hotels are generally somewhat more expensive then what you would find at other well known Caribbean islands.

If you still have not booked a Barbados hotel then be sure to check out the Barbados hotels which our handy online Barbados travel guide has reviewed for our readers.

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Hilton Barbados – 4* Barbados Hotel – Needham’s Point

Hilton Barbados - 4* Barbados Hotel - Needham's Point

The Hilton Barbados offers excellent value for money as room rates at this four star Barbados hotel start at only $160 per room per night. The Hilton Barbados is one of the newest Barbados hotels and is also very popular with business travelers due to the wide range of business facilities which the Hilton Barbados offers to its guests.

If you do decide to stay at the Hilton Barbados hotel then be sure to try out some of their outstanding food and beverage outlets.

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Turtle Beach Resort – 4* Barbados Hotel – Dover

Turtle Beach Resort - 4* Barbados Hotel - Dover

There are a number of excellent all inclusive resorts on Barbados and the most popular all inclusive Barbados hotel is most certainly the famous Turtle Beach Resort. This beautiful Barbados hotel sits on 6 acres and is located only a short drive from a number of popular Barbados attractions. The beach along which the Turtle Beach Resort is build ranks among the finest on Barbados.

Room rates at the Turtle Beach Resort start at around $410 which includes the room and all food and drinks.

Barbados Night Life

night life barbados

Night life in Barbados is very vibrant and happening. Barbados is an island which never sleeps as there is so much more to do in the night compared to daytime. From night clubs to beachside parties to dinner shows they have it all to make your evening happening. Once the sun is down in Barbados the fun starts as the nights here in Barbados is something to experience from historic dinner to romantic cruise to the lively beach parties.

Dinner Shows :

Barbados Dinner shows are the perfect way to enjoy your evening with your loved ones and learn about the immortal history of this small and beautiful island. Dinner shows are exclusively arranged for the tourist who wants to spend their evening in peace and serenity. There are many companies who organize such dinners to name few Harbour Lights & Premier Attractions are best. These restaurants not only provide you exclusive and authentic Barbados cuisines but they have huge array of entertainment also. What can be better than watching some local artist and bands performing along with the tasty and mouth watering meal and wine. For the information about the island they have small documentaries to show. If you prefer your Dinner show on water then you can always go a cruse organized by many companies here and enjoy your evening.


Barbados’s nightclubs are majorly located in St. Lawrence Gap and Bay Street. Majorly all the night clubs play local music like reggae and calypso along with it they have many bands who play international R&B hits for all the party people who wants to dance all night long. There are parties like The whistling Frog which are theme parties along with street party, karaoke and live band performing for you in there.

Don’t miss the party at Harbour Light as it is an open air night club at an excellent location on the beach and the in-house DJ plays mostly international hits. What more on Wednesdays and Fridays you can enjoy the open bar deals. So put on your dance shoes and get ready to party.

Romantic Cruises :

For all those people who are in love and wants to spend some time alone with their beloved in peace. Romantic cruises are the excellent option for them to spend their evening. You can be part of the cruise or can charter a catamaran for a private evening as you sit with the one you love and gaze at the stars in the cloudless sky.

Dining in Barbados

Apart from all the fun filled activities, Barbados also serves as a foodie’s haven. Barbados is rich with abundance of flavors and really authentic, delicious cuisines making it a hot spot for food lovers. Dinning in Barbados is always a fun affair and whether you are looking for a five start restaurant or a laidback local restaurant, you will find it all.

Local Cuisines in Barbados

Visiting Barbados give an opportunity to experience its delicious Bajan Food. The secret behind the unique flavors of Bajan food is the blend of its finest Bajan herbs and spices which creates beautifully aromatic flavors. Some of the local cuisines available in the Barbados are Sea-Egg, Flying Fish, Cou Cou, Pudding and Souse, Peas and Rice, Fish Fry. The most famous and also a national dish of Barbados are Cou Cou and Flying Fish. Cou Cou is a delicious cuisines prepared by blending of cornmeal and okra mixed with salt, peppers and Bajan hot sauce. Flying Fishes are the common fishes found in Barbados usually eaten fried or steamed.

Restaurants in Barbados

Barbados is also famous for its world class internationally recognized restaurants and casual beach bars. There are many restaurants, beach bars, cafés or eateries in Barbados offering delicious local seafood and continental cuisines. For every taste and budget, there is always something available in Barbados. Experiencing dining in Barbados can’t be complete without visiting the Village Rum Shops, known for offering mouth-watering traditional local dishes in Bajan environment.

