13 Funny City Names in the U.S.

13 Funny City Names in the U.S.

While driving through rural America, you pass an endless stream of monotonous exit signs. But some highway markers catch the eye. For instance, the green announcement that you’re approaching Boring, Oregan. Might make you think twice about stopping there!

Some are examples of unusual or fun city and town names in the United States:

1. Horneytown, NC

Horneytown, NC

2. Goobertown, Arkansas

Goobertown, Arkansas

3. Cumming, Georgia

Cumming, Georgia

4. Peculiar, Missouri

peculiar missouri

5. Tightwad, Missouri

6. Intercourse, Pennsylvania

Intercourse, Pennsylvania

7. Accident, Maryland

Accident Maryland

8. Embarrass, Minnesota

Embarass Minnesota

9. Hooker, Oklahoma

Hooker Oklahoma

10. Sweet Lips, Tennessee

Sweet Lips, Tennessee

11. Climax, Georgia

Climax Georgia

12. Romance, Missouri

Romance, Missouri

13. Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey

Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey


Can you name other cities with funny names? Comment below.

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