5 Destinations for Valentine’s Day

5 Destinations for Valentine’s Day

Paris – city of lovers, Venice – city of lovers, Prague – newly considered a city of lovers, the romantic Vienna, a city just perfect for lovers… cliches, cliches, cliches! Not that these cities wouldn’t  be wonderful! But eventually, lovers can feel good anywhere, if they’re accompanied by passion, love and understanding….

Well, if you still want fresh suggestions of destinations, because Valentine’s Day approaches, let’s leave for now Paris and Venice and to look elsewhere by Europe.

Some cities slightly smaller – perhaps some quiet villages, and some isolated islands … sounds good, right? Or some resorts, if you want some more bustle and hustle and hullabaloo around … well, think again if you want peace and isolation or agitation, talk and decide. Meanwhile, here, some suggestions which I hope will inspire you.

Paphos, Cyprus

Paphos, Cyprus Paphos, Cyprus

A large town on the shore, beautiful as only old towns on the Mediterranean shore can be. Near Paphos, says Greek myth, was born beauty and love goddess, Aphrodite.

For those who like antiques, Paphos has primarily an archaeological park: the remains of Roman villas with splendid mosaics (“House of Theseus”, House of Dionysus “), Odeon – a Greek amphitheater, sometimes housing music or theater performances, Tombs of the Kings – a noble class cemetery.

For those who like modern entertainment and have comfort in mind, there are elegant hotels and a large water park.

For lovers of all ages, there are plenty of trails and paths along the coast, with wonderful views over the sea and the Mediterranean nature good for romantic walks at dawn or dusk.



Hvar, Croatia

hvar croatia

Who says that to find a small uninhabited island should go to who knows what exotic end of the world? Only those who know that in Europe you’ll find something … if you know where to look. For example, around the Hvar island.

Hvar is an island in the Adriatic Sea, a Mediterranean island surprisingly green and fertile, rich in springs and forests. Hvar has pleasant cities, old, narrow streets, spectacular views and beautiful beaches, good hotels, but most of all – especially if love is involved – some uninhabited islands perfect for trips of two.

From Hvar, with a taxi-boat and a basket of goodies, you reach a small island like Stipanska or Jerolim times, where to stay until sunset, bathing, having a quiet picnic on the beach. You do not even need to take your swimsuit: these islands, nudism is on the agenda.


Wiltshire, United Kingdom

Wiltshire, United Kingdom Wiltshire, United Kingdom

In south Wiltshire County lies a portion of the New Forest, a large piece (570 square kilometers) of forest interrupted by clearings and meadows, large remnant forests which once covered England.

The forest is crossed by paths and walkways, wonderful for walking, on foot or by bicycle, for intimate conversations, moments of tenderness, etc.. etc..

Somewhere in the vicinity, there is a village called Lover,  where, until recently (so as not to preserve the post office), lovers sent  Valentine’s Day cards in envelopes marked with the stamp that read “Lover”.

However, the landscape is beautiful, with its inns arranged in picturesque villages with medieval monuments (such as the grand cathedral of Salisbury) and old (well, go to Stonehenge too, if you’re in Wiltshire), the sumptuous residences of nobles (like Wilton House, home of the Earl of Pembroke, a magnificent mansion in the middle of a park) and especially with that fantastic forest …


Bruges, Belgium

Bruges, Belgium Bruges, Belgium

Medieval architecture, canals, cobbled streets – many of them too narrow for cars – this is the bohemian Bruges! And terraces, and many chocolate shops (Belgian chocolate you should have a taste).

And many breweries (Belgian beer  – too good to be true!) Chocolates for her and beer for him … this gives plenty of romantic getaways! If – however – you want something else, try some quiet boating on the canals of the city and a visit to Minnewater – Lake of Love – an eye of water, with swans and willows, surrounded by an idyllic landscape, a beautiful park – and build memories to keep an entire life!


Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

Karlovy-Vary,-Czech-Republic Karlovy-Vary,-Czech-Republic

Instead of Prague, try to take your love to Karlovy Vary.  And do not think that a spa is good only for people of a certain age, Karlsbad Karlovy Vary was, from the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, a famous spa town where the elite from all over Europe came.

Even if you do not really need water springs, visit the town, full of century old monumental buildings – some of which are now luxury hotels – and surrounded by forests.

A carriage ride through the gorgeous streets, passing by colored buildings with richly decorated facades or a short trip (on foot, on a path through the woods, or funicular) up the tower Diana, other walks on the surrounding hills, where the air is so fresh… well, that’s a treat you won’t forget.

If you are tired, or rather want a little excitement, liveliness, nightlife, no problem, after all, you are in a chic resort. There are also restaurants, and casinos, and clubs. That’s one of the great charms of the place: nature and silence, culture and nobleness, luxury and glamour.

Naturally, it’s easier if you both want the same thing. Otherwise, if one wants a romantic, quiet, hand in hand stroll and the other wants to go clubbing… well, there are opportunities for both. Enjoy!


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