Shopping in Barbados

Pelican Craft Village
Pelican Craft Village

When it comes to shopping, Barbados is second to none. Known for its duty free shopping and the variety of one of a kind item, Barbados is a fun place for shoppers. There are many stores and shops available throughout the island offering best and quality goods at very affordable prices. In Barbados Islands, Bridgetown is famous for its tax-free and retail stores. Find designer brands on great discount prices in Bridgetown. If you are looking for special gifts then you must do shopping in Barbados while taking advantage of duty free discounts. Find perfume, trendy boutiques, quality goods, designer craft, and earthworks at significant prices.Looking for departmental store? Cave Shepherd & Company Limited is the largest duty-free departmental store in Barbados islands rendering exclusive international brands.

There are various shopping malls offering wide range of quality products and services. At Broad Street in Bridgetown, you can find many shopping malls like West Coast Mall, Sunset Mall and the Barbados Cruise Terminal where you will find wide variety of international brands. There are many specialty shops available in Barbados islands like Greenwich House Antiques where you can find fine old mahogany furniture, crystal and silver at duty-free prices. The store also carries a great selection of books. Pelican Village is another captivating shopping place with variety of shops and galleries where you can find loads of beautiful, enchanting and unique local handicrafts like handmade paintings, wall hangings, decorative show pieces and much more. You can also find leather goods like belts and bags in Pelican Village. If you want to buy cigars as a gift then check out cigar companies behind the Pelican Craft Village offering cigars at duty-free prices.

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Barbados Sightseeing

Harrison's Cave
Harrison’s Cave

Barbados is a gorgeous island country located in the Caribbean. Barbados attracts honeymooners, family vacationers and adventure enthusiasts to indulge in a vacation full of fun. Whether its history, colorful cultural life, beautiful beaches, shopping or nightlife, you name it, Barbados has it all.

Barbados is surrounded by beautiful beaches everywhere. Head to beaches like the Accra beach, Miami Beach, Sandy Beach Lane or Crane Beach and enjoy sun bathing, take leisurely evening stroll. Water sports lovers can go swimming, surfing, sea kayaking, sailing and much more. Barbados Island is also blessed with rich and colorful flora and fauna and breath-taking natural wonders. Explore the Harrison’s Cave, you will find magnificent stalactites formed over thousands of years ago hanging from the roof of the cave, enjoy viewing the steam of crystal clear water from beautiful waterfall to form deep emerald pools. If you are a nature lover, take a tour of Welchman Hall Gully. Go for Atlantis Submarine Expedition Tour to explore the colorful marine world of Barbados. Enjoy your vacation while exploring the spectacular Barbados, believe it you will really enjoy your vacation.

Barbados is rich in history and culture. Visit historical sites like the Arlington House, an interactive three-story museum, the Blackmans Gully, famous for the Blackmans Bridge and the Barbados Museum. Spend a day at the Fisherpond Plantation House, this 350 year old plantation house has many historic artifacts on display. Take a trip the legendary Sam Lords Castle, built in 1820 by Samuel Hall Lord. There is so much to do and see here.

Come visit the Caribbean of the Rockies and stay at the Bear Family Haven 5-minute walk to the beach or downtown.

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Activities in Barbados

Activities in Barbados

For Water sports enthusiasts, Barbados is a treasure trove waiting to be explored. In Barbados, one can pursue almost every water sports one can think of. Along with water sports, this island nation is also known for offering various action packed outdoor activities. Whether you are visiting alone, with your family or your sweetheart, you will find tons of fun activities to pursue.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving:

Barbados’s crystal clear blue water is the ideal location for snorkeling lovers. The water has a visibility between 40 to 70 feet for good time of the year. While snorkeling in this area, you will explore beautiful sites where you can see exotic fish, turtle, stingray and different other kind of marine animals. The waters on the western coastline is the best destination for snorkeling as the water is calm and you don’t have to dive too deep to explore marine life here.
For scuba diving as there is too much to see and explore here. Be ready to see healthy sponge, corals & plant life while diving. Fringes and patching reefs are found closer to the shore with small coral formation and large plant life. These reefs are home for some tropical fish, sea horse, frog fish and giant sand eels.

Water Sport and Beach Fun:

Barbados has multiple options to quench the thirst of adventure for all the adrenaline junkies. Imagine soaring into the beautiful blue sky when you have Blue Ocean underneath you hanging by a parachute.

Barbados is a place of peace and serenity so nothing can be better then exploring the marine life there in a kayak when you have sun over head and cool ocean breeze hitting you face. While kayaking watching all the life under the crystal clear water is simply amazing. Along with all the sports the sandy beaches serves the best place to spend your entire day either playing beach volley ball or just hanging out tanning and partying.

When world was created Barbados was provided with best shores for surfing. The islands location sets it as all the surfers dream location as the waves travel thousands of kilometers and hits the shores of Barbados. Fishing is one of the best past time here for the tourist and locals. You can always charter a cruise for fishing as they will provide you drinks all tackle and bait.

Safari and Horse Racing:

For an exciting afternoon and a family affair horse racing is an excellent option. Apart from regular horse race and fat bets you have local vendors offering mouth watering food and parades to keep you engaged on and off. The racing season is on for almost year round and you get to see best jockeys and horses from entire world.

