7 Things to Do In Spain

7 Things to Do In Spain

Spain has the second largest tourism industry in the world. The country offers a huge number of sites, tours and experiences for local and foreign tourists. But for those who are limited on time and simply cannot do them all, then here are some of the top destinations and things that you can do in country during your short stay.

1. Experience the Local Fiesta

Experience the Local Fiesta

Fiestas are town festivals in Spain and they can happen all year round in different parts of the country. So no matter what time of the year you are planning to visit, you are sure to find a town fiesta somewhere in the country. Fiestas are colorful and load and are highly centered on religion and tradition.

2. Eat Tapas

Eat Tapas

Traditionally, the word “tapas” was not really referred to a kind of food but a way of eating. Today, it is now a name used to call any kind of finger food offered over the bar, paired with your favorite drink. They may come free or not but mind you, they taste pretty good as well.

3. Watch a Bullfight

Watch a Bullfight

Visitors should never fly out of Spain without seeing an actual bullfight. Although this part of Spanish culture has received a bad light with animal activists, bull fighting is so deeply rooted in Spanish culture making it still as widely popular activity in the country today.

4. Ski in the Sierra Navada

Skiing in Sierra Navada

Spain is also home to world class skiing resorts, particularly in the Sierra Navada Mountains. The country offers over 1,000 kilometers of quality trails and top class ski resorts that can pamper you like royalty. The best part of this is that they offer great value for your money. Ski trails and resort services in Spain are a much more affordable option compared to Swiss and French Ski resorts today.

5. Architecture Sight Seeing

An inexpensive way to see the best of Spain architecture is by simply roaming the streets. The streets are normally lined with age-old buildings built by famous art masters over the years. One of the top destinations is the La Sagrda Familia, a church built by Antoni Gaudi which features intricate décor and architecture – quite unique from the rest of the traditional churches in the area.

6. Dance the Flamenco

Dance the Flamenco

Whether you want to learn the actual dance or watch it from the side, this is one of the best ways to experience the real Spanish culture. The flamenco is a traditional form of music and dance that can be seen everywhere in Spain – from bars, weddings and even in the town prisons.

7. Visit the Art Museums

Pablo Picasso

The country produced one of the most prominent names in art and painting such as Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali. Today, Spain has a number of museums that showcase art from the more famous names to new and budding artists in the country.

So try not to miss these sights and experiences on your next trip to Spain. But remember, these are just a few of the many things that Spain offers to travelers and visitors that come to its doors. There are a whole lot more.

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