Jeep safaris are the best option to explore the town. As they will promise to take you to some of the best part of the island along with showing you some breathe taking views. The guide of the tour will reveal some of the interesting facts of the island history, culture while you travel through the magnificent island.

Barbados Transportation

Planning to explore the beautiful island of Barbados? Barbados is a beautiful vacation destination with so much to offer. Besides all the fun attractions and activities, Barbados is also very well connected which is another reason why it’s so famous among travellers. Whether you prefer traveling by road or by air, the choice is plenty, making it easier for travellers to explore and experience everything this gorgeous Island nation has to offer.

Traveling within Barbados is not a problem. Barbados has a well maintain public bus services like the Transport Board Buses, Minibuses and ZRs. Barbados Transport Board buses are the government owned and operated transport vehicle which is easily available. These buses run from as 6:00 a.m and 12:00 p.m. daily throughout the island. The bus fare is BDS$1.50 per ride for adults and BDs $1.00 for school children. Theses buses provides comfortable, easy and spacious seats so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your journey, taking the pleasure of the sights and sounds of Barbados. Another option is Car Rentals. There are many companies available in Barbados offering car rental services. Moke is the most popular Car rental Service here. Another road transport available is ZR Vans. These are privately owned mini buses which charges fares same as public buses. It’s really easy to find ZRs as it run more frequently than public buses do and run much later at night. In Barbados taxis are always available whenever you need which also offers special island tours. At the airport you can find airport taxis or hired cars at rates determined by the government.

If you love to travel in luxury, well Barbados has no shortage of it. Arrange a helicopter and soak in the breathtaking natural beauty of the island. If that’s not enough, experience the Caribbean’s most luxurious and world class cruise liner the Queen Mary. Barbados Cruise ship sails daily; you will really enjoy your vacation in these luxurious ships offering you first class service. There many cruise companies like Carnival Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruises, Festival Cruises, Majestic Cruise Line, Radisson Seven Seas Cruises and much more.

Barbados Car Rental

There are many great places which you can visit on Barbados including a large number of beautiful tropical beaches. The easiest way to get around Barbados is by car so we do recommend all travelers to rent a car from one of the Barbados car rental companies for a at least a few days.

The Barbados travel guide has selected and reviewed for you some of the best Barbados car hire firms. If you would like to rent a car during your vacation on Barbados then be sure to check out the Barbados car rental companies listed down below.

Drive-A-Matic Car Rentals Barbados

Drive-A-Matic Car Rentals Barbados is one of the largest Barbados car rental companies and is affiliated to Sixt rent a car. This outstanding Barbados car hire firm has one of the newest fleets of rental cars.

Be sure to visit the website of this Barbados car rental agency for more information on their great specials.

Coconut Car Rentals

If you are looking for a Barbados car rental company with an office at Bridgetown Barbados Airport then you should definitely check out the website of Coconut Car Rentals. This excellent Barbados car hire company is also well known for its low car hire rates.

Coconut car rentals also offers a number of vans for hire and if you would prefer to have a driver then this Barbados car rental company can arrange for that.

Direct Car Rentals Ltd

Direct Car Rentals Ltd was established in 1976 and is one of the oldest Barbados car rental companies. This great family operated car rental agency manage a fleet of nearly 70 vehicles and many local residents also rent cars from Direct Car Rentals Ltd due to their cheap rates.

Be sure to visit the website of this Barbados car hire company for more details on their fleet of cars and cheap rental rates.

Barbados Beaches

Beaches in Barbados

Barbados has become such a very popular vacation destination due its beautiful tropical beaches. There are a number of remarkable Barbados beaches which all travelers should visit during their trip to Barbados.

This Barbados travel guide has selected and reviewed for you the most popular Barbados beaches. Please have a look down below to see which Barbados beaches you should definitely visit.

Church Point Beach

One of the most popular Barbados beaches with local residents is the Church Point beach. This Barbados beach is called Church Point beach due to the old church which is located nearby to this beautiful Barbados beach. The Colony Club Hotel is the leading hotel located along Church Point Beach.

Paynes Bay Beach

Paynes Bay Beach is one of the most famous Barbados beaches as well as busiest beaches due to the large number of Barbados hotels and resorts which are located along Paynes Bay Beach. There are plenty of fun activities to be found at this ever so popular Barbados beach including Jet Ski rentals, scuba diving and parasailing.

Rockley Beach

Rockley Beach is one of the longest Barbados beaches and is located on the south coast of Barbados. Rockley beach is very popular with local residents how often take their whole family to this amazing Barbados beach. There are a number of small restaurants and beach side vendors at Rockley beach.


If you are into surfing then one of the best Barbados beaches which you can visit during your stay on Barbados is Bathsheba. There are surf contests organized at this Barbados beach several times a year. If you are looking for a hotel in the area then please note that there are several great Barbados hotels located in the Bathsheba area of Barbados.

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